Nicki Minaj DRAGS The BET Awards For LOW RATINGS

gasps gasps what's up world you're tuned into 423 fm you already know we've got you covered with your daily dose of celebrity drama now let's get into it hey what is up you guys and welcome back to the 423 the ratings for the 2019 BT Awards were released this week following the broadcast and it's got everyone talking because of how much they've fallen not only since last year but in the last couple of years in general there's a chart going around that shows the viewership every year from 2006 up until 2019 and you can see a pretty steady drop from ten million viewers in 2009 to seven million in 2016 and even last year's four point five million was cut in half this year and the show only brought in two million viewers it seems pretty useless to post cable ratings over the years in an effort to prove something or trying to come for a specific event because everyone knows that TV ratings in general are on the decline I mean the BT Awards alone have like 15 different places you can watch them across channels streaming platforms or even on your phone so a drop in television viewership could mean that less people are watching but it could also mean that less people are watching on TV and switching to a different platform to tune in now I'll get more into the actual numbers later but the whole reason we're here isn't because of the BT ratings really but because nicki manaj decided to jump in and poke fun at the dropping number of viewers once it came across her timeline after a music news Twitter page tweeted that this year's awards brought in the lowest ratings ever Nicki retweeted it and wrote when you go out of your way to be spiteful and her artists who have always supported your show when you fire great people who have put their heart and soul into the show when you'd rather be a messy reality show than a prestigious award show when you're still being dragged by that lace Nicki going out of her way to throw shots at the show supposedly low ratings is obviously in response to her beef with B et le r this year back in February the official BT website posted an article about cardi B the first female rapper to win Best Rap Album at the Grammys now whoever the social media manager was decided to caption the tweet linking to that article with a slide to get Niki writing meanwhile Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lace front they ended up getting a ton of backlash for this from both fans and non-fans of Nicki for a lot of reasons including the fact that it was one unprofessional and two cardies achievements really should have had nothing to do with Nicki but it was clearly just written by a staff member that had an opinion that she should have kept to herself at least on a professional twitter account in response to that tweet both Nicki Minaj and her label mate and longtime friend Lil Wayne pulled out of the beat he experienced concert in the lead-up to the 2019 Beatty Awards which just aired this past weekend bringing the whole situation full circle I don't blame Nicki for pulling out of performing for the BT experience after being slighted by the same organization but it's pretty simple to see that the job at her came from one single employee and not the company as a whole so to act like there's some connection between the people who run the show and someone on their social or editorial team is just dumb and it's even dumber to act like them throwing shade at Nicki has anything to do with their ratings Nicki was nominated for Best Female hip-hop artist this year and has 11 Beatty Awards already so they're clearly not on some mission to hate on her but this girl just holds a crazy type of grudge sure maybe there were some Barb's out there boycotting the BT Awards because of their spat with her earlier this year but I hate to break it to y'all their ratings overall had nothing to do with Nicki Minaj this was one of the best BT Awards in recent years I think Regina Hall did a really good job and they're getting a lot of praise from all types of people saying that it was a lot more entertaining than years past and honestly if there was one person who had some type of control over the ratings it would be Rihanna a lot of fans were shocked to see her there and I wouldn't be surprised if that pulled a couple more viewers in who wouldn't have watched otherwise I'm not surprised that Nicki Minaj tried to make this whole ratings thing about her I mean it's very on brand but to be honest I don't think 95% of people even remembered what happened with her and BT back in February and even if they did I don't think they correlated that with whether or not they were going to tune in to an award show as far as ratings go the real metric to look at here is that the BT Awards took the top spot in the Sunday cable ratings beating out 90 day fiancé keeping up with the kardashians big little lies and everything else on TV that evening I'm really not trying to put my bt cape on here or anything but just for facts sake the amount of time 18 to 34 year-olds spent watching traditional TV in q3 of 2018 dropped by about 17 point 2 percent from the previous year so it's safe to say that if you look at year-to-year ratings for any show there's probably some sort of drop if you're looking just at ratings via live cable television even though beads he hasn't offered a direct response to Nikki's tweet yet they did say on a press release that they sent to billboard that this year's award show netted twelve point seven million total viewers across eight Viacom networks so they're doing just fine I already know my comment section is gonna be full of barbs with something to say but her fans really enable her to do some really embarrassing stuff man I mean you have to be a different type of self-centered to see a tweet about ratings for a show with hundreds of celebrities there and think that people didn't tune in just because you weren't there and she really has some nerve to come at anyone for being messy but I digress anyway I want to know what you guys think about this whole situation did y'all watch the BT Awards this year and do you think that the ratings had anything to do with Nicki Minaj leave your thoughts down below in the comments subscribe to the 4:23 for more videos and if you like this one just give it a quick thumbs up that is it for today I will see you guys next time I

