NASA: Neil Armstrong Remarks from Congressional Gold Medal July 21, 2009

now therefore it be resolved the House of Representatives 1 celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing 2 honors the brave crew of the paolo 11 mission Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and three commands all these individuals and organizations who contributed to such a historic achievement that continues to be the inspiration of the nation and the world and now I would like to present the resolution to our brave astronauts commander Armstrong was not one that's known for filibustering but he has agreed to come up and share with us the memories Thank You mr. chairman I'm in the position of a pilot without his checklist I'll have to wing it first it's an honor for all of us from Apollo to be in this house the congressman shared the responsibility of doing the people's business and it is an awesome responsibility and we honor we are honored to be here when Sputnik first fluid shocked all of us but immediately both in the Soviet Union and here in the United States there was an immediate try to expand and put humans into space within weeks this was articulated widely no one knew what kind of person could be persuaded to take the trip prisoners were suggested soldiers could be ordered photographers could take pictures and they were expendable doctors understood limits physiology human limits finally both sides picked pilots planets were accustomed to being isolated in small spaces and they actually seem to enjoy away from the surface of the earth further test pilots were particularly attractive because they were accustomed to flying things that had not been flown before and running into problems and solving them and getting the craft back safely so others could fly them comfortably and reliably this is where the mercury 7 did an outstanding job and everyone knows their flights were outstanding but I would point out something they did that was equally in my view even more important nature changed the one man spacecraft from a man in a can to a place where the pilot was an integral part of flying the machine they insisted on having things like windows to see out instruments that could be understood and interpreted and control systems that would work and standard and obvious to normal pilots for that John and Scott and your colleagues we thank you now and every subsequent astronaut is in your debt thank you so we solicited the advice so I tried to find someone who could advise us on how to handle this new arena that we were involved in and uncomfortable with Pete Conrad are one of our colleagues had a family friend in Philadelphia who was the retired chairman of an advertising and company mr. Harry Patton and we we asked him give this some thought and tell us your best advice he thought awhile and said keep your nose to your grindstone to the grindstone do the work above all do your work second save a little of your money and put it in blue chip stocks and third never ever get the reputation of being a good speaker mr. batten would be pleased with me today now the matter of this honor that you are so remarkable to me presenting to us today this was the apex of the space race kind of the the final heat going to the moon and this race was a relay race every flight was a leg of the relay starting with Apollo 7 who ran as long and hard as they could each flight doing as many new things as they could possibly do and their flight to move us a little farther along the ladder toward success which when it arrived at the fifth flight that that we three were involved in most all the work had done most the tough problems had been solved and we could approach those with equanimity and confidence like would say to us to Buzz and I take it easy everything's fine it's all this stuff is easy don't work and we did so we were the final leg of a relay race and so we in the final leg get the medal but in all honesty every one of those previous relay participants deserves it as well or more than the three of us and so I want to just say that in my heart experimental you guys thanks a lot

  • I see them as martyrs. We can see on their faces the mark of sadness; A sorrow incompatible with the appearance of heroes, as it would have been if they had arrived there. No, they did not! Sad, very sad, this big lie.

  • Conocí a Neil Armstrong en Río de Janeiro en octubre de 1966. Tengo su autógrafo . Hay una filmación en mi canal de este maravilloso encuentro.

  • Typical NA, humble to the very end, giving credit to all the other Apollo missions before #11. Sadly there are many young people who choose to ignore the entire world's population of Scientist's, Geologist's, film and photographic experts, sightings of Apollo vehicles en-route to the moon and back from several observatories, 847lbs of returned rock/soil samples studied and verified as genuine by Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cal-tech, Berkley, plus many hundreds more, a letter with congratulations from the USSR (who had mastered deep-space tracking WAY before we did), tons of non-NASA verification's, FIVE more missions after #11, stunning 16mm films taken from inside the LEM during decent/ascent docking/undocking, THOUSANDS of stunning 70mm photographs taken on the surface with EVERY shot having PERFECT lighting from the sun which was not filtered by an atmosphere but no, some people just love to think they are so much smarter than us "sheeple" claim all of it was somehow "faked" but have NO answers when asked why there is not a shred of evidence to support any fakery whatsoever. You know it's getting bad when most of the Apollo-denier's are now "flat-earth" believers as well. "Wake up sheeple!, you have been lied to!!"…all I can say is "yikes"..

  • 'Away from the surface of the earth' but not on the moon ,i love him even if he did not go to the moon, we understand , Neil  rest in peace

  • I love Armstrong's dry sense of humor – talking about who could be used to first try manned flight, with flashbulbs going off in his face, he lists "photographers could take pictures, _and_ were_ expendable_" Now that's funny.

  • He recekved an award then spoke only of those that helped him get there. A true gentleman and a great speech.

  • Very interesting still cannot help wondering what Neil meant with his cryptic speech at Nasa 25th anniversary address speech of talking parrots and breakthroughs as yet undiscovered for those that can remove ONE of truth's protective layers? Dr Steven Greer has said Neil was afraid for his & familys safety to join testimony of 2001s Disclosure Project

  • Sorry Neil you are wrong my friend, you are actually a great speaker, he takes his time but sharp as a whip and very funny too.

  • You referred to his quote:
    "Breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers"

    Layers – plural.

    Occam's razor: go for the simplest explanation. But what is the simplest explanation? A simple and apt metaphor, or code for the most enormous and audacious conspiracy of all time? Hmmm……

  • Occam's razor not withstanding, it is curious that he said "one of ", thereby not referring to these 'protective layers' in the plural, which if he had done so, would have given your viewpoint in this instance credence.

  • Oh wow!

    Of course truth has 'protective layers'. Those layers are a metaphor for the difficulties of understanding the true nature of the universe. If those difficulties did not exist, then the mysteries of the universe would have all been solved instantaneously at the birth of the scientific method!

    Galileo removed a layer. As did Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and many others (including Armstrong and his colleagues at NASA). Other 'layers' will be removed by their successors.

  • How many of these men will alive on July 21st 2019 on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. There should be a Moonbase a long time ago!

  • Yes, he does seem to be a nice fellow. Yet he always seems to be on the verge of blurting out something, or speaks in riddles, such as the time when before an audience he spoke of "Breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers". Why would the truth have a protective layer? Only if the truth was in fact not the truth, but was a lie covered over by a 'protective layer' of 'truth'. Apollo believers cannot explain this mysterious commment, and choose to ignore it.

  • What a kind hearted human being. He was my hero as a child, he'll be my hero the rest of my life. Thank you Neil for inspiring people to be more.

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