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Nightly News Full Broadcast (November 23rd)

  • Beyond reasons of poverty nobody would ever enlist in US military. It is not an army that in return for their valor veterans' entire lives are not secured like the Supreme Court Justices are given permanent life security. Would it be too costly on society to give 1.3 million active duty troops a secured life? If Rome before and after Christ could do it, and if the ancient Japanese could do it for the Sumarai, why can't the US compared to these less economically productive ancient societies, do it? No answer to the deprivation of veterans is purely political avoidance. We live in an age where the economic power is infinite for all to have a permanent secured life. Going in the direction of privatize everything and none held accountable, and the negative force of poverty not a natural identity to culture and society to build an army, was the wrong choice.

    Christmas tree commodity prices is a lesson in economics and good for the fake Christmas tree industries as supply falls and prices rise, and a ten year period for trees to grow to reverse that equation is the only solution. When trees are in greater supply, prices fall again, and the fake Christmas tree producers go into a recession dislocating its working population. A good example of how commodities and money fluctuations between price and values dominate our lives. The Cosmic Crips new Apple is a man made apple variety in greater supply, very inexpensive, the cost of that new apple will rise when the industry producing it has to recultivate the soil the apple trees depleted over the years.

  • 13:30 I was just talking to someone about hugs. Some people go way too long without a real hug. Even a bad person can make a difference in the world with just a hug and a positive change within that bad person. It's a simple act and more effective than any drug. Powerful. Don't sit around waiting for your hug, go out and give one, you'll be better for it. Human connection is the most important and simplest of things, and too many times we get it wrong. May God bless the lonely, the forgotten and disconnected these Holidays! Merry Christmas!

  • Since 9/11 I dont trust Mr G. he knew full well about 9/11, in my opinion he is a criminal … Hopefully soon he'll be exposed for what he is.

  • ABout man trapped in Mexico for Med bill, "Insurance companies say they dont pay bills". Well of course they dont they'll steal our friggen money from us and when we need them, sorry your not covered for that, your on you own. Bunch of friggen criminals in my mind… Only in the U.S do we have issues like this with Med ins…

  • What's SAD is people insisting on cutting down REAL beautiful trees when you can EASILY get a fake tree that is JUST as Good! 😡

  • It's not putting Rudy in the middle of it all, it's putting the evidence that Rudy has been gathering for two years, in the middle of it all.

  • A story that should not be, a first world country citizen being bankrupted by medical care, being disguised as "heartwarming"..a church or charity in america shouldn't be the choice between ruin,death or survival

  • I want to know about Biden in Ukraine.
    Wonder how the Ambassador in Benghazi felt – we'll never know he and others were massacred under Obama and Clinton.

  • First, be safe this holiday season. Second, Tyler Perry is such a good person with the kindness he shares with his fortune. Third, the military base housing authority has an obligation to ensure that military families have safe and healthy housing. Lastly, churches should be helping people more because they collect more from the congregation than they give back.

  • The Mexican should be ashamed of themselves, holding an ill man hostage until he paid his bill!

    We are rapidly becoming the Middle Ages again!

    Another good reason the United States should consider Medicare for All!!
    Purchasing supplemental medical insurance before one leaves the country makes good sense …

    With a reciprocal agreements among nations cover their citizens in an emergency.

    But that makes too much sense…

  • I just went out this morning and choke the turkey. I'm also planning on going to get a bird for Thanksgiving day. Certainly before all this mess gets here. Stay close to home Love the ones You're with. I mean if you were so tight with your family you'd lived near them, right? This is exactly what they make video calls and FaceTime for. Think about it all you have to do to end your connection oh something's burning see you later bye.much easier and less embarrassing trying to back out somebody's front door gracefully. Happy Thanksgiving all.

  • The only people who can afford to travel are illegal aliens and Democratic government employees.Americans are forced to remain home.

  • Stupid Men in Smart Suits..
    Probably 3000.00 a Sleeve..
    Wouldn't Surprise me..
    Using Citizens Money for THIER OWN

  • That church helping people with their medical debt is astonishing in this day and. I think it's wonderful that American citizens will actually help other American citizens in need. But let's get political for a minute it's surely smacks of socialism. Sounds like something Bernie Sanders would. Seriously thoughseriously though it truly is a miracle that this young woman was able to continue on with a chance at a normal life, thanks to the generosity of strangers.

  • Lol on the hospital story and "I don't know anyone with a $14, 000 credit card limit." Who are you hanging out with? Lol all my friends and I have $30,000 limits or more. You need Capital One, Lol. I had a $14,000 when I was 20 years old.

  • What does it tell you about those private contractors that provide military housing, run federal penitentiaries, etc.? It is the fleecing of America — GREED . On the other hand, the government agencies that outsource those services are equally guilty for not providing sufficient oversight to ensure quality — NEGLIGENCE . It has always been a tango of greed and negligence, and the dance goes on. Remedial measures often come too little, and too late! In this (my) country, someone literally has to die before a public authority takes any action to correct a long-known problem — INDIFFERENCE .

  • About "christmas" trees, Vatican adopted and give it to the whole world , and many more so call "holidays" sad sad sad .

  • TEN MILLION TO LAUNCH A NEW APPLE?…Cosmic crisp..HOW ABOUT WE SPEND TEN MILLION TO LAUNCH A COSMIC COMMUNITY THAT ACTUALLY TAKES CARE OF ITS INHABITANCE?!? Makes too much sense i know………….they dont even care about those in service………………

  • Chinese sheetrock
    Chinese house paint
    Chinese flooring
    Chinese carpet
    Made in China
    What the hel#$ you think is gonna happen to your body!!!

