New Work Award 2018 and talking AI with Jürgen Schmidhuber

this is the exceed new work award and they invited us to come to this conference to do a podcast the live podcast we had the privilege to talk to a young student he is one of the top leading guys some people say that top leading guy in the world for artificial intelligence machine learning very humble guy very interesting if you have a smartphone in your pocket you use his technology it's quite impressive very impressive and this young man won award we were both nominated for the singing world and the right person got the price which is crystal and I'm very proud I have to say I never won a prize except for in third grade I had the first price when we did these use wood games where you would have to like name the plants and stuff like that that's the only prize I won and the third reason we're here we are media partners conference of the time to make a next break after our first two movies – its hotel where we are like the format if some people don't know it it's amazing like a good thing they had first of all that impressive menu price venue and they had a good mix of like technical stuff of the future like AI but then we had the a heart oh yeah violin star superstar and she actually shared a story of her like playing violin being becoming the best but going into a depression from like overwork and too much work and then actually using the music that she would love so much to get out of it again what the story showed me was how you can actually choose your path have to be careful not to overdo it and then still be able from doing like from the working itself to like get yourself out of a bad situation not just thinking and sitting waiting that's it just a plastic inside [Applause]


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