hey guys go back to another class real video and today I'm taking a look at my list of the top five strongest new meta decks right now in clash Royale this is gonna be a list of relatively newer decks into the meta because we all already know by now things like 2.6 hogrider 2.9 expo giant prince triple spell : pete done like all those are pretty much well known right now in the game this list is just gonna five relatively newer decks that have come around in the past couple of months or so in clash royale the first deck you can already see right here is a royal giant furnace barbarians triple spell controlled deck this one right here obviously like world giant has been around for a while now this one is a bit different than the traditional version that has like guards or a wizard or baby dragon in there which is wise on his top 5 list also the barbarians are an absolute beast in this strategy because you have the musketeer and the furnace which provides a bit of kind of thurible bait for your barbs also kinda like most everyone right now is running lightning spell because in front tower is so popular allow the barbarians to do a therapy to work as well now deck number two over here will be the minor balloon fast cycle control tech obviously been around the game for a while now but recent in the past couple of months has been like one of the top decks in the game like it's always like it's always gonna been there but over the last few months it's excelled and pushed itself to one of the top five decks in the game which is why it's on this list deck 3 over here will be Govan giant sparky beatdown kind of control attack um this deck right now I would dare say is the strongest card combo in clash Royale goblin join Sparky currently has the highest win percentages in the CRL competitive league according to the casters so like I said guys GABA Jain Sparky is a beast definitely on the top 5 list guy is a very very strong deck deck number four over here will be the hogrider earthquake in front our kind of like psycho control deck it's been around obviously since the earthquake came out in April there are a few versions that you can use if you want to this one has the Valkyrie in there you can use an ice built in place of the Valkyrie for fast recycle or you can use that musketeer in place of the archers for longer range and more like a damage dealer if you do that I would suggest using the iSchool in place at the Valkyrie and musketeer right there otherwise it's a bit too expensive but overall very very strong deck right now and then fifth and finally we have ourselves a mortar royal hog split lane pressure deck with the archers and the rascals you have a bit of far about baton here with the rascals the archers and sometimes they fire like a mortar as well I think obviously have the Royal Hogs in there for your secondary wind condition the mortar works so well in this strategy because as a building like you can use it on defense in the middle of your of your base if you want to to distract like a giant or a golem and it'll destroy the support behind it but it also doubles as a winged condition right which is kind of like why it's such a good card right now the mortar because for example if you had a Tesla or and from your deck yeah I can use it on defense but you can't really use it on offense to get damage done to a tower mortar you can and it works just so well with the with the rocket put chip damage mortar for chip damage you know a couple of world hogs for chip damage overall the deck is very very strong so that is the top-five list if you don't find a deck in here but you like I will leave a link down below to my previous best deck video that I did a couple of months ago it still applies right now that video because Valentin just haven't done anything at all the past couple of months so that video still applies for sure so I will leave a link down below to that video as well it has about 10 or 15 good decks in there as well if you don't find one you like right here guys go ahead check that video out as well but today we're taking a look at these five decks we're gonna go ahead and do one live battle with each of these decks starting out with the Royal giant deck first already guys here we go a battle number one with Jack number one good luck to our friend up there guys the Royal giant barbarian control deck I say control because you can just say control in front of everything and it works but yeah the reason this deck is kind of popular right now is for the most part everyone is running lightning spell because of so many infernal towers being around so it basically allows the barbarians to get some decent work done but obviously you never know nowadays boom one of these nice the make it turn around and kill the bats but he does get go of death damage which is rather unfortunate now I want to speak in my RG in front of this musketeer right here because that way hopefully if some shenanigans done RG their mega menu for the left to tier behind it made a pack-off and a bar barrel nice alright okay with that go furnace here this where they do make a menu right there we have pulled into the damage lead the poisonous Bell is a little bit anti barbarians but the barbarians get some work done before the poison destroys them however I'm guessing he'll pair it up with a what do you call it with a NATO baby dragon combination what kind of see how it goes I'm gonna go early musketeer right here see if we can't get a couple shots in the tower right they might answer tonight which he does not so that means the musketeer getting some damage done right there baby and I want to go up barbarians like as soon as he possibly can right here into this you're gonna poison all the Jazz's probably got barbell as well guys I'm still here now while jazz bar bill the jazz all right baby you're looking good good good one more furnace right here please you might go golem in front of yep are Varun's please was your baby t barbell combination the barbarians can destroy that golem before it's anywhere close to having any dreams of doing anything that's life so poor golem men poor girl I've won assume but just pour cold regardless dude now I'm not gonna go RG there cuz he's back to golem and mini Pekka he'll just defend it and then kind of