  • I am not surprised that it was Vineyard Church that blessed this woman. I loved my Vineyard church near Valpo when I attended that school. It’s over 3 hours away now, but I will go again one day. 😇

  • Oh, boy, weather hysteria is the lead story…again. I guess it's time to run in circles, scream and shout again.

  • GP pray for me that I get to unite with my family this year and I won't be on the streets for Thanksgiving thank you

  • Well this is the perfect time to have a small stay at home & just call the relatives Thanksgiving.
    Or you could always have a Skype virtual Thanksgiving with the family.
    Or just skip it, order pizza & pretend to be home sick & I'm ignoring everyone Thanksgiving.

  • I want to move somewhere where is snows and ice forms on the roads every year for holiday pile ups. Sound like fun.
    STUPID HIMANS and their "traditions". lol Darwin Awards.

  • has anbody ever sent black mold to outter space,or deep sea, like could black mold create a atmosphere in space if you put enough it out there, type stuff

  • Love Teacher! What a great kind man. God Bless him. Our world needs more people like him. He saved everyone especially the young troubled student.

  • We are witnessing the demise of the republican party. That demise started with Ronald Reagan, festered with the moral majority and was solidified with the Tea Party. Donald Trump is the final nail in it's coffin.

  • The Mexican hospital issue is not totally valid. I live in the State of Michoacán. In the city of Patzcuaro. In 2013, I suffered a blockage in my left artery. After a quick diagnosis at a local cardiologist, I was whisked off in an ambulance to the capital, Motrelia, 30 miles east. There I was taken to a high end heart clinic, equipped with a full body fluoroscope. Within an hour and a half of first symptoms, I had a stent put in by a 5 person crew. 2 days stay at the hospital. total fee including the original diagnosis, ambulance and clinic, at the time about 10 grand! And, the clinic offered to pay over time for an additional, 80 bucks!

  • @2:05 "Ice starts to form as the temperatures start to plunge." – Wait…what!? That's how ice is made? Cold!?
    Beyond vapid, it's stupid wrong since ice forms when temperatures drop below freezing. Who doesn't know that!?
    What dah f&$ck happened to journalism? Who thought, "yeah this is good, let's add some graphics!"
    Who ever it was is the reason we have Trump right now. Yeah, that right. Journalism was a trusted source.
    If it wasn't for that incredible coach-hugging-a-gunman puff piece, my disgust would be complete.

  • Buy a "potted-plant" Christmas tree, instead. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! … and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 🎄

  • Biden is threatening? Now, we just had the impeachment hearings and nothing found, but who is the number one that turned it around so he wouldn't be investigated. Now the feds have to investigate it. Sorry creepy Joe, your still creepy.

  • W and Cheney … What a National embarrassment. They made billions on the deaths of our soldiers and the deaths of civilians – all for oil. Halliburton and these two rogue politicians ended up with land and oil – bought with blood. Now Trump is shoving his lies in our face, and it will stand because of Cheney's legal team. Every law to protect the president and VP was brought up and set as a standard. Time to end the corruption.

  • I live in a town of retirees and old veterans. We are drowning in unpaid medical bills and the rich christians laugh at the idea of helping. These christians are a joke when they say they care. What a sad world in which we live. Mental Health is often caused by bullies and those who would rather see you dead than give a hug or a helping hand. Think twice before you judge WHY someone is poor and destitute. Cause and effect.

  • Killing healthy 10-year-old trees for decorations is a sin equal to murdering defenseless animals for sport. Jesus would speak out to abolish this evil custom that has nothing to do with celebrating His birth. Trees give us life by providing pure oxygen to breathe; we are symbiotic, for trees are our external metabolism and every breath you breathe nourishes the trees. For 33 years, I have decorated the same artificial Christmas tree, saving the lives of 33 precious trees. God said: “Do Not take the lives of the trees. They are needed to restore the balance of nature. I would have every person now alive plant an assortment of fruit and nut trees. They will provide your banquet in Paradise.” Find more of God's divine messages for people living today at:

  • Those military management companies are a scam. All they do is milk the government and taxpayers money. I was offered to live in military housing fresh from basic training, and upon a quick inspection of their facilities, the smell of mold and ammonia was unbearable. When I asked why the conditions were so adverse, they ignored my concerns. I had to live out of the base, and it was the best thing to do because you can hold people accountable for maintaining the facility.

  • I learn a lot watching other people's mistakes. Can a person get sued for being hugged in USA ? I'm sure lawyers are contemplating it. An apple a day keeps the Doctor away unless you Choke to Death eating it. : )

  • This a real mission of love when a church takes care of its members. I remember when I was in severe debt and went to my church of attendance for help at that time. I was a faithful tither and giver; however, the church denied me even when I showed proof that I could pay them back for an unpaid loan. I was so disappointed, but God still stepped in to help me pay the debt, just not through that church. It is a sin when churches are so concerned about their own budgets, they have no resources to meet the needs of their own congregations.

  • "The TSA is taking steps to make sure everything runs smoothly" … by firing their existing employees & hiring competent employees

  • This 'mother of apple trees' has bought a new variety – 'cosmic crisp'. This Kate Evans . . . through technology has bought a new crowd, to apples ! 💗🍎

  • This Donnell White . . . needs to be recognized, with his movement to be expanded amongst others, imbedded by overwhelming debt ! 😱

  • That shows you the greed of other so called Churches, and the REAL Churches! Mega Churches with Pastor's racking in millions, don't even compare to you! God bless this Pastor and Congregation!

  • The hug story is BEAUTIFUL, but considering it's America, the coach is lucky he wasn't charged with inappropriate physical contact with a student! You all remember the middle school student who was suspended for putting her arm around the shoulders of a male friend at school and giving him an encouraging squeeze? Our country is completely nuts! If we don't know the difference between human kindness and sexual misconduct, we're in real trouble!

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