"No F–kin' Way" Miley Cyrus Will Perform at 2019 MTV VMAs | E! News

find out why Miley Cyrus is saying there's no way she'll perform at the VMAs earlier this week the nominations for the award show were announced which we saw ariana grande and Taylor Swift lead the pack with ten nine each and let's just say Miley fans were not happy that she and Ashley O didn't have a single not a Cyrus fan account took to Instagram to express sorrow that the 26 year old singer got snubbed guess I'm not watching the VMAs this year unless Miley performs the mother's daughter singer didn't hesitate to respond saying and no way Miley sands were clearly not having it they care more about a green screen than a message to the world snaps another user nominate anyone but at least do not use the image of Miley to promote their damn prizes at VMAs and hashtag she is coming hashtag p2 which Cyrus writes back saying exactly while Cyrus may not be hitting the stage at this year's ceremony the 26 year old has had some passed news making moments at the VMAs remember back in 2013 with her tongue wagging provocative performance at the award show where she twerked on a Robin Thicke grabbed her crotch then stripped down to a new latex bikini Miley later explained the controversial performance saying it was a strategic hot mess if I want her raunchy sex show I wouldn't have been dressed as a damn to bear the former Disney star added I just needed to let go of the past in a way so I felt like I could be the bad bitch I am she has certainly dropped that squeaky-clean image to become unapologetically herself and were so here for this confident Miley breakups or Reston so much more


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