Nipsey Hussle Honored with Live Tribute at 2019 BET Awards | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

  • Because are there are no true black role models in the black community anymore. They have settled in honoring thugs. Gone are days true pioneers and leaders in the black race.

  • I see some comments where it's said to not worry about Nip's death to worry about your death, smh….This is why we will never be able to come as 1 because people don't care. They only care about "themselves" another reason why murders slide through without being turned in. If you know something, talk fuck that snitch shit. I also comments about Nip didn't do shit therefore he didn't an award. Smh, I guess you felt that about Martin Luther King 2. The fact that this man was a man#1. Who changed his life & views on life#2. The fact that he was strong & brave enough to try to change the world#3. So what about his past everybody has a fucking past. If you stand up for rights, if you are aggressive in what is right, if you fight for what's right & not sit back & complain….That is what a real man or woman does. Why does everybody in LA get assassinated & lapd doesn't fing the perp? People wake up shit is in your face, your neighborhood, your precinct

  • Why does it take for this man to die for you guys to honor him? You didn't care for him before his death. B.e.t are phonies they're fake that's why I don't watch nothing on this channel!!

  • Beautiful Celebration! 🙌🏾 Love my Black Kings & Queens ✊🏾❤️⚫️💚

  • I saw it. I was crying thru the whole thing and saying amen. I will always love him! Thx nipsey hussle!! I love you!❤️😘💕

  • Blessings and prayers for NIPSEY HUSSLE and friends🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️

  • People stay on social media talking about fake love for nip cause they never knew he was mind you he was just nominated for victory lap so apparently a lot of people had love for him and his mixtapes, music before his untimely death people need to stay off social media measuring people love for others long live nip🏁

  • U don't need to do a $400,000 party for a one year old…$25,000 is good enough. She's not even gonna remember anything and she can't ride anything or play anything. These people are crazy for spending that much

  • That show was garbage only thing you seen was a bunch of fat women and rolls all over mjb is great but she had rolls on her ass never seen anything like it 🤮🤮

  • Lauren London will eventually get on the cock carousel sooner or later. She's not staying single forvever. Do u guys agree ?

  • 1. Nice tribute to Nipsey 2. I wish my birthday can be 100k spent 3. Fuck lavar taking all the credit from his kids

  • Nobody ever heard of this ni66a till he got killed. He was a gang member that glorified thug life in his songs. And, now people trying to act like he was some sort of Malcolm X or MLK !? He WASN'T ! But, as usual, negro's glorifying drug dealers & thugs. SMH

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