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you guys just start a new song or Whitney Houston it's the lay singers cover of the 1986 Steve Winwood classic higher love it's been remixed by DJ and music producer kygo Whitney's sister-in-law Pat Houston says the tracks are from an archival performance what do you guys think how do you feel about this if I can get more Whitney I will take more Whitney rest her soul but she wasn't that voice of an angel so if she can continue to bless us here with that and gellick vibe and she has a great camp like they have her best interest continue to release music like Prince he hadn't if not hundreds of songs still in his archives just sitting there awaiting Michael Jackson a prince doesn't want that I know doesn't want them out but in this case it's a Whitney sister that's involved here yeah I like it give us more you know good I think you're gonna get a few more you're not gonna get a lot the thing I love about Clive Davis is that Clive Davis is so rich he does not need to make money off a Whitney there are hundreds of songs that have been unreleased by Whitney and Clive Davis this most important project right now is really respecting Whitney's legacy so he's not gonna let anyone just put anything out and I don't know if anything about patty Houston I don't know her personally but I feel like if Pat Houston had her way there would have been a Whitney unreleased album that already came out but Clive Davis is like nope this is not happening he's doing it a classy way from a gay point of view okay all these queens are gonna be head into these dance floor it's like march of the Penguins because this will get you going this song is amazing I'm about to migrate to New York for world Pride this is going down it's going to be taping my ankles right now our fracture has been called this is about to get crazy I'm not to break my back a little different than you guys i whatever we first heard about Whitney's music being released it makes me uncomfortable because to me if the artist didn't get into the chance to release it that's unfortunate but artists especially people that are talented as Whitney they don't want anything out without their stamp of approval because maybe it's not the exact set like just Chaka Khan for example all right she doesn't even like how somebody sampled her song and she found that disrespectful my biggest fear would be that Whitney doesn't like what they did with the song well maybe there was a conversation kind of like how it's uncomfortable to talk about your will maybe there was a conversation when she was with us and they had this clause that says if anything is or was to happen I give you full authority to continue to release no I think what happened was that could happen but I think what really happened was Whitney recorded this song and Clive Davis was like you know what I don't know if I like it for you you shouldn't be a cover artist so I think it didn't get on the US album because Clive Davis stopped it it was said that's the only difference about this song this did make as a bonus track on an album but it was only released in Japan so I do know we do know to a certain extent she gave the recording a stamp of approval yes you know so it wasn't like one that she just had sitting in the back burner that she thought about it yeah she at least liked it enough to put it on an album that went to Japan I will say this do you remember this this thing that happens in gay clubs we're like you try to look as butch as possible and then like you're doing really good for like 30 45 minutes and that one song comes on it's like when you hear like the first like eight counts for like thanked back that ass up it's like to do you're like oh no not this one so you working with you've been kind of like trying to like do it is like oh no you're a big girl this song is gonna be that because the first like it's like yeah and then she's a good sheep oh yeah she brings it to you guys Whitney style give me the chance I push my flight up I'm so excited that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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