  • Is this the same BIG BAD Nikki Minaj that drug Tyga & Safaree for their fucked up hairlines ? Is this the same hoe Who called Miley cyrus " Perdue Chicken"? What about when Nikki threatened Miley on national Tv? Is this the same Nikki who called Travis Scott " Hoe ass nigga"? And talked bad about his child and kylie, who had NOTHING to do with it? All of a sudden she is offended when people clap at her? Bitch you can slam everyone but no one can say anything about you because you get offended? TYPICAL BLACK HOE SHIT!

  • Big Bad Nikki is offended when people say things about her? What about all the threats and shade she throws at others? Wasn't she the one who talked about Tyga and Safaree hair jobs? So why is her lace front off Topic? fuck that weave headed hoe!

  • i think this commentator is a retardi stan .. how can u call nicki's actions embarassing when BET dragged her first she has every right to drag'em …u just mad btw STREAM MEGATRON !!!

  • And I’ve never considered myself a “Barb” but for the most part Nicki minds her own business. She doesn’t do embarrassing things like you’re implying. If anything, you need to be talking to the Bardi Gang for Cardi’s antics. Nicki keeps it classy so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • Nicki never said the ratings dropped because SHE wasn’t there. She said this is what happens when your network becomes reality tv and trash. I don’t remember her ever saying it’s because she didn’t attend. If anything she was implying that BET was experiencing Karma for firing talented employees who used to work at the network. You kinda twisted the girls words.

  • See had nikki kept her 👄 closed..she could of proved her point by going to the bet next yr an bring in ratings..but since she say fk BET..cant prove it now..but bitch be quiet🙄we over u hors very soon


  • Is this your opinion ??????
    Clearly it had an impact. They thru shade first as a company and turned around and still gave CARDIB the award and invited her to preform! Come on na, I know your not that stupid. Clearly Beyoncé made the ratings jump in 2016 so I’m sure Nicki could make them drop in 2019.. you need to do more research and stop trying to hold women back another 10 years with your theories

  • Nicki minaj runs BET!!!!! I know million of Nicki minaj fans don't want BET no more.. anyways
    rihanna is a fake bitch that looking attention cause she did have a problem with them too 😂😂😂😂

    Nobody watches that show no more

  • Now yall a damn lie because RHOA still gets views. And they saw a significant drop in views when Kenya Moore left the show. And as soon as she returned the viewers sky rocketed. FACTS!!! Stop playing with my intelligence. Yes absolutely one person can be a demise of a show. Another example…L&HH ATL has lost viewers because their #1 Joseline Hernandez is no longer on the show. FACTS!!! Bring her back and view ratings will sky rocket…her baby special was the highest rated show throughout that season. Why are yall trying to spin this sht like the people are dumb and stupid. Not I…😒 so saying people 18-40 dont watch tv is a damn lie. They do, they just not watching the sht they want them to watch…we watch what we want to watch. I bet you Love After Lockup and Marriage BootCamp Hiphop Edition and Growing Up HipHop ATL gets views. Shows people actually want to see.

