so we're back yeah we're now another NBA 2k 1919 pack opening and 2k decided to release these NBA awards packs and everyone was hyped for these but they look like trash because we're pretty much all thing you were gonna get great Galaxy opals for the players that won MVP Rookie of the Year Defensive Player of the Year and so on from yesterday and are you guys ready to see what we got we got these cool-looking packs and in the past contains a galaxy overlooker the one that's already out galaxy oh you'll see Arkham Yanis King Diamond 97 for the MVP and 96 blue will and a 92 ever all ready to go bear they're the only cards you can pull out of these packs like only limited cards you can pull rubies and stuff but really 2k literally my favorite thing about this primary is the way that the pack art looks I think it looks pretty cool but why why these cards so I also Twitter should I open up like a couple of these packs and see how they are and it was actually kind of 5050 I am gonna open up at least 120 pack box cuz they packs all kind of shape and the only reason I'm doing this is for content I would not recommend you guys are open those packs at all I'm just doing this to try and bring out the content and see how these packs are because I also want to say how they offer Lucas legacy as that is coming out later today so people have said these packs aren't terrible for them like I've seen a few people say they've got galaxies I will look out on that first pack but I guess we will just have to say but especially our 2k tweeted out yesterday saying oh yeah you guys want to have new or Ward's cards for like the MVP and stuff like Ronnie tweeted that I'll put the toy on screen right now like how do you tweet that and then not give us these packs with the best carbine galaxies over Lucca that's been out for like a month now I know I don't usually get disappointed but I seriously think this is like the biggest L of the year by 2k just because we're all really expecting big things from the awards night and we got absolutely nothing at all and these PACs are showing nothing at all I don't even know how long this pack openings gonna be we do finally get an amethyst is this gonna be Rudy Gobert I think it has to be actually I'm not too sure I'm gonna get jazz and okay we got anthony davis instead i mean there's another big man but really this card goes for about 2 K and T and Rudy Gobert wouldn't go for too much more so it really is a great question as to why you would open up this we just we just pulled Yanis oh my word okay well maybe I should stop complaining this is my first time ever doing this getting like an amethyst and a pink diamond in the next pack it looks kind of cool actually it'll flip the amethyst first and see what we're able to get maybe it's Rudy Gobert and it's Anthony Davis in back-to-back packs but we just food galaxy rebel yelling so I mean he will go for over 100k I'm pretty sure maybe not actually because the 96 doesn't go for over 100k actually know this could be um this could be Lou Williams I'm tripping out if it's Lou Williams I'll be kind of disappointed please say the box and salute Williams okay that's what you get Angus for trying to you know out think the packs Lou will though I'll take a pink diamond pull out of these and there he is so my pool that I thought I got for like a hundred K really just went for nothing and what I can't even move I can't like okay I couldn't even move the controller for a second that was really weird but NBA was packed I mean we got a pink diamond pool maybe if we can get a galaxy opal then this will actually be worth it actually no matter what if we get a galaxy opal the pack opening is worth it but we'll just have to say how it's actually goes I wasn't really expecting anything over an amethyst I mean I'll take a pink diamond even though the man's gonna go for pretty much nothing we'll just say how a guy has a saddle I don't really know why I'm doing this packing everything while I'm spending my money on this if I didn't know YouTube that would be no way I'd open these are is this is now the final pack of this box and what was the box worth it no and now I think I'm as always going to a 10 pack and see how this one goes if we get an amethyst or higher than other another 10 Tigers so really we we probably should but with my luck you just never know you're getting Ruby in the first we are getting quite a few limitless range badges which is probably our best pull so far other than that we will but I couldn't see that car going for more than like 20k especially with how cheap some of the pink diamonds are now we're getting nothing before one NBA awards card and I really just want one of the opals and obviously Luca would be the nicest you know getting bronze an emerald speaking of where will we get the watch hi I'm kind of sure we got a galaxy artpool I mean what I can let's say plays they look