Ngalaletab Hon. Oscar Sudi eng MORNING CHECK Prt 3

in 2017 and I go okay how about my cesium to begin go get me the star excited Romilly Iago knows to me time to put away this weekend Ricky ki beti Kamala I ended and beat kazoo music everywhere and he put in the apogee to my 11 de la Laguna coupe Ziggy community pass me come hug me cut a big Emma Swan ghuli khan at wali amia no ki gang Niaga already gay me to get support music I get my potato pieces go together to Moosa Mach number one can meet up as a potent bouzouki I'm lying candy covered with the hiccups I communicate and I encounter in the manga number two cami Jake is a Putin bouzouki so 11 P holy my committee o kappa lumpur heat up : g danny amonges killin and bossy cuz i mean i and you can assign to dot every otology Duke trying obsolete Cooper get a pyramid and go Ronnie so chemichi can turn one treat nabob a cheating Moochie didn't give you agree to agree to me know EAP I said and greet you on Anita on a couch it'll be loud at in the mornin and you know who came in together for you at Omni Inc arrange it no sumo Kim abusively a me type name and ya malya malya Kouki Kameda get ugly mood Kuno Amaru fukusa gig animal yo mama kinky so that's right at a gang can he sue Putin bouzouki free of charge ha when you busy like me quiera to see I said milling etags ERISA like in the King commands tactically on come on pick up put it up on you big Amida peach acronym bank I would cover Baron Cora come na I'll go bitch okuru mini hero bogan meaning David Kamakahi to cognate and knock top coat a two-bit gonna take me on quite near Crimea when a good Telugu Reiniger can you ruin to stop any other good yoga terribly and what did you do become a totally cool in junior memory we do need you're gonna go massage no Miguel Yeah right I wish did him a kazoo so familiar mother Charlie Melancon Lee Adama was supposedly OSI Muay Thai ended immediately I got to know you got a chick over there really you mean you tend to me get the collectors Kazuko button again like ever becomes a game a cemetery because repeat it in Arabic healing one Cora Howard I'm gonna be at Eastern and KP quo to come Gilead am GGC lucky nay Tsutomu camasta yeah back on movies Nouveau big not wish no boy ended my semester the common second detectors again Monica Chacon can you call it well you asked and we'll get a penguin that was to make a deputy president a meat-eater IATA it was time I get a bit the president boy career Lacroix llama do get like Toria no gigas give more grounded gaps Kranti dal chana meager soy sauce Keigo gilga school in make a pizza it wake the best handball team in Kenya the best handball team again predict what listen again young guna and East Africa one about China and go visit up to be President and on about cos theta T meet applaud le big trip tomorrow go in again absolutely oh yeah Osamu emoji Punky's the q-switch oh god my jock conditioning you gonna boil a Brahmin I'm Alex against Italy in you know Malaika Guney a melancholy mutiny told you the strike not smoggy new report Magana reboot okay my report Cassata okay it is okay never yet in the ballot second discectomy nobody touka-sama electrology Peruvian could you don't get the minimum hourly Medina Jamie conveniently engine la academia Tunisian EMU to Nagoya million Colorado German knowledge a mere like you need a zoo beauty cousin Tony Oliva okay so we'll look at me Kumi be well in your tummy it could mean AG class Maggie tubulin yoga J okay toy horn I really came in the die-cut until Kim Koo Zerubbabel okay so I get to be no.1 hankies Hodja guy I'm good come eg naka selecting and we go to movies margarita Pauline pitch over on pick up colleague he end up can you we will did cook you reaction give me nine King college elegy wave Magoo not Unni Unni you noon sumo giving up corrugate a pariah hollynjym on me okay keeping a good attorney Alex mommy in a Virginian and a Virginian p2 to Abu to Preston colour-pop cavern up come on skeevy committee yet every opportunity you pick up college you gonna take it okay snow on the Magnum to me a token ACTA what I okay here cuca senior not come cool asthma is a buck to mukara Botti majesty area median a valley be deeply tigress is a gigantic ichiba Kiribati could you Alec Japanese Mossad okay here a great you to be Moody doggy bindi this nation again comedian Octodad Katelyn business class go faster class you know could meet you miss you get so patrolling the great synagogue did you ever sing everything we like or an electromagnetic nu skin boy I'm going to be well away I may be taken away work I'd got much I see anyone when is the addition insurance Vanga Nita Sabatini honorable aqua agony over gamma nu pi by ax

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