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it is official summer times thank God right ready to go platinum blonde I'm not it doesn't work with my coloring I've tried let's talk about summer trends you know what you need for summer a good buy even so celebrity vacation spot why do they invest in this laws so much this thing follows me everywhere I go some are white oh nothing like a summer white way do summer white right I love a summer white like an island dress I love white jean shorts I love little mini white dress is linen lots of white linen I am all about white denim all year round I love it a winter white a big shape for summer I think it's gonna be seafoam green I think that's gonna be the one that takes the trend I feel like there's a lot of yellow like there's a lot of rust and like a light sandy paint maybe an apricot I don't know you don't have a gift with colors I really know what pops what about summer shorts suits are you joking me I was literally wearing that like last week like a linen sort of oversized blazer with a little shorts very smart experia mm-hmm on the ones and twos it is very Katharine Hepburn if she wore shorts so I guess not at all but sort of it makes you feel like a strong powerful woman who's ready to do the weather Bermuda shorts you know the best way to get a Bermuda short you don't even need to buy them you get your best fitting pair of jeans that you no longer want to wear anymore that are kind of like on the way out cut them right above the knee I take a ruler right across if I'm lying I get them taken care of you take a ruler across right above the knee cut across wash um little fringe ready to go okay so my favorite summer pieces to wear are your typical summer pieces to wear like I love denim short I love you know little mini summer dresses a good pair of sandals I just got a really cute pair of white you know having a look at the black ones though like plexiglass ones or whatever and I tried them on I was like I'm gonna buy these and I said no more than this were you the black ones everyone has them you're a star and so then I've waited and then I got the white ones with the confetti on the front I said you know what this was meant to be this is how I roll you know I go just a little to the left you know I'm not following the herd here nope not that not at all I am the swimsuit connoisseur first I have over 150 bathing suits and let me tell you something when I first got famous when I did reality show back in the day I never had a bathing suit every trip would come up for whatever reason like every summer I like five bathing suits they never really fit and I would throw the way it was always a running joke like how do you never have a bathing suit and now I have more bathing suits and I know what to do with and I'm also creating my own line of them small little capsule to start just to see how you guys like it you see as cute swimsuit on somebody was a completely different body type do not buy that bathing suit buy things that accentuate your body love yourself you know name means all of you do you be you think about you the universal swimsuit that is good for everybody it's just those classic one-piece I feel like one pieces look good on everybody swimsuit shoot choices okay let me tell you something if you're man you cannot wear a thong yeah it's it's not okay you have to stop it you need to get a slide of some kind what do you think this is if you want to get laid you get rid of those girls I love girls Havaianas are super cute like a really fun yellow they have like is your makeup on that is so cute if you wear heels by the pool in a swimsuit you don't know who your father is so cut back that's not acceptable okay so celeb vacations about I recently just got back from the South of France which is one of my favorite places to vacation Brigitte Bardot did it years before me you know the fun cigarettes it's fabulous you're on the beach you are barefoot you are drinking rose' all day which is disgusting but I do it anyway I'm gonna love it it will have a headache all night and you should have eat a lot of artichoke and there's a lot of crudité and there's just salt spray everywhere and everybody is like hot has like a gold watch of some kind it's fabulous I love southern France because it's just your epic beach vacation it's the perfect blend of casual and fancy and just it has everything you want I mean you can be on the beach all day long you can have lunch on the beach you can be on a boat dock yacht in my case I go yachting I've been on one proper yacht trip didn't get asked back it's okay jay-z and Beyonce are always on yachts I feel like Ciara and Russell Wilson do a yacht thing you know he's also won a yacht Bell a Kendall Oh J Lo and a rod but she's on that boat since Ben Affleck she just kicks every boyfriend I think brings a new one on she still she still implement my singing I can't do the show celebs love the South of France they love st. Barths they love Bali they love hop oh Jenny amis everything oh my cuz you love that I love her such a go-getter huh god she probably booked him only like three chips or she knows she substitutes it with radishes cuz she's just dry you know there's a new episode of necessary realness every single week so make sure you subscribe to keep up with all of our new videos plus all of the videos that enews post cuz those are also really good and you should make sure to check out all of the playlist on necessary let's see all the episodes bye


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