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News 4 Tucson tests e-scooter

have you gotten a chance to ride one yet well here I am Priscilla I said earlier in the show that I was probably going to test one out because why wouldn’t I want to embarrass myself on live television of course I do but this is all part of this program that’s going to be tested over the next six months to see if this is a good idea for the Tucson community I’m joined by Razer and tell me a little bit about how this works and why is this important for the Tucson community but we’re excited to bring micro mobility to Tucson in the form of scooter share we encourage people to get out of their cars and on a scooter it mitigates traffic in the city and is also environmentally friendly choice and it helps you get from point A to point B quickly efficiently and in the fun manner all right you guys I’m gonna try this out all right so I get on the helmet all right [Music] [Music] well it looks like they’re having some technical difficulties out there but oh I think she’s got it she’s got it oh and she’s going hopefully she doesn’t crash no she’s good all right we’ll see it later Stephanie thanks for that report

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