yo what's going on guys shake it back back and no what did you just is this what we're doing like really last night we had the award show and as you could expect as we have every single other year we usually get new cards for the awards even like in 2k 17 and 2k 16 we got a card it might have only been like one card like for the Westbrook when he won we got a lot code this sheet last year we got all pink diamonds which ones the top card in the game so you would expect this year we get all a bunch opals and instead we got this and you might not know what this is but this is the worst pack they've dropped all year this is so stupid man so instead of giving the new the cards at 1 instead of giving them new opals to end the year on a good though some pretty cool content that would have meant a galaxy OPA Yanis for people to pull packs for which again I wouldn't have a problem with as an owner of the Yanis because it probably wouldn't have ever been all 99's and be like we're in July damn near like if like there's only two months left in the game so what let people pull for a card that other people grind it for that's pretty close like they do that every year but like instead they dropped packs with old old content like really the newest content is this siakam which came out two weeks ago I think so it's not new and this is how they end the season this is what they're gonna end this season with literally there is an amethyst Rudy Gobert in this box last year we got a pink diamond I don't know how they could take last year's idea which was really good it was like like turn the end of 2k 1918 right yes 18 they actually had some pretty good ideas like the lock codes for all the cards too and you randomly got one of them for free this year instead they just drop these packs with old cards are you joking me I will say this for the first time all year I am Telling You do not open these packs I've said this before I've said yeah you might not want to open these packs the odds weren't that great yeah you wouldn't want to open these or whatever they're expensive not with these I'm just saying for an example I've said that before or your I've said yeah you probably don't want open these because I don't think the the value is there because these cars don't go for anything opening these right now would be really pointless but with these you shouldn't come they are these what the heck is this like really the only positive out of these is Luca Dantas bro again that card was going for a lot I think a million to half a million and again that's a good pull but I mean even if you get an Opel you're not guaranteed to get Luca you're probably gonna get C outcome who goes for a probably less than 100k by now so that's just crazy man and then another thing to even the yawn is they put in it this is the Yanis that came out what seven months ago maybe eight months ago instead of be honest that came out like three or four months ago or two two or three months ago things when they drop that Yanis was that like the first around the playoffs I think it was the pink diamond 98 so that's crazy to me um I don't know if this just huge L like like I know galaxy oval Lou Williams would have been crazy but somewhere out there would use it and would really like it it would be a cheap Galaxy opal instead I mean these cards were already cheap I mean this yamas was not that cheap but still this just fizzes ridiculous man this is the worst kind of n drop we've gotten all your loss it definitely is because again it's not new content it's just recycled old canta and that's disappointing man i real hope this isn't gonna be the trend for the summer because i think this is one of the better years of my team besides the server issues and all other stuff that we've been having recently it's still a top year of my team and if they're gonna do stuff like this all summer long put our old content into pack into new packs is gonna be a long summer but they did drop three new cards into these drawbacks i'm probably new pack open later today but I'm waiting until these Larry Bird and these are gone so that's gonna be at least another hour I just don't want to pull the old cards I don't I told them last time when we did this for Larry Bird and yeah I just didn't like that so I'm waiting I will open these later because I kind of do walk out with Tim Duncan not a huge fan you know Blair Parker but I do want Tim Duncan so I'll open those later we'll do a little pack on him but for now we're not opening these uh yes he thought this video was a pack open and I might have jebaited you with the thumbnail you mighty got baited because we're not opening these pack I'm not opening a single pack of these and again I would recommend you don't do the same this is not me trying to boycott 2k or anything like that I think boycotts they don't work for the most part I've said this before not doing no boycott but I'm just telling you don't waste your money on these these are waste don't waste your empty Emmys zero these are waste I'm sure there'll be someone but I pulled Luka in three back so one pack or whatever Congrats but I mean I just feel like these are just oh these are just a huge bait just huge waste of empty I'm mad these are gonna be in the store for seven days too that means we might not keep any constant this week they might push kevin garnett battlefield