Nicki Minaj drags the BET Awards | Megan Thee Stallion gets criticized by Nicki's Barbz

hello everybody welcome to the impressive Channel Nicki Minaj is back in the headlines again and this time she's in the headlines for Dragon be et now the Beauty Awards did air this past Sunday and even though it got a lot of good reviews it still did not bring in the expected ratings according to some reports online BT brought and the lowest ratings ever wikipedia updated the ratings list and said that only 3.8 viewers tuned in to the BT Awards this year and this is the overall numbers okay which is a noticeable drop from last year because last year B et did have four point five years overall I do think that BET's ratings took a hit because they did not promote the show not only that it's pretty obvious that people don't really watch cable TV anymore because the numbers have declined over the past five years except in 2016 and we all know Beyonce opened up the show in 2016 so Beyonce was the reason for that spike in numbers but after that show the ratings where the Beauty Awards have been declining and Nicki Minaj could not resist calling out BET's new low ratings she said this on Twitter when you go out of your way to be spiteful and hurt artists who have always supported your show when you fire great people who have put their heart and soul into the show when you rather be a messy reality show than a prestigious award show when you're still being dragged by that lace oh Lord now if you don't know where this is all coming from earlier this year someone working on BET's social media page tweeted a tweet congratulating cardi B but offending Nicki at the same time now I'm just going to insert this throwback footage so y'all could see why Nicki is upset would be et now let's talk about the foolishness that happened with B et B et had one job and one job only just congratulate cardi B but did they do that no they had to shade Nicki Minaj in the process now what a BET's unprofessional interns tweeted this in response to cardi B's win meanwhile Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lace-front first of all this suite was very unnecessary and very disrespectful and also very stupid business-wise Nicki Minaj has been one of the bigger stars that have consistently performed and attended to be each he awards and she was actually going to Co headline the BT experienced this summer however Nicki Minaj along with little Wayne and the rest of Young Money made the decision to pull out of the BT experience and not attend any more BT award shows Nicki tweeted this young money will no longer be a part of the BT experience or award show summer tour dates dropping soon so BT just lost a lot of money because the messy person handling their social media posted that tweet and I'm pretty sure that person got fired for doing that Nicki also retweeted this tweet that said B et Black Entertainment Television decided to drag a black woman while congratulating a Latina woman what a shame and Nikki's vars attack be et and she said dang BET's still getting dragged by that lace okay so that is a little background of what happened this year and that is one of the reasons why Nicki Minaj is still upset with B et and she could not help but throw it in the network space that they have the lowest ratings for their award show ever I know she was rejoicing when she found out the BT Awards had the lowest ratings ever because she was waiting to take that dig she was just waiting but I will give me ET some credit because they did take responsibility for that sweet and they did apologize to Nicki but Nikki wasn't here for it obviously because she's still upset with them to this day now even though nikki has a right to be upset with bt I think it was necessary for her to go on Twitter and throw it in their face that they had low ratings because honestly if you look at the other award shows they all have been suffering in the ratings department people are just not watching cable TV anymore so you have less people tuning in to these award shows when it premieres eventually award shows on TV will be obsolete and we'll just be watching the award shows online anyway let's move on to another topic I want to talk about Megan to stallion Megan to stallion did an interview on real 92.3 and she named her top five female rappers and some of Nicki Minaj's fans who she calls her Barb's were upset that Megan did not mention Nicki that's right top five female MCS stallion we got looking we got Missy we got Eve we got foxy and we got making a sale you good company yeah the oh geez yeah man that really is a great list by the way but some of the Barb's weren't too pleased that Megan did not mention Nicki now Megan had to clap back at one of the bars on Twitter and said it's funny how you're making nothing into something I can't like the og female hip-hop artist I can't show love to more than one woman even though Megan is a big Nikki fan she has always said that she has been inspired by the OGS and hip-hop now I did do a whole video on Megan to stallion if you want to watch that I would suggest that you do in that video she talked about how her mother used to rap so her mother was one of her inspirations and her mother introduced her to a lot of old-school rap like Biggie Smalls pimp c UGK so forth and so on not only that the female rapper who has inspired Megan the most is little Kim which is not a shot because little Kim is pretty much the blueprint for a lot of these female rappers so if there was like artists will you like your top five all-time what so we got pimp see we got biggie we got Juicy J we gotta look him and to pop a female rapper yeah she's the greatest the girls who you want to work with I do work with came here yeah my mom was a rapper ever since I could remember she would have me in the waiting room in the studio but I'm like at the door like missing tonight okay yeah that's what you say feel fellow that feel is how you feel so as you can see Megan grew up around hip-hop she grew up listening to a lot of old-school hip-hop so she knew of these people before she ever knew of Nicki Minaj but that does not mean she is not a fan of Nicki she has always showed Nicki love you see her on Instagram live wrap it to Nicki's music and she even said that she would like to work with Nicki you ever think you're gonna do a collaboration with Nicki would you like to I really would but you know I everything had to happen naturally you know it's nothing that we're gonna force yeah organically and everything got to be organic you know that's what we're don't begin if I'm gonna collab with anybody I'm gonna collab with the highest command you know what I'm saying and who's the Heisman next question so as you heard from that clip Megan would like to work with Nicki so just because she did not name Nicki in her top five does not mean she's not a fan she loves Nicki another person she did not name in her top five is Trina and she loves Trina so just because she doesn't name certain people does not mean she's not a fan and just because she might choose a rapper over another does not mean she's throwing shade okay okay okay okay okay one of the cool things about Meagan is she's very supportive of the other female rappers that are out right now and she's kind of bringing them all together so because she's a genuine person she gets genuine love from everybody well when people when the fans see that the girls are being nice to each other that makes them listen that drama there's a lot of beef between women get started because of a fan base and I feel like so you got to just make sure everybody cool like on every end like so your fans won't get to like you know making a little messy stuff about everybody so I just try to make sure look I you good we good all right so you know well so me and Trina though we've linked up a couple of times Missy Elliott always like shows love and I'm like like girl she's just in the car listening sex talking I'm like okay I'm doing something right Nikki followed me cardi follows me Lil Kim follows me Nikki cardi and Kim as you can see everybody loves Megan so there's no reason for the fans to stir up some drama when there is no drama anyway tell me what you all think about this video down below please like comment and subscribe and share this video if you care thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

