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the Daily Mail reported that Megan and Harry's new neighbors got quite the list of rules on how to behave including never asked about our sheet never offering to walk or pet their dogs and never say good morning unless the Royals say it first sources say the list came from an overly protective Palace official and the Royals had no knowledge of the list mm-hmm I mean I'm sorry who has a dog that you cannot pet I don't feel don't have an animal then walk your people my boyfriend isn't like people petting our dog but you asked strangers oh yeah who just come up and do it it's like you have to ask first not like start it's a family member he's like you I wouldn't just come up to them and to start touching their sister no you have well what do you guys think about this first of all I think I can understand it to some extent like if you're walking with your family you don't wanna be bothered I mean they are so scrutinized by media all the time you probably don't want to be bothered in the morning I don't believe this list is real I don't think this was a real list at all because this is the thing that they said obviously they had no knowledge so if something did get out and say it did come from someone who worked in the palace there are a lot of people who speak on behalf of someone I think that the Royals specifically Harry's prides himself and being like a person for the people I don't believe he would ever be a part of something where people couldn't speak to them or say hello what about Megan I think Megan Han wrote the like I do like Megan I have I'm not I'm not lying I do like parts about her I do do my part I think that her reputation is a little diva and I think that Megan would have just if she I think she would have been satisfied being like a topless actress I think the fact that she had to get Mary a royal to gain notoriety even though she might love him I think she's just doing too much in that palace right now I just feel like people are painting her to be this like super villain it's weird villain I think she's particular and wants things done to be more her way more than they're comfortable with it I think that's why she's getting a bad rap want more Knightley pop you know what to do yeah just send us your news no don't do that just subscribe to our news YouTube channel for highlights and bonus content will have a new upload every Monday night so you can catch up on everything yeah and just to be clear are they sending nudes or not I wasn't following oh god

  • Reporting should not be biased with personal attacks of a personal nature. Reporters today bring their personal prejudice to the news. Their, jealous,envy and racism cloud their judgement.

  • Do you know how to read. The article was in the Daily Mail UK. The comments were from a person that lives in the area at a community meeting. Thus meeting was held months before the Duke and Duchess moved there. He was giving his view of how they should be treated. By the way he does not have any association with them, although he is employed at the palace.

  • Morgan never has anything good to say about Meghan, a lady she has never met. She used to be on a reality show about rich kids of Beverly Hills, and now thinks it is okay to bash a lady who actually worked hard for her money before meeting the prince. I am still trying to find out why these people cannot accept the fact that Meghan is a hard-working woman. Her work ethics is a lot better than those who sit on the couch and criticize her every move. I will stop watching E channel, they are becoming like the British Tabloids

  • Thank you Morgan! So what if Megan is a little Diva. If she wants to do things her way OWN it…. move on

  • Please fire the privileged blond white girl who having even been on E" news long and already have her on little show. Blond hair and no talent works for some. And please tell her to stop lying anyone who watch E" knows you don't care for duchess Meghan. And this article is fake. I believe the men in grey within the palace as Diana called them is out to smear prince Harry & duchess Meghan name anyway they can with the public. Anyone that knows the two would know it didn't come from them. Just stop letting the arrogant Blond girl report on the royals especially duchess Meghan .

  • Isn't Emily Andrewโ€™s the reporter who lied on Priyanka Chopra about Archie's $250 Tiffany's baby gift. Priyanka called Emily out on Emily's social media page. Now you are repeating a lie. It's called Fake News. Isn't Royal family is on vacation it's a slow news day to create news. Don't become one. There is another reporter in London. She's called the lizard lady on you tube. Beware of her.

  • Morgan I love seeing you onscreen but donโ€™t fall for that British chic fake news propaganda. She is sliding some of you under the bus. Americans are loud and in your face and the British are not…she will use your brashness as a blow horn and then smile and act like itโ€™s not her when the backlash comes around.

  • I think meghan hand wrote the letter ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Morgan is so right ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • It really hurts me to see All this fabricated lies, just because you don't like somebody..sad again that some people believe it.. for a normal mentally healthy person,is obvious that is fabricated but don't forget the insane… this is dangerous

  • @E! News, The tabloid who publish this Fake News is a Far right tabloid who hate Meghan Markle so much and other Royal Reporter's from othe Media outlets are a fake reporter who publish and reports fake outlet's and fake news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also they don't spare their child Archie. They create and publish fake news to get direct information's and also get access to Frogmore Cottage for the purpose for destroying Prince Harry's and Markle's public image. They're doing this to have revenge for not letting them to Archie's christening and to get information about Archie's godparent's. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know about the Royal Reporter's intention's so Harry and Meghan block their every opportunity to get access and information to get their private life information to destroy their image, profile and their marriage to the world. This fake news outlet's and false information about Harry and Meghan creating so much diversion and wrong image and also hatred and racism for white supremacy, naazi and bigotry to hate Meghan and also baby Archie. Neo Naazi called Prince Harry a race traitor and give him a threat to his life his wife Meghan's life and their baby Archie's life. Daily Mail publish this because Piers Morgan is a boss and he's a biggest critic of Meghan Markle. So he published it and other Fake Racist Nazzi Royal Reporter's Far right winger's are so hateful to a Mixed race women from America. God bless you Meghan. Don't believe whatever these tabloid's and Naazi and Bigotry. Fake ROYAL Reporter's are being given advice, suggestion, instruction and false information from Kensington Palace from Prince William and Kate because they're jealous from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's growing popularity from publishing. William and kate trying to collaborate with Fake Royal Reporter to destroy Harry and Meghan's life, marriage and their image. The Toyal Reporter's doesn't have the Source's inside Frogmore Cottage So don't pay attention to any Fake News, Fake royal Reporter's and British Tabloid.

  • Morgan is pathetic! This list had nothing to do with Meghan, its already been knocked down, but here she goes spreading lies. I will be blocking this channel.

  • These were rules the community came up with. The palace nor the royals made this list. Get your info right.

  • Meghan is a Leo. Obviously she is a villain. Those people have no heart. Poor Prince Harry. Divorce is inevitable

  • Fake News. The alleged incident took place in February when Harry and Meghan had not moved into their Windsor home as yet.

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