what does your not guys been you bring another brawl stars video today we are going to be going over Brock's star power rocket number 4 or I was saying at rocket no.4 basically this star power is crazy it gives them is 4th rocket I think it's a lot better than in cinah dairy because it allows you to do so many different things and plane such a different way like let's say in Jem grab you were able to basically destroy ballers like I want to show you guys this replay here I'm like I said I'm gonna try and push him up and show down to 700 rupees but just how it's playing him in bounty and he's he's I think he's one of them I think he's probably the best brawler and bounty now if you guys are fan of bounty even so just like even in showdown gem grab the other maps like or than other modes he is so devastating before he would usually die up close to a mortis at full health now you're gonna see the lot this match with that 4th rocket he is able to and totally like annihilate immortus unless they happen to get their super while attacking you but it's kind of crazy just how much damage you can put off and I feel like this is one of the best star powers in the game right now because it gives Brock so much potential gives them so much like a it gives them a different way to be played it allows you to kind of like playing kind of like a pseudo shotgun brawler like right here normally a mortise is well that kinda helped with the mortar but normally a mortise is gonna be able to take you out if you gets up close on you and he's at full health because you're not gonna be able to recharge your fourth rocket to kill them in time when you have more rockets you don't have to worry about that all you have to do is get all four of the Rockets out and you're good to go so it's trying to get you here it is I think this is the one where you saw four shots go off and the mortis was absolutely able to do nothing so it's kind of crazy and I will say even compare that with his super it can break walls he's such a versatile brawler and now it's gonna help him so much in the close range engagements like killing brawlers that have a little bit like it a little bit more or tanky and even like the shotgun brawler is gonna absolutely mouth so it's really really crazy how much damage you can get off and how much this actually helps him I guess I'm not following myself here but another Mort is coming at you this time he has a super so he was able to pick me off but it doesn't matter we are so much winning the match I like I said I played a lot of bounty and a lot of gem grab with rock to push him up to this I'm gonna have something crazy but we had some crazy random teammates just recently that they were playing with me until we ended up losing a few moments later I show no match and hopefully we spawn near some boxes but you can see right there the four Rockets looks amazing and it's very helpful because the four Rockets just immediately take care of a box now it does take off I got it don't feel like it takes a while to charge up but that's just you have four shots to charge up there well we got a primo in the middle I don't want to get caught off-guard here there is no Shelly's probably with band-aids just yet but that's probably coming so primo rockin running in we're just trying to build up our super you know make it a tough tough run and we can go for the Nita if you really really wanted to just like launch a super over here just trying to zone brawler's um I'm gonna let my shots charge up here before I go at anyone I tried to like my main like what I like to do with rock it's kind of get four of my shots and then a brawl that I know I can kill just like get close to them and launch all four of them and be good from there so I can take out that Nita I can take out these bows but I don't really want to fight the bows right now I'm trying to keep myself hidden so I want to fight at the moment because the ball is doing a good job taking care of the Primo but at the same time he probably knows I'm here cuz he has his piaster at the star power I just want to mess right now I want to get to the trophies oh my gosh we would have hit our first rocket we would have actually taken care of him so I have to be very careful because that guy's five power cubes and he's getting the benefit of the doubt with the healing mushroom he wants to come back alright so brawler's dropping over there I'm gonna save my super maybe to the end game I'm kind of playing it passive cuz I really only have one power cube gonna take care of this guy I need these I need these but I'm gonna die all right well we got wolves at third or fourth third place we'll take it I will see how this one goes cuz I think it's a crow to my down low oh no it's another bow so I'm gonna grab these I don't really want to get in Superbad position but I'm gonna go for this box I feel like it's crucial that I get boxes here because it's gonna be a little bit of a long range fight so it's actually like double trouble and this show don't map are actually really really good for Brock which is nice and I did my recording shows No okay that was close I thought it did mom we have for tax there's a crow um we're gonna try try our best to like stay stay hidden here thank you if I were to shot again probably would have took care of the Rico but I'm just trying to chill relax you guys know I'm playing it kind of passive right now cuz I'm pretty decently high up in trophies and I don't want to start losing you know all right so we're avoiding the the bow shots if he wants to fight me up close I'm fine with that like I said I'm really I really try and get close to longer injuries to fight them up close because you can absolutely melt like any of them which is nice so we know we have that bow oh let's go you walked right into that one Piper still does melt let's give her that let's go you walked into that one so we're getting some help by some some funny people walking into the shots oh my god Piper you can have that Parkview you can have it I don't even want it anymore you almost killed me that was close do I get to heal up a little bit no I'm at full health okay so I just don't know if someone's chilling in here I know someone's in the middle with a lot of power cubes I shouldn't even be worried it's probably just a bow still so bow in a Piper just gonna launch from shots back them off and we're gonna go BAM all right well we got fifth place I still think that is trophies which is nice one trophy next match here um kind of a bad spot I don't have like hang up these double boxes so that will be nice let go oh we have a cult who blew this leg spike kind of goes away but if his coat wants to tango I'm down dude like you're gonna really challenge me I mean I'll need to use three of my shots honey let's use the fourth one I'll take it up the three power cubes close to our super full health might pick off someone oh my gosh I'm like Sheila is walking there Oh how'd like those literally were whistling by this need a bear okay she's didn't waste my super on that okay since I arranged her I'm just gonna kind of follow her being that annoying brawler a little bit too ahead of the pack man there we go that's all I needed boom Nina not dead yet this Nita dude she's making me man she make me angry