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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 7th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  • No mark of u.s casualties but there’s Iran casualties 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • God trump is a Syrian blood arab versus arab..american soldiers leave the iraq what do you care die for nothing..go home leave the problem of Arab..trump should protect his fellow men life..iraq is not your nation..

  • They hide weapons in so called cultural targets blow them all up. Biden corupt fool. Bloomberg leftests socialists Nazi. Good candidates.

  • Oh so funny only 40k views and 500 likes lol 👍 a Black conservative making YouTube videos at his kitchen table gets 1.2 million. Views. MSNBC is failing fast.

  • See how the governments are now messing up, they're making the situation more complicated for everyone. And who will suffer in the end? The people…..

  • 3:19 who are you to speak on behalf of the US government?? Wait, isn’t that what state run media does. Report the news! Don’t include your propaganda!

  • Look bidens mouth is moving and noise is comming out WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. ITS LIES. ALL LIES. MORE LIES. !!!!

  • All leaders in Islam and America are all related and are Ishmael Judah who is not worthy of Gods laws. Says laws of Moses banned since ancient times.

  • What does releasing tax returns have to do with corruption?
    The IRS, CIA, FBI, and DOJ have access to Trump's tax returns.
    They already scoured it and found nothing, or else we would have heard about it, and they would have hung him for it.

  • Lies to support the wars, deceit so they have a lie to blame the victim they want to destroy. total BS, don't believe the psychopaths. You will never hear any truth on the news controlled by satan.

  • Quick comment check the news around the beginning of December and you'll see Iran just discovered oil fields pumping 53 billion barrels. Now we're at war. Not to mention they're one of a few countries that won't allow The FEDERAL RESERVE or Rothchilds banking system in their countries.

  • Remember the commercial for “RAID”
    It looked like Afghanistan when we started attacking
    Bugs running everywhere to no avail , the bug bombs got um . Now IRAN is the same shithole with a different name. SAME BUGS different country
    So let’s get busy dropping bug bombs 🍄☁️🍄☁️
    Rain down on them bugs
    Killers murderers oppressors

  • With all that's happening in the world, spending a minute and half discussing a HYPOTHESIS of what Iran might do is unforgivable. Fear mongering. It's sufficient to just throw it out there and then move on. Harping on something that likely will never happen is just an effort to excite their viewers, but in a bad way.

  • Okay greatest military in the world why couldn't you stop the bombs ,when you knew it was going to happen , this shows you were all sleeping no warning of incoming bombs

  • Is this how iran will revenge for their top generals death ! by not killing a single american soldier in their missiles attack ?!

  • Islam dieing to rise there serpent rider king…Obama..God will crush you on those days .Northern Kingdom Lost Tribes prophesied on that day they will open the Ark of the Covenant.. Behold Our Father Comes to destroy you .

  • Hey Iran whatever you do “do not target Amazon” They treat their employees so well here. And if you need a suggestion for a bank whatever you do “do not target Wells Fargo” they haven’t stole millions from their customers.

  • We keep hearing things like “President Trump did this and that….,” and we observe SOME of the news media accusing and blaming President Trump for various “Ill” surrounding what happened with Iran. SOME of the news media need to realize that President Trump was elected by, and is backed by, millions upon millions of Americans and we stand behind this man. We are fed up with the portion of the news media that constitutes “Crooked news media,” and urge all of the news media to join such as Fox News, in getting behind one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. President Trump did the right thing here. He not “Pussyfoot” about it. He clearly told Iran, that if they killed Americans he would take drastic action, which he did, and which is the most any President has done in recent times. President Trump does not fool around. He had revamped NAFTA, which was a huge ripoff. He has pushed ahead in spite of the criminal things Pelosi has done [such as planning a Coup against the President of the United States, and Treason – attempting to overthrow the government, and replace our Democratic Republic with Socialism, or Socialistic Communism). President Trump does not deserve the treatment he has received from the bulk of the news media, who need to “Get a Life,” and their crookedness, and all they do against the President, is vicariously done against the millions upon millions of Americans who voted for him – myself included. We do not take this lightly. ( I now only watch FOX News to get the bulk of my news.) As a military veteran myself, where I served with the United States Army as an enlisted member, and later as an officer, when I received a direct appointment from President Reagan, I am appalled, as are millions of Veterans, with the behavior of SOME of the news media, and the treatment levied to the President.

