NHL Tonight: Awards Recap: Jackie and Kevin recap the 2019 NHL Awards Jun 19, 2019

spotlight shone bright tonight you can see some of the notable Award winners so far Nikita Gooch Rob Andre vassal to step down there Kuchar off with the Hart Trophy as well as the Ted Lindsay Andrey Vasilievich and congrats to mark Giordano winning the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the first time in his career for more we head out to Vegas right now to our Jackie Redman and Kevin weeks here at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino the NHL Awards officially in the books and I don't want to say you called it week C but you kind of called it so let's start with the Vesna Vasi takes it home Congrats to him I mean all the nominees of course were extremely deserving they all had great individual seasons great team seasons ironically his former teammate and Ben Bishop his former mentor from Tampa was a finalist as well but I think from start to finish Andrey Vasilievich almost consistent most outstanding goalie all season long you know what a year it was for him and his teammates of course in Tampa I remember when he came into the league their goalie coach Fran John said I think we have a stud here but looks like they do he was outstanding the season Congrats to him yeah the Tampa Bay Lightning's certainly deserves to take home some hardware a historic season for the bolts let's talk about the heart Nikita kucherov takes that one home I don't think that surprised a single person on planet Earth correct correct it was funny in it both Russian both played for Tampa but when you think of a lot of great Russian players that have played in the game as I said to coot Rob backstage think about a lot of those players that have played Federer Vitesse off Larry on off I mean a lot of the Great's Mogilny Ovechkin Malkin and now Kuchar list goes on and on and for Kuchar off to have that type of season that he did he was absolutely dynamic and magical offensively how many more years till we see another player put up that many points well listen the way to the league's trending right now probably I'm gonna say within within that's where you were within three years okay within three years k-dubb says another player will hit as many points as man we call couch what a show it's been fun


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