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Nicki Minaj – Roman Holiday Grammy Performance 2012 – MissP Recap

Nicki, Nicki. Oh my goodness. I waited all night to see
Nicki Minaj perform. There was some dancing in this
one, I will say that. It was very different. She was saying this was the
exorcism of Roman– of Nicki, of Nicki. There was a lot of acting,
not so much dancing. There was some rapping
in there. She was trying to sing. As far as the dancing,
I’m trying to think. They had a little
bop going on. You know, and I was
like, oh, oh. They really hyped me up. I thought she was going to be
dancing, but I didn’t even see [SINGING] boom ba doom boom, boom
ba doom doom bay. I would have enjoyed
to see that. To be honest, I really don’t
know what she was doing. I wish she would have focused
more on the rapping as well as the dancing aside
from the acting. How about that?


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