move come on Kobe useful the heck are you doing I'm leaving over there holy crap thank gosh that Leon decided not to take a lowly Brock Wow that was uh I was a lot of rollers down low there and a mr. Darryl okay okay I mean we just go shoot the Colt we know Darryl's chillin over here somewhere I just want to use all my rockets Walla Derek he's gonna roll at me we know that's it we know what's gonna happen this is just uh solely on show right now Holly um party they all decided to roll in the middle well he has no role so I'm just gonna go for him and of course the teamers obviously just arrived oh my gosh dude just because I wasn't part of the cool kids club doesn't mean that you guys should team even though I'm looking cooler looking more fly than anyone here look at my skin cut the glasses I got everything Shelly's the one brawler I don't really want to fight right now even though she doesn't have her bandit yet it's just like not right now she'll still shred me oh wait hey she left us alone she probably wanted try and get more super shots on me um I do Oh Ranger but it's like I just gotta get the hits man she definitely has her band-aid or if she doesn't have it by yet there you go band-aid is disengaged we're good to go oh my gosh this guy's got four power cubes still a problems lot I'm just trying to hang out until basically until we're not in the high placings and there's a lot of fighting going on in the middle it seems like some teamers again it's probably Daryl from last time I wish there was a dang report button that would be the best thing ever died be added to this game for showdown just sayin oh my gosh yes get blasted okay well oh whoa whoa those hurt a little bit if I do say so myself launch this in the middle yeah I'm gonna keep firing rockets at all of you let's go let's show you from earlier now you can go pester them annoying freaking Darrow so he team eating all that huh huh huh let's go get out of here Timur oh gosh let's go okay now there's Shelly from earlier she's gonna be real bundle of joy to fight against continued running to the middle probably has banned it let's go man I don't even care you can kill me now I don't even care man we beat the Timur beat that annoying Shelly got eight trophies we are close to 700 let's go um I don't know how I feel about this bond I mean it's not terrible again a shell a double Shelly's around here that one does not have all right so bandy – Shelly is not max level this star Shelly has the potential to have band-aid I need to go hunting for some boxes what if there's one in the corner that I missed Piper's taking care of Piper's that's what we like to see because typically you see duplicate brawlers are the same broadly teaming up so they decide to take each other up a lot better than a deal to Piper he'll take it oh this is the one that does not have band-aid playing me you're playing smart Shelley not anymore that Leon should take care of that nice but if you guys are super I'm Audi please don't chase me Leon please he'll be my friend of the year if you do not add that like to end up chasing me here um it's probably on my tail probably right right you've probably come in any moment my depth is probably upon us it is not okay launch some we'll open it up over there I don't know if this Shelley has the band-aid or not that lien doesn't have a super yet so that's awesome so I'm kind of ranging with this colt now he's now he's now he's not useful to me anymore Oh God the lien does have the super though I think I think I saw it Oh God oh it doesn't what I need to be scared of him actually I kind of did he almost hurt me Oh what the heck what if I had my four shots we would it took them out I don't know there's no Leon in the party I should have been paying more attention we're one trophy away guys oh no this is ugly this is a terrible spawn this is terrible normally you don't do this when you're playing it safe but let's go big or go home at this moment you can hit both of those boxes all right after I take this box as slowly as possible we're gonna load up our four shots and then we're gonna go fight oh my gosh get out of your bow so I don't go to the middle but you were so annoying only last two trophies I had enough for showdown right now we are going to be trying in bounty here now I was I would like to have a thrower here but we'll see if we can kind of get it would they have a Jesse so I guess it kind of even though because Jesse's not the greatest for showdown or for bounty sorry whatsoever but Leon used to be really really strong he's not so much anymore so it really depends on how aggressive this little kid lit it literally a little kid does not be and they kind of just avoid the barley and things like literally the enemy team is not even like getting out of their spawn we have the lead if you have to leave Ambani make them come to you or control your mitt control all you need to do really so you can see even after that engagement we got two kills and we're only we're still up by two so we increased our lead a little bit but the teams though they're relying heavily on this barley so I'm just gonna take care of his little fort over here and that's that's the main strategy when they have a thrower and you don't just try and break open all the walls that you can because it's gonna help you so much later on cuz they're playing really really pastors I think I don't know but hey we're absolutely destroying them right now which is fine and I'm just gonna continue to keep opening up the map with my super even if they're really not they're just I don't want to get locked by the barley at all so I guess this is working really well like you see how they have no cover now and we can just literally launch at them it's a little kid the strategy worked up to I don't know why like I haven't seen their Brock go like out of their spawn either really none of them this is the first time I've seen someone go out there's ball which is this barley because they know it kind of has to at this moment so I guess we did all right they're gonna have to run through that BAM oh my goodness though okay this is the awesome part i'll heal up my attacks and just go see if i can couple shot her nicely though no worries did not matter whatsoever if i die just lets go for kills right launch it launching i didn't get me though but we're thirty now we almost got the forty bomb on it was still chances so the forty bomb almost 39 bomb i think Gail got really unlucky there and got matched up with Clem toe and zuzu because we were matching for a very long time and i got luckier having like the higher trophy on my team i think that was just unfortunate of the matchmaker and there we go 701 trophies with broccoli I think this star power is absolutely amazing I highly recommend you guys try and get it with Brock if you can it is is a game changer it literally makes him so more versatile than he already is trophy push is going well three days 12 hours left we're almost at 16,000 we do want to push higher than that but we want to get 16,000 soon so we'll see but I think I said we're watching subscribe to the channel let me know what you guys think about the Brock's super but it has another video now see you guys later


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