off place bait Luka ok see akka I will type that dart I mean I didn't expect to get a galaxy article out of these NBA award packs but we got one what alright thanks to K that's my first time pulling that card and I mean I'll definitely go to open up another ten pack box if we can get another one then I'll open up another 20 pack box there you go to K and now the galaxy oval that is I did not expect that what it really did come out of nowhere and it made this video kind of worth it even though that card really doesn't go for much I mean I stick to my word so I'm gonna go into another channel it's so weird every time I open up a box my pace forward it sounds like it's about to explore it and it doesn't really sound like it explodes when I'm about to play a game but it's always when I'm about to open packs maybe it's cuz I knows I'm about getting something good I wish that was true but I really don't think it is yeah we're just getting nothing here so the question for you guys do I recommend that you open up these packs my answer is just an instant norm this could be Rudy Gobert I guess which would be another rewards player it's actually gonna be a LeBron which is kind of weird for me to say I don't really care but literally that card goes for nothing because it's a day one card yeah we still haven't got Rudy Gobert which is a little bit weird but maybe this might be the time where we get the ninety two overall amethyst Rudy Gobert and that's exactly what we're going to get another NBA Awards playoff it's not really an NBA awards player though but it's Rudy Gobert hey I can't believe that's his highest overall car and he just wanted Defensive Player of the Year it's a little bit weird I don't understand how they couldn't give him just a card but anyway okay if you give me a galaxy oval I will open up a 20-pack box so I could spend even more money on packs I don't want to open but really just gonna hit me with the lock and so far not so much as we got the camo ball we get a contract you know just opens up singly to spend your guys times just a little bit more and we do it can we get an art for not that one I really do wonder how much that worker is going forward yeah now that amethyst here I mean this like do I open up another ten pack I must be addicted to pipes if I'm seriously considering a you know what I'm as well like it's for the video we'll do it we just put another Rudy Gobert I want to try and pull worker now let's go bear again I can't even speak so the early way now I'm gonna another box is if we pull a pink diamond Ohio so if we pull a pink diamond Ohio and other boxes may I open another ten packet okay so you you know what to do juice my packs real quick for me also I'm hoping this video it can be a little bit better if we do get that opal blue car as we have already got alright alright we got a pink diamond is it Yanis it is Yanis alright this is like I didn't really expect this but these packs have actually been doing pretty well for me there we go there's the MVP the best pull you would have thought you can get but it's not 97 overall Yanis I'll definitely take that as our pool for the gameplay for the pack opening I mean I can't even speak obviously I've had that kind since he came out like day one and we got a pink diamond there we've pulled two pink diamonds one opal obviously that means I have to open up another box because I stick to my word and nother amethyst in this one and who's it gonna be is it a current day one no it's another Rudy Gobert that's our third time getting him when I was confused why we hadn't even got in before but Rudy Gobert he's about to put his finger up as well you ready for this oh yeah he puts it up in the card and then he does this weird thing with his hand yeah I mean I mean cool I guess could you imagine if I spend all my vase a accidentally that would be that would be quite a lot good I gotta live just if they kept on hitting me with like Lou Williams every single box and then because I sneak to my word I'd have to just continue to open up these packs I'd be a little cut but it looks like right now we did get a pink diamond in that one so yeah this is badly 300k VC spent and I didn't expect to spend this much at all but to get two pink diamonds one galaxy opal in that amount is it really – back here yet something else though we'll have to say as I said pink diamond Ohia and then I'll open up another box we do get another amethyst in this one we'll just have to see who this is I'm gonna guess we're gonna go bare once again and I'm exactly correct yeah I said for you guys asking Lucas legacy will be coming out later today so be on the lookout for that I do actually have to edit it right after this video it's gonna be a little annoying because it is 2:30 a.m. in Australia right now but you know we own that grind and these packs have made me a little bit happier because we've actually been able