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Netizen’s Award Park SeoJun & Kim Jiwon “All thanks to viewers!” [2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

The global marketing director and Nara will present the award. (Netizen Popularity Award) Hello. I’m Jang Nara. (Park Seho, Jang Nara) Hello. I’m the director of Tik Tok, a global video application, Park Seho. Mr. Park, do you enjoy watching dramas? Which of KBS dramas were memorable to you? I enjoyed “Go Back Couple” that you played in. As it described a married couple realistically and reminded me of my old memories, I really enjoyed it. Especially your baby face that was mentioned by many people was the best. Thank you. (Netizen Popularity Award) I hope you will continue to love KBS dramas. The winner was chosen through the voting on the website of KBS Drama Awards from December 18 until midnight on December 25. Since the viewers selected the winner by themselves, I’m sure that this award is the most coveted award by the actors and actresses. Among the 10 actors and the 10 actresses who have been nominated for this award. Who could be the winner chosen by the viewers? I want to win this award too. I’m very curious about the winner. Now, I will announce the winner. The winners are one actor and one actress. Please announce the male recipients first. The male recipient of Netizen Popularity Award is Park Seojun. Congratulations. Congratulations. And… Please announce the female recipient. Please come up. The female recipient is Kim Jiwon. – Congratulations. / – It’s Kim Jiwon. The lead actor and actress of “Fight For My Way” won Netizen Popularity Award. – They got the most votes. / – Seojun showed diverse charms through “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Fight For My Way” covering a vast array of acting styles. And so he has been chosen by the internet users. Through “Fight For My Way”, Jiwon showed – her lovely side / – Give them a hand. gained the viewers’ empathy by describing the young people’s difficulties. Therefore, she has won Netizen Popularity Award. (Netizen Popularity Award) Thank you. Please give your acceptance speech. I think this one would be better for me. At last year’s KBS Drama Awards, I met Jiwon for the first time. I was the presenter of the award she won. I didn’t know I would co-star with her in “Fight For My Way”. – It was meant to be. / – One year has passed. I think Netizen Popularity Award is the hardest to win in some sense. And I’m grateful for this. Thanks to the fans who loved my drama, I was able to win this. So I am very grateful. Last year, I mean, this year, I played in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Fight For My Way”. I’d like to thank the fans of the two dramas. Especially through “Fight For My Way”, I was greatly loved. Without Aera, Dongman wouldn’t have existed. I want to thank the writer and the director who created a great drama. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Jiwon, please give your acceptance speech. (Netizen Popularity Award) Hello. I’m Kim Jiwon. (Kim Jiwon, the winner of Netizen Popularity Award) I am very happy that I won such a great award. However, I believe I was able to receive it thanks to the viewers who loved the drama. The director, the writer, and the actors and actresses who worked with me to create the great drama, thank you very much. I also think that without Dongman, I wouldn’t have been made Aera such a lovely character. I will continue trying my best to be a good actress. Thank you. It’s good to see them caring about each other. I congratulate the both of you. This confirms that the number of fans over the world is increasing. – That’s right. / – It’s incredible.


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