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I will be in San Tropez for 10 whole days I cannot wait because I am literally see-through I'm like Elmer's glue I'm so quite right now I need to like get some colour and like hide on my bangs I sit a lot I drink quite a bit and I said I sit a lot and then I also sometimes walk a little bit to sit some more and then I also drink a little bit and then I also sit on a boat but just lovely sometimes I get in the water do a little pitter-patter when I feel like I've just been eaten so much I want to be at Mariah Carey's girl squad the Kardashian episode that we have all been waiting for is finally airing pink is the new pink you're here you never thought you'd be here but this is who you are so Mariah Carey wrapped up for caution world tour in Amsterdam and she posted a pic girls a night out with her lady squad oh we've got Pam Anderson we've got Kate Moss and we have gotten Iommi my birthday twin Campbell both born on the 22nd of May I'm all about that group that group has seen a lot of gin and tonic and a lot of airport terminals with sunglasses and a Louie Vuitton bag calling some photographer and screaming I want to go with that group that group has a cigarette for breakfast I mean this is the ultimate girl squad right I mean who else is there I mean you have Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and then you have Pamela Anderson my entire life I've only wanted to be like Pamela Anderson in every way physically judge me for it so out of the personality in this girl group there's not one organizer they have people that are doing that for them no one there's like Oh guys don't forget to bring apples we get a headache I think they're pretty much all on the same page in terms of like partying and a good time and not worrying so much about the next day I am going on a girls trip which one of the girls that I'm going with is a man who is a gay man to spend chapstick I love him we were definitely married in the past I so I think we're gonna have some fun I think I'm a little bit more of the team leader I am the one that is telling everybody what we are doing where we're going where we're even where we're sitting I'm very meeting and shaking but then everyone around me sort of helps tend to my sanity I'm not gonna call the restaurant but I'm gonna suggest it which is I think it's the most important stuff you know just putting out there and stuff every season they give us an episode that we're like oh my god like what is gonna happen and I think that as the seasons have progressed I feel like they've gotten a little bit more raw and authentic I knew who he was I never in a million years thought that's released it just has to be so public I love me some Chloe and I feel bad that she has to relive all of the pain that she felt during that period of time I mean could you imagine waking up and having your sister's best friend make out with your baby daddy I would kill a bitch lose my mind my favorite part about it is when they're doing the interviews and Kim's like literally clearly on her phone and she's clearly getting the news as it's happening and you feel that emotion so I feel like there's gonna be a lot of that I'm excited to see everything they say and then I pretty much told her exactly what we've been talking about like you weren't thinking about truly or not not Chloe not me but you weren't thinking about your side so Chi did Kylie kind of was under the radar for a little bit and we nobody really knew where she was just gonna stand was she benched Jordan she's obviously not gonna be seen with her in public they're not resuming their friendship the way it once was so she has now bumped up Stassi to first base I mean listen I have to say I'm living for the photos they're all very good photos I think the sauce he's kind of excited to finally get the recognition she's like bitch I've been here the whole time the reality is Stassi has been around just as long as Jordan has been around they have been friends for years and years and years and Kylie and Stassi have now got direct through line to one another because Jordan is no longer there I'm not mad at it she didn't just find a random friend and to start to have her come over I'm just curious about what's really going on between Stassi and Jordan like they still talk in guess who knew that pink was the new pink meat for three months it's all about the pink outfits I have a few more to show you oh my god Taylor Swift she's giving us pink rose gold sequin fantasticness I'm into this look I love shorts in a blazer and I like that it's mix match I don't like that it's like a monochromatic suit I think that this looked really fun shailene woodley I just want to say for the record is having such a fashion moment she looks show good I love this dress it's sort of that pale pink that's a perfect shade of pale pink I love the sequins I will say if I'm gonna be an honest woman and you know I am it's a little bit too of a mature of a dress for her I don't think that it should cover as much I mean it's sophisticated but it's just too mother of the bride ah Queen yes let me know something Julianne Moore nails it for me every time every time someone asks me who's your fashion icon I always forget about Julianne Moore but she is one of them she's literally one of the best-dressed women in Hollywood she always looks good hair is always so perfectly blown out so together don't love this dress but we love her and I think the dress looks ok now that I'm looking at it it's not her best dress but I do like it a lot Naomi Watts is giving me a Kate Blanchette real mess I mean so chic and that sort of salmon coral mauve color she looks fantastic I love the suit I love the whole look I think she looks great I love a pantsuit and I love it and when it's in the right color it looks like a seared salmon snack there's a new episode of necessary realness every single week so make sure you subscribe to keep up with all of our new videos plus all of the videos that enews post because 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