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New York Yankees Carlos Oscar #44 Power Bat goes deep with 5 HR’s. World Series Bound 2019!

Carlos big one for the Yankees in hit five home runs in one game that’s never been done before. How do you feel? He’s okay. Cool, this he enters pagando. Cinco home run is See you may think it’s a homewrecker singin eyo eyo. Para means on an agile you lava seeing cozy home running They attach it a who a know sega genesis nintendo quadratic hito Wa l-jamaa cosas so bar amirseun an iso para me era. Mucho metaphysical hoon wrong a noon time. They a like a nigga He says it was easy for him to as a child because he was playing Nintendo and Sega Genesis so he would hit five six seven home runs, which was more difficult than than she had known Do you feel any pressure in the last at-bat to break the home on record for one game since is precision the Gandolfo Wrong to go up over the person Astana, I wanna hear a river in Paris Irizarry esta noche you do you Mira Co see your sock. Oeste wala. Uh, yeah. I was a car esta noche Yo, sabía que maybe whatever Nakuru. Ah, yeah. Yeah, sí tiene una kübra. Ooh, anyway. Kendama wanna tear Oh, you’re super safe way into San a sorry. Hola hola yo tambien was a little joke. Oh, yeah He said no question Are you ready to play Boston this weekend? Sadly super contra mostly Aussie. I mean me encanta last year. They were tempo que muchos lugar de este Punto pelota a Metallica Yo conozco, Arriba. Stay sad. Mucho de esta Ronnie. He-ey, Lacey Lahiya a big puppy Tameka theory right a para mi so who knew girl para Sardar vassal are es la cosa Mia lo hagas Oh, no fuego pero para mismo. Passin Oh chica Karrueche He said he’s looking for a plane in Boston To get together with Big Papi probably yo-yo up. I got you up. I Didn’t get you up I had He said he’s gonna pay Congratulations Carlos, thank you for your time DT over yo. We Becky going going Fred just love 10-piece for just a blow it in a mod doesn’t mean it win fob I just what I just put a richard on the card. I ain’t going playing Bob But I show you how to fuck that dude If you’re building Bonaparte take your fob and your back against a ball and a bunch of niggas needs you to go away Still doing bad on a mini way saw you last night. Did it birthday?

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