what's up fight fans this is Kurt Deville with kind of punch boxing news and I have some new news concerning Oscar De La Hoya you know the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions the ex five-time world champion himself said this about Anthony Joshua once again everyone's a critic right he states that he always knew that Anthony Joshua had a weak or questionable chin and it was a matter of time that someone was going to expose that fact and he's glad that Andy Ruiz was the one to do it look let me counter punch this first of all I think it's always been a war of competition between not necessarily rivals but promotional company's rival promotional companies you know you got Canelo Alvarez he's like that guy okay and him and Joshua are neck-and-neck you know you got hurt over here you got Nana Oscar De La Hoya here and Oscar De La Hoya of course is the Mexican American just like Andy Ruiz so it's easy for him to say oh well he was chinning in the first place so it was just a matter of time and I'm glad Andy Ruiz was the one to do it well you know speaking of someone's chin there's one thing you know I think he gets caught on on higher punches upside his head but I've seen him take too many other punches from other fighters to just call the man and label him chinny you know if this was a mere con yeah cuz Amir Khan could get hit with in in it his his body locks up you know any lot legs everything he you know he does not have a chin Anthony Joshua what he's shown us is that he can be hurt that he's not invincible he'll know he can be hurt look what happened to him on the first hell yeah anybody can get caught with a punch you don't including Oscar and actually Oscar had a pretty good chin though Oscar was a flurry he was a god I'd love to throw flurries and he was he was the southpaw that fight it fought and you know in the Orthodox stance but that left hook was very very dangerous and he gave people hell with it but for him saying that I think it's just his way of congratulating Ruiz some people have to talk like derogatory about a person in order to give another person praise you know I'm saying like oh I always knew he was chinny and it was just a way how do you know that you don't to me all of a sudden you know that you were never saying that before you know what I'm saying you even with a bigger puncher then Ruiz which is wilder everybody still wanted to see that fight what was the narrative was the narrative death oh Anthony Joshua really can't take those punches the thing was who called who first we all knew Deontay Wilder had devastating punching power but that wasn't really the thing the thing was okay can Wilder deal with the bring Ike you are the boxing IQ and the skill set of Joshua Wright who could he go he could he walk through that could he get around that right that obstacle of skill and along with other punching power coming back from Joshua could he do that that was the question you know those are the things that Oscar talked about as far as the fight but him saying he was Chinee I don't think so I don't think that that was something that he always knew you know what I'm saying I don't believe that one bit because if that was the case Oscar De La Hoya would have been saying that he would have been saying that there's nothing to support what he's saying right now he's happy for his fighter his Mexican brother which is great he congratulated him great everybody's a static you know the Mexicans are you know yeah you know they have that much ease mo you know living and I'm real hard because they you know they got I'm a heavyweight Mexican champion but don't just start making stuff up you know what I mean and again you know he's Mexican Ruiz's Mexican that's how that that that favoritism comes in which is nothing wrong with supporting your national brother nothing nothing wrong with that um I think that Oscar does have something else I think there's another agenda I think that like I said about the the rivalry he has with Eddie Hearn it's not as bad as people think but it still exists people see delahoy he fights them with his big you know Canelo on his own and a lot of other fighters on his own so does any Hearn so these guys fight in America on his own and they mostly fighting each other it's like Reebok and Nike with these guys so it's just a little I think it's a little haterade to throw you know what I mean the throwing the fire little gaps a little hater a gasoline to throw to throw on the fire and to make it look like Anthony Joshua was lesser than a fighter but you know the ironic thing about that is the more you belittle a fighter like Anthony Joshua calling them chinny and this that me gathered some I was going exposing I'm glad it was Andrew Ruiz well you make and Ruiz that must less significant don't you think about it the more they talk about Anthony Josh oh man he was gonna get knocked out anyway by somebody that discredit you from your brother and your national brother that because this credits his his win you know I'm saying yeah he got the knife he got the TKO he got the stoppage by the ref but the way you're saying that that could have been anybody not because Ruiz had the skillset had the game plan had the determination right had the heart of a champion not because of those reasons oh because Anthony Joshua was already chinny so anybody could have did that so let me share that with you but I'm glad Andy won come on now you know what I mean it makes no sense and people need to realize what they do before they do it because now he's just handy release Julian and Ruiz came out there and they had a perfect game plan he got caught he got hurt himself he was dropped to the cabins the first time in his career he got back up and showed you who he was and remained with the same gang planning right that's why he won Anthony Joshua because he was chinny that's all that's all delhi is really saying there hey but anyway you guys tell me what you think about Oscar De La Hoya I'm tired of counter punching him of course guys please subscribe and you guys been kind of punching beasts