counter push after that so instead I just wanna chill furnace here barbarians nice now is where we go this is where we go with the are Jesus baby it's our G time dude is it though is it really man it's here is here any pack up boom that's no ball forces it to retarget to my mega and the lighting spell should finish it off right here yeah there we go good game well played that's a busted I pretty saw it dub right there boys already battle number two with deck number two the minor balloon musketeer control deck very popular strategy right now it's been around basically if the past I'm gonna say two months or so three months or so ever since the 20 wind challenged the CRL challenge these are these balloon control decks have been exploding in popularity which I the interesting thing here is they have confirm that there is a nerf cutting for snowball in the next update which I find a bit interesting because balloon is so strong I kind of worried that I guess not really worried but I kind of feel that maybe they should have a nerf planned for the balloon if they do plan to nerf a snowball as well so because I feel like snowballs kind of the main thing kind of like keeping balloon in check right now because it is pretty popular what uh yeah it is what it is man is what it is all right she's got mega ice wizard Prince oh it's a Pecha deck nope I want my infernal tower I wouldn't be surprised if he's got like a a balloon in there or like a graveyard no I'm saying boys distraction mission distraction not successful so far Skelly times Barbarella all right mission distraction guys was successful initially now here's the big ol plan here's the big ol one we go minor balloon right here baby you can go ice wizard he's even though nothing wizard all right ages you can go nothing sir mr. Tavo are you ready to get clapped cuz here we go baby one of these one of these can't you see it's one of these these it's here it's here I spawn here and this honestly guys the most perfection in its finest form that we've ever had in the channel actually not really it is a bit of a clickbait right there so I apologize but here's what we do we go in firaon tower up here and that pulls away anything he tries to do minor in the pockets what's to tear and this kind of tile right here at the Pearl ply I heard and then I scream over here as you see guys it worked out the way I wanted to good game well played and thank you for the trophies mister Tahoe appreciate it alright so moving on over here guys to battle number three with deck number three this is of course the governor and Sparky deck one of these strongest if not the strongest card combo in class well right now I put a video out but a week ago I think maybe less than that titled number one strongest card combo in clash Royale and it was gonna be a giant Sparkie lots of people were very upset with that title saying Shane this ain't number one you dub but actually it is I was watching the CRL competitive league the other day and the casters were even like you know what you know what deck has the highest win percentage right now and crl Bob and Jane Sparky number one – percentage in the entire see are L competitive league nice look at this guy's just just absolutely destroy this poor dudes dreams man he just got absolutely shredded poor dude man he's just gonna give up on life right now no get away from me man good don't you make what you do that is the real deal alright so Sparky misses Gollum this is kind of a fun day the biggest threat that I have in this battle the biggest thing that I'm kind of worried about is going to be the night which because her bats are just so annoying so that that's gonna be that if we lose I'm guaranteeing the night which bats that destroy us thanks Bell here Kabu Kabu hold the baby D over what boom nice thanks Belle here this is valley sauce who wanted value stuff with their meal coming right up thank you no no furnish it now please shoots perky Shoop ah you dub why'd you snap me your nub stupid nub is that me my knees fell here by him kaboom kaboom Cup no Nadeau film alrighty guys we're getting a bit aggressive right now but you know what they say they say be aggressive be I'll stop us cringe my channel I should just check my channel name guys to class with cringe right now because it is this 100 second cringe there we go GG's man dick jeez so I don't think he did a very good job utilizing that night which because the night which behind that golem can be so devastating if you don't have like a poison or in a dome obviously we have hunter and snowball are a main ways to kill the bats so but regardless pretty high for that dub pretty happy alrighty guys moving on over to battle for deck for the hog earthquake deck I would say this is probably one of the newer decks into the meta of the fire that I shared in the in the video this one obviously came into the game since the earthquake release in April which means it is the relative newest of the bunch Galvatron spark has been around for a couple months now yeah so let's go barbell here what did you guys got zapped and a mega what do we what are we thinking guys golem what are we thinking gangster he's not doing anything which makes me a bit surprised what do y'all think it is go earthquake earthquake split archers that's giant all right I was gonna say didn't say I said golem because we've been facing a ton of golems lately which is kind of weird I don't know about the globe just that the most powerful attack on matter right now but uh that's like an appeals I get so what does he go for spells lightning spell rocket spell earthquake here nice the earthquake kind of just slowed everything down allowed us to do some work I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a prince a regular Prince in there as well so I'm kind of hesitant to go hogrider right now by itself cuz I'm expecting a prince into the hogs face but we'll try it what kind of just see how it do Prince I told you I'm so smart man oh I'm so smart there we go Bell Creed work please nice that kills that we should be good to go here now we go this this he goes Prince he just locks it back and get one shot the hog rider maybe – alrighty the chip damage is starting to add up right now I'm liking it we can get back to another in front of Tower