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NBCUniversal Rep Says There Will Be No New Outside Investigation | THR News

– [Narrator] After two
former NBC employees publicly called out the network to
conduct a new investigation into Matt Lauer’s conduct, NBC Universal is saying that’s not gonna happen. The call for an
investigation is in regards to Ronan Farrow’s claims
that NBC covered up Lauer’s alleged misconduct,
detailed in his new book, “Catch and Kill: Lies,
Spies, and a Conspiracy “to Protect Predators.” Former NBC Host Megyn
Kelly appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”
and called on the network to conduct an outside investigation into the claims made against Lauer, who was fired in November, 2017 saying “What Ronan is suggesting
is that they covered up “for one sexual predator,
Harvey Weinstein, “in order to protect another, Matt Lauer. “They deny all of this.” She added, “If that’s true
and there’s nothing to hide, “get an outside investigator. “More needs to happen to
get to the bottom of this.” Former NBV Host Linda Vester
also made a similar proposal saying, “Comcast, the parent
company, should launch “a real investigation with outside “investigations right away.” But NBC Universal
spokesperson Hillary Smith told the Hollywood
Reporter that there will be no outside investigation
into Lauer saying, “We are very confident in the
report that was conducted. “We fired Matt Lauer
within 24 hours of learning “what he did, and promptly launched “a corporate investigation. “It’s also worth noting
that this was a corporate “investigation that was
conducted by an almost “entirely female team, none of whom “are part of the News division.” That internal investigation
was led by NBC Universal General Counsel Kimberly
Harris, with consultation from two outside law firms. Their report, that was
based on 68 interviews concluded that the network
quote, “Found no evidence “indicating that any
NBC News or Today Show “leadership, News H.R. or
others in positions of authority “in the News division
received any complaints “about Lauer’s workplace behavior “prior to November 27, 2017.” Farrow’s book, “Catch
and Kill” details NBCs alleged secret payouts
and how Matt Lauer’s alleged indiscretions
may have played a role in the networks decision to kill Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein expose that the reported had originally planned to take to NBC but eventually published
in The New Yorker. For more updates to this
story, head to and until next time, for
the Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Anna Joy.

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