  • The shot that did the damage was a hit to the top of the head not his chin. That shot concussed him he never recovered but got up four times and still lasted till the Seventh round and finished on his feet!

  • I guess you don't know who Manny Robles is right I don't guess you don't know who Matt Manley wrote the Manny Robles is a top-notch trainer they had been looking at Joshua for a while they have been looking at film on Route you should have school listen to what Roy Jones said about Ruiz and said about Joshua go look at the at the interview that Roy Jones jr. Did on that one too besides the Canelo Triple G he did one on Roy Ruiz and he did one with Joshua and go see what you let's see what you say about Roy Jones jr.

  • You're right and delahoya is Nike and hurns is Reebok like you said okay you're right. A whole area is Nike hey and your boy hurt his Reebok oh well whatever the other shoes to the lower shoe brand you said but yeah we know Dela Hoya is a Nike and Hearn is Reebok yeah you said it right

  • That's what you do Fanboy and mr. Pham boy Joshua lover at Mister Triple G love her that Canelo beat down don't listen to that boxing boxing ego go look at that Roy Jr go look at the interview that Roy Jr said about Canelo and Triple G in that rematch he said Triple G ask for Mexican style he got Mexican style and then lost okay simple and plain okay go listen to boxing Eagle today on the interview that Roy Jones jr. Did today you probably seen it so you can go to hell Triple G can go to hell and now Joshua Cantu

  • Dela Hoya if I recall always said he thought that Joshua was the best heavyweight at the time at the world never didn't mean that he wasn't s*** you could have still thought he was the best but if he was chitty so I don't think Oscar Dela Hoya is saying anything worse there's a lot of other professionals that are out there saying way more stuff than delahoya you're the one being disrespectful questioning what delahoya says who are you he's a legend you're not

  • Well between you and Oscar Dela Hoya who are we going to believe dude you or Oscar whose ass was in the ring given ass Whoopins and taking them we were the one who seen Oscar De La Hoya not you who are you to question what delahoya speaks he has that right to say whatever the hell he feels like it because he's Oscar Dela Hoya and who are you are YouTube channel man who are you to question Oscar De La Hoya who was the successful fighter amateur and now a successful promoter with a biggest promotion country promotion in the country so if I was you you need to quit without this defending your boy Joshua you just taking it all wrong because you're too close to what's going on because you're really a fanboy you're you're the worst of Fanboys cuz you have the microphone that we go we got here we used to go listen to you to hear good opinions but you're so stuck on this Joshua s*** that you don't get off of it but it's funny how you want to get up and talk bad against Dela Hoya you know I bet you download it to this day was still whoop you

  • Let's face facts. Joshua lost after Ruiz knocked him out. Whether Joshua was hurt before the fight doesn't matter he lost. He himself admits the better man on the day beat him. Its been over two weeks now since that fight and yes people can still talk about it but the constant criticism and defence of Joshua is in overdrive. Tyson just won, no one talks about it. In my own opinion, everyone talking about AJ in defence and criticism only proves he has the star power all other heavyweights envy. Ruiz took his chance and beat AJ, we need to appreciate and celebrate his victory. Where Klitschko, Whyte, Povetkin, Parker, Takam, Martin failed Ruiz succeeded. As an AJ supporter I respect that.

  • Oscar Dela Hoya is wrong on this. A guy with a weak chin can't get off the deck 4 times. Anthony Joshua took Wladimir Klitschko's Punches, Dillian Whyte's punches, Povetkin etc. These are just haters man. We all know Anthony Joshua had a bad day in office on June 1st. If AJ wins the Rematch the same people will change their narrative.People are snakes man.

