NHL Awards 2019 Recap

the 2019 NHL Awards was held last night in Las Vegas in today's video we're gonna recap all the winners and give you my thoughts coming up next welcome back here to top-shelf hockey so as I mentioned last night was a 20-19 in each of the wards in Las Vegas and I must say the NHL did a pretty good job of putting on a fairly entertaining show I know there's been times in the past when he certainly the the comedic side of it and verse not real great but they did a pretty good job last night there was one or two things that were probably a little bit cringy in my opinion but overall it was a fairly entertaining show so good job to them for making it somewhat entertaining now let's jump in here into a recap of the winners in case you missed it the big winner of the night by fire was template lightning forward Nikita Kuchar off and of course we already knew heading into this award show that some of these awards were already kind of determined based on stats with Kuchar off winning the Art Ross Trophy for the most points in the regular season of course he had an absolutely phenomenal year and it was no surprise to see him leaving with a lot of hardware not only did he get the Art Ross Trophy but he also won the Hart Trophy for most valuable player to his team last night and he won by a fair margin as well and he was also given the Ted Lindsay award which is voted on by his peers the players as the most valuable in the league here as well so certainly a big night for Nikita kucherov obviously Tampa Bay went down four straight games in the playoffs did not go well before what they were planning to do here but many of the Tampa Bay Lightning players certainly had you know terrific regular seasons and we saw a fair bit of Lightning representation of the awards further being nominated for different things of course it wasn't just Kuchar of his fellow countryman and teammate Andre Vasilevsky won the Vezina Trophy slots his first Vezina under his belt he's had a terrific a few years here since taking over as a starter in Tampa from Ben Bishop of course he was up against Ben Bishop as well and robbed a lender for the Vezina Bishop finished second in voting Leonard was third in that regard so certainly another big year from Andre vasilevsky of course we also saw Victor had been be nominated for the Norris Trophy for top defenseman unfortunately he did not come away with the hardware that went to Calgary Flames a longtime defender merger Dino who certainly had an awesome season as well especially at his age to accomplish what he did is certainly phenomenal he still looks pretty good and he commented during his acceptance speech to the still young and fresh so we'll see how long he can keep her going at a high level here but it was certainly great to see the Calgary Flames defender be recognized of course the other tent made a connection here for being nominated it was coach John Cooper who even though they've had a lot of great regular seasons in Tampa has never won the jacket UM's trophy he was up against Craig Berube of course who wanted to stand the cup of the st. Louis Blues but all I took over and you know partly through the years of interim coach and then also berry trots of the New York Islanders even no Berube went on to win the Stanley Cup with the Blues I don't think he didn't get quite enough votes just because he wasn't there for a whole year but berry trots ended up walking away with the hardware obviously a major turnaround story there on Long Island berry trots certainly did a terrific job but a really you know changes the defensive systems and really cutting back on the goals against obviously having big years from their goaltender's certainly helped a lot too but overall berry trots was a terrific addition and was a big part of the reason why they had a lot of success there on Long Island of course it wasn't a huge surprise to see Vancouver Canucks rookie Alize Peterson be recognized with the Calder Trophy as the league's top rookie he had a phenomenal year and really early on in the season certainly wrapped it up in my opinion and had this award all but clinched a long time ago I know Canucks fans were quite excited to see him win and we're a little bit nervous that he may not actually win but really I had absolutely no doubt about this one Patterson had a phenomenal season looks like he could possibly be a franchise player for the Canucks longer term and certainly was recognized he's also a very nice gesture on Patterson's part to recognize Jason Botsford as well who covered the Canucks quite closely for a long time but recently you know passed away at a young age so it was nice to see him recognize him as well but I'm sure overall connects fans were thrilled to see Patterson be recognized st. Louis Blues forward and recent Conn Smythe Trophy winner Ryan O'Reily continued his excellent week here obviously wouldn't stay on the cup won the Conn Smythe Trophy now he goes to the NHL Awards it wins this selkie trophy for the league's top defensive forward certainly was in some great company along with patrice bergeron and mark stone based on the balloting that I've seen afterwards looks as though mark stone was in second place with Bergeron finishing third but a Reilly won by a fair bit but stone was a relatively close second so nice to see stone be recognized as well he certainly has had some terrific seasons leading the lead in takeaways on numerous occasions as well so they both