Nicki Minaj Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After "Tonight Show" Appearance | E! News

could Nicki Minaj be pregnant the Barb's are in full speculation mode after the rapper appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she and the host visit Red Lobster together and Nicki seems eager to order something from the bar first things first I need a drink right yes what was your drink did you well you didn't drink while you're on the job but what was your favorite drink that you serve well bet we know the other good thing is a lobster Rita lobster Rita's here we go guys lobster Rita's thank you so much are you joking I am not joking you're absolutely there you are Jimmy enjoy southern now me look like Nicki was drinking alcohol but the Megatron artists made sure to set things straight by tweeting for the record that was iced tea in that lobster eat a glass no alcohol is consumed in the making of our dinner date this sent fans into a rumor frenzy making some respond with comments like so are we all invited to the baby shower or what and don't want to harm the baby good choice with the I stink Nicki has not commented on the pregnancy rumors just recently Queen Barbie confirmed on her beats 1 radio show Queen radio that she and boyfriend Kenneth Peggy got a marriage license well you know what they say first comes love then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage and it seems like the super based star and Kenneth have already begun preparing for kids in the future back in January a fan tweeted that they had some baby names suggestions for the couple to which Queen Nicki replied we already chosen babe lol but thanks only time will tell if Nicki is indeed preggers Tron


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