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National Student Housing Awards 2018

It’s wonderful – it’s always nice to get
an award, it’s always nice to get such a nice award. We’re always delighted to win
the award I mean we have won it for a few years now but we never take that for
granted and we’re always surprised when we have won it each year. I’m really
pleased to receive this award on behalf of Prime Student Living. The team’s
worked so hard over the past year to really pull together, everyone has put in
110% to make this happen for us. The fact that it’s validated by the
student voice I think is fantastic. To be voted by the students for ‘best halls
provider’ is outstanding for our team. We’re absolutely over the moon. We’re so thrilled to have won because it means that we’re doing the right thing by our
customer, it means that we’re working in the right way and towards the right goal
so we’re absolutely ecstatic. Well it’s an enormously important day for Edge Hill university to have the positive feedback from students about the quality of
the accommodation we take seriously – dialogue with students both on the
things that we get right and the things that we don’t get right and it’s really
gratifying to win this award for the best accommodation. It’s a huge survey
with 30-plus thousand students taking part so it’s a real barometer of what
students from a whole range of different universities across the UK are thinking
and therefore for Lancaster to come out with an award means that we can be
very proud of what we’re delivering to our students. Many of our students obviously
live in university accommodation and we want to tailor it to the needs of the
students. We’ve got our ideas about what students might like and what people
might like but of course we want to tailor it to the people that are
actually living there. At Queen Margaret University it means an awful lot that students actually vote because we did not provide a statement,
we didn’t make a case, it was simply the students filling in a questionnaire
and telling us that our online booking system was fantastic so we are very
pleased. I think it’s absolutely key that universities look for feedback from
students on their accommodation and all the services that come along with that. I think student well-being has really taken off over the past five or ten years
or so and now it’s one of the most important things for us when designing
our accommodation and when we service our students that really is a number one
thing for us at the moment. The participation in the survey is extremely
valuable for us because it gives us a real, neutral and objective evaluation of
what we are providing. Student well-being and mental health is becoming more and
more important within a student sector. We’re focusing on that within Host and
setting up a separate team and we’re introducing new measures and new bills to ensure that we provide the best possible service. For us the NSHS survey is
one of the most important things that we do every year. It really gives us a
balanced view of exactly how we’re seeing the market. Student well being at Queen Margaret University is very important in fact, we
always say we are a university that cares for its students so the living
environment is one of those important factors behind looking after students
and looking after their well-being. Participating in the National Student
Housing Survey is absolutely vital. It gives us a best opportunity to make
sure that we’re delivering the best for our students. University should get
feedback because they need to know that they’re doing the right thing. Customers change every year in in terms of their needs, in terms of their wants, getting
feedback to make sure that we’re doing what they need us to be doing. I think participating in the National Student Housing Survey this year was
really valuable for us: it helps us to benchmark ourselves against other
universities and it also gives an insight into what students really think
and feel about us at Bangor. Yeah, it is extremely valuable for Edge Hill
University and all the universities to benchmark themselves against the sector
in which they are operating, that’s the way that we drive up standards right
across the sector so it’s enormously important for us. I think in an academic
institution you have a unique advantage every year in that you start a
new academic year every year and so every year that should give you the
opportunity to refine things, make things better, change things and actually having
feedback on what students thought last year gives you the opportunity to
improve for the following year. You kind of have no excuse for not tweaking things and making them better year-on-year.

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