they'll probably put out kevin garnett on Thursday or Friday but I mean that's when these packs disappear but I wouldn't even be surprised now if they were just like man let's do it next week yeah yeah good you got brand new award packs as content this week what more could you ask for no may mean the new cards like a running – great – we drove all night no maybe that y'all said agreed upon and applied to his tweet last night but maybe those new cards yeah that would've been kind of nice and like – they could have expanded it even further this year they could have done a galaxy of Mike Conley he gotten award last night the hustle award Dan no wait Marcus market the hustle award Conley got the team an award so they could have done two opals for those guys like they could have expanded it even more and give it as my like seven or a brand new cards instead we didn't get a single new card not a single new card when the awards show I watched that show last night and has subsidized downs but at least I would really get some I concocted from it man really disappointing so um yeah there's that uh I feel bad for the one dude who bid on that Lucca last night or whatever today early morning before these PACs came out because he's holding the L he bid six under gains and with this guy but yeah these are all fairly newer ones and they'll probably go for 200 300 K maybe even less depending on how many people are pulling these packs in and I feel bad for those people because this is definitely not the movie I you see people been pulling these back my goodness hey I should have made this video earlier bro but ya don't feel these packs don't don't do it don't do it dawg also they shouldn't be rewarded for really subpar content I don't want to say this is lazy but this is really lazy come on man like seriously like I don't know what type of coding it takes to put a pack out with old cards but I mean it takes less than I'm sure it takes less than putting a pack out with brand-new cards so it just seems like they took the lazy way out today and that is uh that's disappointing to me and you can say well they put out three new cards in here but even then that's a lot less than we usually get we usually get a couple opals some pink diamonds some diamond amethyst and a ruby instead we just got three opals so man pretty much just pulling these four opal or bust at that point but yeah man I don't know and then throw that on top of the fact that the servers and I don't know the auction house I don't know if it's any better man some people have said it's a little bit better some people said it's not I'm not gonna try bit a little bunch of cards in it I don't even have them a gem Teela we're down to 400k dude we are we're Friday low baby I was trying to think of what I spent my last little bit of empty on but I bought Kauai that's what I ended up buying but yeah man I don't know if there will be another video later today definitely I'm gonna open up some of these drawbacks just a little bit just cuz I do want a shot at this Tim Duncan so I'll probably do maybe two maybe three boxes I mean I have VC sitting on my account from the sale that was a long time ago I was like and it's end of May we're almost in July now and yeah I mean there just hasn't been much to spend on I tried to open these packs they weren't that great and the server's were miserable and the server's been bad for a little bran packs and the packs before that they've just been terrible so kind of disappointing I'm not in a great mood today I guess this was not a pleasant thing to wake up to I woke up to first I saw this person's I was like all right not really what I'm loving but I mean at least it is some new Galaxy opals and then we got to this and man I always let down even more so yeah do not do this and then click this button make sure you're back in LA but that's it man I'm sorry if this wasn't your type of video I know y'all like the Packer ones there will be one later today no we will open up some playoff throwback moments with some of the stuff we got in our account whether we use BC whether we use empty I don't know but we'll figure it out so hope you guys did enjoy um I guess just a little rant kind of warning telling you not to open these cuz you're really good me know your thoughts down in the comment section man do you think this is lazy you know and I know they gets super upset when people say that they're they're lazy I'm not tangled they're they're lazy overall but this was lazy this was enough if they can't understand that and they think that's unfair criticism then man I really think the I don't know they got some type of bias goggles on if they can't see that criticism because this is this is super freaking this is recycled content this is just not what we want man who wants this man I guess people who didn't do two separate Luca but I mean seriously like you guys just gave in our lock code everybody with him I'm much happier to like put them all on the board that's why I wouldn't the mine net as much if you didn't give a new card at least gave us a lot goat that would have been better than this ain't even do that no lock code so I don't know we'll see haven't seen a lot code and feel like a days but yeah yeah we haven't got all code since last week oh great just great do Kay you


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