had solid ears but O'Reilly is another guy who for a long time has been a really solid – way forward so next to see him finally get a lot more recognition here as well Alexander Birkhoff for the Florida Panthers was given the Lady Byng trophy as the league's most gentlemanly players I'll obviously amongst many of the top scorers he had some of the fewest penalty minutes and that certainly went a long ways to helping him win this award as well of course the Islanders goaltending tandem of Robin Leonard Thomas Christ were given a jennice trophy which was the lowest goals against average but of course where do you knew that heading in because that was based on statistics along with Alex Ovechkin winning to rocker Rashard Trophy for leading the NHL for most goals in Clancey award for community contributions went to Minnesota wild for Jason zuker of course dukers been a player mentioned quite a bit in NHL trade rumors they've come really close to trading him here on multiple occasions but he was recognized last night for all his work in the community with the king Clancy Award and the Mark Messier Leadership Award ended up going to veteran forward Wayne Simmons who split the year between the Philadelphia Flyers in the Nashville Predators and now finds himself here as an unrestricted free agent Wayne Simmons was not present last night to accept the award so he wasn't there but he was recognized with the Messier Leadership trophy the finalists this year for the Bill Masterton trophy for perseverance and dedication to hockey was Robin Leonard Joe Thornton and Nick Foley know they all had some pretty good stories here my Robin Lenna ended up being the winner which was not a big shocker here Robin Linn has really gone through quite a bit in the past few years and obviously this year at the beginning of the NHL season really opened up about his battles with mental health issues in addiction with that lineup revealed for the first time in his NHL career he really had a lot of his mental health issues under control and had battled the substance abuse issues of the past so he's really come a long way and to have a phenomenal year like he did and one key thing in his speech which was an incredible speech last night he said he is not ashamed to say that he's mentally ill but it does not mean he's mentally weak and he really wants to help push to end the stigma of course there's lots of awareness campaigns we've seen about mental health issues and it's nice to see a guy like Robin really stand up and really help push that message along I certainly hopefully will go a long way to helping end the stigma but Robin Lerner is one heck of a guy I'm glad to see him have success here he's been through a lot and it's nice to see him you know really be in a good place here for the first time in a long time and in my opinion probably the best moment of the night involved one on the fans here which is Alison Whitehead who was the young boy used to member from the Carey Price video when he get to meet Carey Price I think believe it was in Toronto during a HAP's practice when they were in town to play the Leafs of course Anderson unfortunately had lost his mom to cancer and one of the things that she was trying to promise him before she lost her battle was for him to meet his idol Carey Price and fortunately for him that was able to happen afterwards of course the moment captured on camera between him and Carey Price was a terrific hockey moment which really goes to show how great a lot of hockey players really are with the fans and of course that was recognized last night as the feel-good moment of the season Carey Price ended up surprising him to come out on stage speaking of the segment that was revealed to Carey Price wasn't able to be there but sent a message via video and then partly through the video the video stopped and he surprisingly came out on stage and of course the young man got a whole emotional again broke down in tears but it was quite a nice moment between the two here Carey price has really been phenomenal this young guy I give him another signed jersey and is gonna be making arrangements for him to go to the NHL all-star game in the coming season so it was another really touching moment he goes to show just how great many of the NHL hockey players are hockey players really are the best and it's always great to hear these really nice stories so let us all go recap here from the NHL Awards I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the show in general and what you thought of the award winners and we can continue the discussion in the comment section if you new to the channel I hope you consider subscribing we cover all 31 NHL teams and there's plenty content here for all hockey fans to enjoy so stay tuned for plenty more videos it's gonna be a very busy news a couple of weeks here in the NHL between the draft of free agency so stay tuned for all kinds of videos coming soon thank you for watching and I will catch you next time

  • When you know the Best joke in the show was a shot on Boos for Bettman you know the comedy side of the show was poor would rather have Lanny McDonald introduce Nickelback and if you know how they are looked at in Europe you know how bad it can be … No real surprises and very happy for Gio as at that age only a few other guys have won it at that age. He has a few good years left all of the winners deserved It in my opinion ….

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