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Nicki Minaj appears to have some choice words for Miley Cyrus the rapper doesn't exactly name Miley on her new episode of Queen radio but says quote Purdue chickens can never talk crap about Queens she disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason we believe what Nicki is referring to is in 2015 when Miley did an interview with the New York Times and weighed in on Nicki's VMAs drama with Taylor Swift she called Nicki not too kind Niki then seemed to take a dig at Miley wearing a wig in an episode of black mirror saying now you're coming out with pink wigs all you bitches want to be Nicki oh but she also I think Miley and her latest single says I like you Nicki by Ellison's cardi said I love you Nicky I love you Nicki by listens cardi that's a little dig – I'd rather we listen to then loved is the thing Miley does talk about Nicki and if you're going to talk about her you should expect that she's gonna say something back hmm yeah but she got like that was like diet saying something back that was light for Nicki like Nicki must be getting the good-good what I'm talking about the good-good you're getting some good sex consistently because normally the old Nicki would have went so off that they would have had to stop her yeah no this time she was just like oh this is what happened with Miley Cyrus I can't believe and then she went on to talk about the marriage license that she got her man and her new single that's number one on iTunes so I think we're Nicki she's just in a place in her life where mommy should be lucky that Nicki didn't go in in on her but I also think Mickey knows that she can't afford another beef didn't work out for her I actually don't think they care that much about each other that's that's my feeling it's one of those like yeah you've been you've been kind of rude to me in the past he was kind of rude to me in the past but you don't I don't lose sleep over you you know like you don't yeah that's me out that much yeah whatever yeah but catch me on a bad day and say that I don't care if I hadn't talked to you in 25 years I don't care if I even know your last name catch me on a bad day and I'm gonna find a reason to make it about me you know I mean she just caught her on a good day when her life is going well has she said that a month ago and there was no single and her man was still kind of iffy honey believe Nicky would have went in there like druk Horace okay she would have burned everything down so it's mildly gonna respond to this if she was smart she would that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling brick in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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