    Trump-Pence 2020!

  • amazing how blatant the propaganda has become ..even big networks willing to spin this fake narrative … how can these new anchors sleep at night ? i wonder … it must hard to do … to serve the master for the sake of a lie …. to go out in public and prove who you serve ……it must be hard ……

  • Where's the credibility with Joe Biden, that was vise President when the worst deal ever made with Iran $30 billion dollars to keep Iran happy, and then have Nukes in ten years? It happened on his watch, in the previous administration, our Cmdr & Chief doesn't desire any benefit of doubt from any of the Dumacrats. Shame on the whole network of news who always side with these far left liberals whose hidden agenda is for all Americans to turn over there right to bear Arms , and rid America of Christianity, and have a open house no age limit on slaughtering infants, babies , toddlers, they're lower power worshipers. They've displayed the behavior of the Brood.

  • they violated they sent missles they attacked were Americans lay their heads mothers fathers Americans and good people were violated handle that work stop faking make the world respect Americans again instead of all the circus acts stand for something fall for nothing

  • Good to see NBC interviewing a pedophile for President, and taking any word he says with merit. What a joke. NBC run by a heard of sheep.


  • I think that some of it (Money given by Obama to Iran) end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,” he told CNBC television in an interview. “You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented. But I can tell you this: Right now, we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time.”

    In fact, Kerry later told a small group of reporters he understands the Revolutionary Guards are “already complaining that they are not getting the money.” And he said there will be consequences if Iran is caught using the money to support terrorism.

    “If we catch them funding terrorism, they’re going to have a problem in the U.S. Congress and other people, obviously,” he said. John Kerry

  • I agree Trump should show his tax report, starting in 2016 when he became a politician, not his private sector taxes that had nothing to do with a public servant.

  • NBC, What a F__King joke! You guys couldn't report the truth about anything even with the threat of death hanging over you.

  • Medium-range missiles are no big deal.those are just like bottle the ones sold on the 4th of july.ha,ha .what a joke.

  • An eye for an eye…Target the person responsible…Trump is the Bullseye and only Trump.There must be consequences and the innocent should not suffer..Do us all a favor.No one will cry and there will not be a moment of silence but a sigh of relief and a celebration for Hope and Democracy.Lives will be saved if this President is the innocent and punish the guilty.The world is watching….We the people…🙏🙏🙏.

  • The attack was symbolic. As Andrea Mitchell said, the attack on American forces last night was a lot LES PRECISE.


  • Why can't America just launch its nuclear bomb and pulverise Iran?.
    Every middle eastern country who is against USA should be Nuked!.

  • That downed Ukrainian passenger jet plane that was just departing from Tehran, leaving 167 people dead needs to be thoroughly investigated … "Terrorists"???

  • People everywhere in the world are tired of fighting wars, how much more killing and destroying do we have to do. Why can’t we all work on relationships so we can all enjoy each other and work on a goal for world peace and development. This world has so much to offer EVERYONE, but we as humans are so greedy and selfish that we will be our own distraction in the end.

  • They got some nerve the backlash is going to be critical an outright show of disrespect towards The United States of America war is ………

  • I expect these news agencies to keep up on Iraq voting for US troops to leave. Now we are threatening our allies and host that we will not leave? Do we no longer respect the sovereignty of foreign nations?

  • IRANIANS aren't going to STOP. they will attack Americans in other places like they have in the past. history repeats it self… They have dirty hands in most areas in the Middle East

  • Biden campaigned and voted for Iraq war and the rewriting of bankruptcy laws that allowed billionaires like Trump to write off millions but screwed the working class. Even Obama doesn't support him and he should know after eight years working with him.

  • 15:40 because he’s not as rich as he says he is. And he’s hidden something.. we all know. If you don’t, you’re a dummy!

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