  • And that's why Cardi made that video yesterday about putting respect on the BET Awards 😂😂😂 Her and RiRi couldn't bring in the views…lame! And I LOVE RiRi but we know she was out of MF place especially with a black coat on. Naw sis…I still love you though. I like how yall tryna spin this though…like YouTube is new and just started last year…umm we have been watching clips and highlights for years… There is no excuse…they thought Cardi was gonna bring the views but failed. BET was CANCELLED because of that tweet and the people showed them how much CANCELLED they really were. Kick Rocks BET…we dont want that Trashie B. Have that dumpster juice and her low ratings.

  • We all know Cardi didn’t deserve that Grammy!!”I Said what I said💅🏽
    It was 1 of the best but yet no one tuned in🧐🧐😩😩😩😂😂😂😂Again another manipulative media. And yeah we remember💅🏽🤸🏽‍♂️💅🏽🤸🏽‍♂️

  • True Barbz I’m sure remember the situation and prolly didn’t watch , I think nicki did have a little impact on the show and ratings 🤷🏽‍♀️ y’all act like nicki isn’t legendary

  • Apparently the award show was streamed over 12 million times so Nicki looks absolutely gullible in saying that in the first place. The award show was entertaining. Regina Hall did a really good job hosting. The performances from Cardi B and H.E.R. were amazing imo and the tribute to Nipsey was emotional and heartfelt . Nicki Minaj once again is just acting so bitter and once again is spreading her negativity. Her attitude is probably why people don’t really listen to her music now. She needs to stop with the negativity because when you release that into the world you should expect negativity to be returned your way at some point. And from a business side it’s not a smart move on her part either.

  • Does she not understand that she is indirectly dissing Regina Hall and everybody who showed out that night. She has every right to drag BET for that shit they pulled in regards to her but she could have worded it differently and bigged up performances by Mary and Tyler's speech. But go awf sis…just seems to me that you could use more allies in this game.

  • This little kids remember everything but again how many women in the rap game has had a 10yr plus run now I will sit back and wait on your answer cause nowadays the KIDS are just followers not fans

  • Nobody Really Watches The BET Awards, Yet Alone Tv🤷🏽‍♀️ I Be On My Phone😂. YouTube, Netflix, & Hulu. Plus Other Platforms💯

  • B.E.T. awards was maaaaad sus"!! No real hip hop head watches this network anymore….B.E.T. is #GAAAAAAAY Af!!!

  • To me even tho it’s someone in bet and not bet themselves… still isn’t rite for anyone to come at her like that….you come for me,you come for my whole family 😂😂😂😂

  • Nicki Minaj is a leader in the Rap Game and one of the most successful Black female rappers, for Black Entertainment Television (BET)to allow an intern to insult someone who they wanted to perform is not only unprofessional it was Disrespectful. Nicki Minaj has the right to be critical and express how she feels because for ten years she supported BET while we have seen other popular Black entertainers decide to not show up throughout the years. They reap what they sow.

  • I actually liked the show this year. Loved Lizzie, Regina, not a stan of Cardi, but I liked her performance, and there was more that was good. For once BET is going in a good direction

  • I honestly could've cared less if she was there or not, most of my age group the 18-34 crowd watches almost everything online, and most people could give a rats ass about a stupid tweet from February. The thing is this was a great show and I could tell you just as they tweeted out 10 million people watched it on other sources.

  • Honestly BET hasn't been the same as a whole since it was sold, 2 yes tv is on the decline so yeah shes just doing it to be heard and keep ppl talking about her, I haven't been a fan of BET for a long time I just watch clips of thing if I feel like it

  • whoever subtweet that really tried to come for Nicki. And it doesn't make sense how she didn't ever win a grammy that are just handing that shit to whoever they want.

  • Ppl need to understand how ratings work. Most individuals under age 40 do not watch traditional TV, we stream. This is why Faux News have high ratings vs CNN. The average age of a Faux News viewer is a fossil 🤷🏾‍♀️.

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