here shortly if we need to and I probably bet we will need to here in a moment so let's just kind of chill for a hot minute double this Jess from tower here archers here Dalton's here bar barrel no ball the the cycle is so disgusting on defense but that's uh that Prince there is our main kind of issue right now in terms of defending these pushes here the prince is an absolute beast for this one of these nice the cog Ryder is back to what Prince already man it's gettin gettin nasty now blow it down we got one hog shot nice not really what I wanted I want a more damage but let's go for our tower here I was gonna go skeletons for the prince and I think we're to start doing the earthquake cycle mode here in a minute now let's defend first wait for it wait for it wait for it one of these one of these one of these this more archers please trying my best to kind of dissect this push and pull everything apart which it appears to be kind of working right now but we shall see in the minute here's gonna be a very kind of slow and drawn-out battle if if we if anything there we go nice so he just went Prince use that one like this like this and like this one of these snowball this jazz nice one hog shop all I really need you guys was that one hog shot right there definite makes me happy right now will defend this and then will win the next push least that's the theory that is the working theory right now is into how this battle is gonna go defend and then win is here nice baby snowball this Jess our chairs earthquake cycle is all P nice Deltans to cycle from tower right here please Bella rehear please come on come on this yes all right we defended I'm lucky with that Jess when weren't prints coming in here can be a bit nasty to start like this like this wait for it this here arcturus nice snowball as you can see our kind of like our spell cycle gain there guys has definitely kind of given us a bit of an elixir deficit right now earthquake here please nice baby one more earthquake for the winners all we need baby one more earth quake Anne do it in time hopefully no ball here and earthquake so we were really aggressive there for a bit with our earthquakes which kind of resulted in him having a bit of momentum near the end there but definitely near the end like when there was nine seconds left and you don't worry about the counter push cuz it will just dry out in time kind of just going all of my spells right there kind of giving us the wind so overall GG's already the time has come for the fifth and final battle and Dec mortar world hogs another kind of like low-key deck that isn't crazy popular but is very very solid right now in the meta so go ahead go yikes go yikes dee let's go yikes well I was gonna say that thing better not connect and it did not so I'm happy Oh baby let's reach in time I say well let's do it Oh No you know we need boys we need skeletons rascals as well it does nothing work I'm just horrible no barbell go down please yes there we go so Pekka executioner Brits banners they be a very interesting battle very interesting when I say interesting I mean like we're gonna lose you're going to lose hard sir I'm surprising heading up your lecture for the what he call it there is here for the fireball that one that would surprise me a bit Dark Prince as well dude dude what are you so crazy man the fireball this jazz I'm assuming he will you is he alright kind of an interesting I'm deaf don't care that guys we got some good damage done any overcommitted on the elixir as well so definitely kind of okay with that jazz barbell here let's split skeletons rascals its drawer the RAM writer please nice thank you Mordor it's time for the more dour guys locks on nice this get us here one of those Jazz's one of these Jazz's one of these jazz is here now he's panicking now he's panicking boys now they go like this we got this wait for it here we go baby let's do it let's do it real hugs did some work get in there get some damage done we are now within rocket cycle arranged if I want to get greedy but I want to just chill honor the greediness for now all right I see I see yeah one rocket is greedy how about – well this jazz Shelton tiara barbell here newbee barbarians getting sneaking in there arches do work please come on for the win oh it was so close dude that was so close wow that was actually stressful because as you saw the Balaram kind of like I don't know if that's I don't think it's a bug but it's definitely just weird because it kind of like it tried to run to the mortar but then ran around the pocke and in doing so pushed itself out of range of the mortar and went straight for my tower so a bit weird there but definitely got a bit greedy with that rocket near the end that rocket by itself could have cost us the game cuz as you saw as soon as we rocketed the tower by itself he went a hardcore bridge BAM so definitely cost us the game right there but it didn't so I'm okay with that 27 trophies and it was guys that is the end of the video here are the five decks one more time if I go ahead and try them out yourself we have royal giant barbarians control 4.0 average lecture we have minor blues Psycho 3.0 we have garbage giant Sparkie Dark Prince Hunter 4.1 Abdo lecture hog rider earthquake 3.0 cycle like this before guys there are some faster versions with the iscope in there or they musketeer and then we have the fifth and final deck the mortar Royal Hogs 3.5 split lane pressure deck never know which of these five you think is the strongest down below if I had to pick one strongest deck I probably sent some right here the garbage I'm Sparky it's just an absolute beast right now after the strong in the meta but overall guys all five of these are definitely some pretty solid options in clash Royale right now once again if you don't find a deck that you like in this list I will leave a link down below to my previous best deck video there's like 10 or 15 really really good decks in that video as well so make sure you go check that out if you are interested but guys that is the end of the video really hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you leave a like subscribe for clash Royale con 10 thank you so much watching guys we'll see you in the next one


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