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NETRF – Meyerson, Nakakura, Thirlwell Accelerator Award

What i really, want to do is to be able to identify? New treatments of my patients and also have an understanding of what treatment to use when and in order to do that We need, work such as we’ve we’ve put together to really understand where these tumors come, from what Makes, them tick and we hope in the future will lead to new models Ours is truly an international collaboration among researchers at the university of california san francisco The, broad institute and the university of college london I’m the pi at uc san francisco Matthew meyerson is a pi at the broad and christi durrell is a pi at the university of college london this work is important because if we’re going to be able to cure a cancer We first need to understand its causes and we want to understand the causes of small intestinal marylander contenders when you look at Si nets You can, often find multiple pea sized tumors along a two foot stretch of intestine so there’s not one tumor but there’s multiple tumors, these multifocal tumors are in fact Polyclonal or unique that if each tumor is genetically in epigenetically community and so we’ll be looking at These multifocal tumors to answer some really pivotal and basic questions about Where si nets come from basically what we’re trying to do is figure out are there any Genetic or potentially environmental causes such as epigenetic And/or affections causes that are leading to the formation of these tumors and our patients and then we’re Going to be studying single. Cells and this will be at the braid, again, using state-of-the-art technology To, try and identify what these precursor lesions are and in our world identify the cell of origin? Because that’s key for us in finding, new models with, which to study the disease that’s, why These projects, have been funded so we can, absolutely it’s a point, where we can? Use these models to understand better what is going wrong within Cells once we have an idea what is going wrong and have some? Models in place then the next step, would be to test different drugs Existing drugs or the screening different libraries of drugs and finding, new drugs and funding opportunities like This are very rare and i would say in my working lifetime this, is the first time that such funds have Been put towards studying your endocrine tumors so it’s it’s a fantastic opportunity Simply said without the funny from the rf A project this Would simply not be funded and i think this is a significant hurdles that many scientists and? Position scientists face is getting support for very note where that research that Really, couldn’t. Be funded any other way

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