  • This from a guys who likes to wear woman’s underwear! Also, anyone taking a punch from a 250lb plus heavyweight would get rocked. Ruiz doesn’t hit harder than Klitschko, and for the most part AJ took those punches. Bigger guys bigger punches bigger/ greater results.

    Oscar’s defense and unorthodox stance made for easy fights against Hopkins and everyone else who kicked his ass!

  • Does AJ really have a weak chin has he been layed flat on his back. Oscar hates black ppl sorry to say that jack ass is simply hating BTW Oscar has a weak mind the way he dressed up in that girl outfit or hooker outfit

  • Oscar De La Hoe is lucky Clenelo Alvaroids has a good chin so he can bribe those judges to rob Golovkin and gift it to drug cheat Clenelo Alvaroids.

  • He might be a bit opportunistic hoping he can work his way up the dazn ladder he couldn’t say enough good things about AJ before then, he was calling him the best heavyweight on the planet. Looks like wishful thinking hoping there’s a chink in matchrooms armour, he probably thinks he should be the leading promoter as canelo is bringing in the most numbers for dazn so far.

  • Contradicting yourself their Oscar. A month ago or more you said Joshua was by far the best Heavyweight in the world. Hmmm convenient change of opinion there Mr De La Hoya

  • Aj was gassed before he even stepped into the ring…massive reason why he lost that fight…I'm surprised Oscars talking shit…I remember his embarrassing ending against Hopkins…cringey as fuck…pretty much like his ladies underwear pics with the boxing gloves 😂

  • AJ was hurt before the fight: he never looked that way before any fight in his career and HE TOOK HARDER PUNCHES AGAINST POVETKIN and never went down.

  • No boxer is superhuman. Every boxer is beatable, that night was ruize night. It is called the lottery night. We all know that AJ is still the number one heavyweight boxer. We can not dispute it. Everybody has their own opinion to themselves. Good luck

  • Because of the way AJ lost there’s a few out there that really wish it was them that had of stepped up but that’s not to say they would of done the same thing and look what happened to AJ. with WK he still got up and put WK away in savage fashion these other promoters are just jealous

  • He went down on head shots not chin shots, shocking how deluded these big names are in boxing when its comes simply watching a fight in slow mo 😐

  • Nothin to support Joshua has a weak chin? Price, oaklie, Dubois, the short fat guy from sparring who everyone was crying and saying he must of knocked him out before the ruiz fight becasue Joshua lost lol then Whyte, rocked him and about another 10 rumours in sparring that's his been out cold or dropped.

    Joshua got very angry when parker team said he had a weak chin. He words were "they are trying to demonize me" lol wtf? (Touched a nerve)

    Fury got caught with a peach of a shot from Cunningham and went down like a sack of shit but then got up like it was nothing. Wilder hit fury round the back of the head but he got up like it was nothing. Wilder then knocked fury out and he got up like it was nothing.

    Wilder was rocked by ortiz and was given a extra 25s to recover by the ref. Joshua takes 3,4 or 5 rounds to recover.

    Weak chin, I dont think so. Recovery problem yes! 2/10 for recovering from a shot

  • Dela hoya talking shit only coz Ruiz is Mexican he probably wants to promote him that’s why he talks about canelo like he’s a god and ggg best him both times maybe a draw in the 2nd fight arguably but he just talking nonsense AJ got a good chin he only ever gets hit on the dome or the temple which will wobble any man

  • Canelo looks and is the part. AJ looked the part, but never was the part. AJ has a weak chin; Canelo has an iron chin.

  • In the ring Oscar was an enjoyment and man to be taken seriously.
    Out of the ring he's just another mouthpiece.

  • So does that mean that klitschko, Povetkin & Whyte have also got weak chins? .. In fact, Whyte has been knocked down by both AJ & Parker, but no one is talking about him having a weak chin .. it's heavyweight boxing for f*ck sake.

  • Dela Hoya is talking bollocks Joshua was punched in the temple wasn't he, he is being a dick I can't remember anything like this from Dela Hoya before this?

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