  • Hey everyone, I just want to say 3.8 viewers mean 3,800,000 (3.8 million). I'm sorry that I didn't clarify that in my video.

  • Your facts are wrong because her source wasn’t correct it was actually over 12 million… Nicki must have you on her payroll!!!!

  • I stopped checking for them when they talked about a child’s natural hair. They’re not for black folks. They’re for who’s popping. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Nicki needs to sit down! They are BOTH from the islands and have mixed ancestry (African, India, plus OTHER)!!!

    Yes, you CAN correctly say that you're Hispanic, Latina, AND BLACK all at the same time. Notice that there is no other skin color reference to other races on common and legal forms and documents. Black is itself very ambiguous as there are no people who are that literal color. We are brown, and the brown family extends from tan to deep dark chocolate. Anyone who falls into that shade group who has some to purely African ancestry is Black or 'an undesirable'. That's the only reason that label exists.

    Nobody has an issue with Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and Halle Berry being on BET and they are all biracial. Nobody would have a problem with Jon B. or that one White guy who cheated on Paula Patton.

    This is PURELY Nicki and barbs against Cardi B.

  • If only some barbs realize when they being messy it reflects on Nicky, as for the BET dig, she's got every reason to be salty 😂.

  • My husband and I were laughing because they did promote it heavily AND they had it on all Viacom stations and they only had 3 million viewers. I didn’t watch because of that nasty tweet they posted about a black artist and who has always supported them. Who does that? Forget BET man. (And I’m not even a Nicki fan)

  • Megan is a old school girl. That's the reason she still uses the term hot girl. I'm not surprised those are her top 5

  • I must say I totally agree with you and everything you said I couldn't have said it better I want to do add that Megan started listening to rap when she was five I'm about to start taking around when she was seven more or less two different shows so just want to put that out there also she's right the fans can be messing on cardi B shouldn't even be into it right now trust me when Megan say she rap about what she do he can fit different people and always see if the shoe fit wear if you're not insecure female rapper then you shouldn't bite into none of the Megan thee stallion didn't mention Nicki Minaj clearly she's a fan I'm Nicki Minaj's I'm old school rap my life Queen Latifah is that means I don't like Megan thee stallion or Nicki Minaj no they don't mean that that just means I like Queen Latifah because I am old school

  • What Megan said was shade towards B.E.T for saying that dumb comment about Nicki. Fans read shit wrong.

  • “I don’t think it was necessary to go on Twitter and throw it in there face”…. that’s literally what the fuck they did.

    And ima need the barbs to calm down Megan is not out to get nicki😒

  • I love me some Nicki thats ny girl but she is talking about the original s that insprired her she doesn't have to put Nicki on the top 5 we all know she loves her some Nicki just like the rest of us.Love me spme Megan too.She live!!!Some of these fans need to chill.

  • Did Nicki say…''when you rather be a messy reality show then a prestigious award show''…correct me if I'm wrong…but Isn't that the Same Nicki that Spread Eagle on stage last yr at the BET Awards so the whole viewing audience could see her Nasty Cooch????…DAMNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Kim Never Lied when she said…''Nicki's a Contradicting creature''…

  • I’m a barb and most of us like Megan but obviously there is that one in the fanbase that just gives us a bad look. And the person who tweeted it the barbz were at his neck,

  • I know you did not use Wikipedia as a reliable source🤦🏽. I've been told not to trust that site since the very first time I touched a computer. Anyone can change anything on there.

  • Nicki's fans are starting drama because women are always jealous of other women. Nicki won't be, but her fans are stupid.

    Megan is very likable and she has no fake assets, plus she got bars and charisma. All she gotta do is watch out for snakes, keep control over everything and it will be good.
    Megan also got some super fine, super thick girlfriends who she always has in her music videos.
    I like how she helps her friends.

  • Well music is different and people are just not into this generation music like the 90’s or 2000’s. It’s enjoyable but not like that

  • Since Nicki wants to use Wikipedia, I will too. Cardi is actually Afro-Latina, AFRO-Latina. Meaning AFRICAN/BLACK Latina. Cardi’s father is Dominican, and a lot of Dominicans carry African ancestry and I’m pretty sure Cardi’s Father does. Cardi’s mother is Trinidadian and Spanish, though Spaniards are considered White, I’m pretty sure Trinidadians aren’t since that’s what Nicki is. So before she wants to talk about someone with multiple ethnicities, she should do her research.

  • Nicki needs to stfu. Ever since Cardi came in Nicki just been hella pressed that everyone stopped fucking with her. if she the one steady being bitter and making the same ass fucking music about her pussy

  • The ratings may have been "low" but it was a good show. Mary J killed it. It was definitely better than when Nicki performed.

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