to get solving we did just get dirt there so maybe we'll be able to add to it within a galaxy opal look are in this box can we do it not this pack on baby we go this week okay yeah this might be the last few packs this really might be and is this going to be the final pack of the box okay we had an amethyst to end it off who's the amethyst gonna be I was gonna end off with Rudy Gobert as probably is man I was confused and start while we weren't getting Rudy Gobert and now what this is like my fifth time pulling him I mean I'm not complaining but there he is if you guys know me at all it's time to open up a single that's what I do pretty much every single time and these singles actually really cheap at least 6000 M tey which really isn't too bad so we got a ruby in this one these are probably good feluccas legacy oh yeah also oh yeah all right let's do it so they did bring out three new Galaxy opals in throwback playoff most packs including a mono a Tim Duncan and also Tony Parker sorry we yeah we may as well just open up a 10 pack box of this as well just to make this video a little bit more juicy you know I'm saying and maybe we're able to get another opal we'll see how we go and in the first pack we're getting a Ruby okay Patrick Beverley yeah weakest legacy out of later today for you guys I have already recorded it so hopefully I can grind through it and edit it I just procrastinate so much when it comes to editing especially with Lucas legacy cuz it takes the most amount of time but yo guys support is always worth it plays Ben Mike D'Antoni and it's Dwayne Casey not too bad backing down mistakes can we hit that offal not so far by you know we've still got a couple more packs to go but I really don't know if we're gonna be able to do it that kind of rhymed and you know we're speaking of dying play off for a moment spastic on him and speak you know going through this to the bait yeah that was cool Angus please don't unsubscribe after that I know that was very cringe and the final Packer hitting out with a bronze how much fun of course I gotta end out with one single of these throwback playoff moments because I'm just feeling the luck in the singles I don't know why I said the final pack this is like 100% the final pack of this pack Remini we're heating off with a ruby and an emerald okay so all these NBA awards packs worth it no just no just are like the best play you can get is galaxy I below Kahoot was going for a lot before but he won't be after this see arguments are buying now galaxy oval in the first place Yanis is probably gonna be a by now as well Lou Williams is like below 30k for sure Rudy Gobert is an amethyst no one's gonna use him so he'll go under like 2k 3k so let's check how much these babies are going for so let's go over to galaxy opal and then look up Luca and yeah there's actually quite a few up since these packs came out so it looks like quite a few people were actually able to pick him up from the packs but he's still going for over 100k which is nice and said my boy Pascal the one that we were actually able to pull is going for under 100 K oh wow ping diamond be honest is he really going for like 30 K there's no way I don't know cuz the auction house is a glitch I don't know if he's actually going for like 30 K of thousands glitch maybe he's going for about a hundred oh he's going for just under 100 K I don't think he's going for 25 K is it going I really don't know I'm tripping out maybe he is there's a lot up for that much ok these facts just aren't worth it at all literally if you open them up it's Luka don't judge or bust and the real question is why wouldn't you try and open up these packs like this NBA draft phones which give you so much more opportunity to get something better or why wouldn't you open up these ones contain six galaxies and five galaxies opals and quite a few pink diamonds as well I don't understand two K's thought process and bring these out maybe it's because for people like me they want me to spend BC but I only did this for you guys to show you what's in these packs and to tell you don't buy them to be fair I was really wanting that bad cuz we were able to get a galaxy opal and we also got two pink diamonds including when we go to the right a little bit more here okay a little bit more a little bit more there we go got pink diamond Yanis I just can't believe he got MVP and in 2k he was rewarded with a card that he got like six months ago seven months ago I don't even know yeah thank you guys for watching this video be sure to smash that like button as I didn't really want to do this but I thought I should for you guys yeah your support really does mean the world so smash that like button if you're new subscribe also be sure to follow me on Twitch Twitter and Instagram and I'll catch you guys in my next video bye don't buy the packs


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