Myths Behind Trophy Hunting

  • Humans should just not interfere with wildlife in general. Humans are the reason for the death and decline of so many species due to reasons such as hunting. Can humans just leave wildlife alone and make money another way. I'm sure there's many other ways that don't involve slaughtering wildlife then not even consuming the animal.

  • Trophy hunting is killing something for a trophy, its selective and there are regulations. If there weren't any regulations, it would not be legal. It does not decimate populations, it regulates them. If we did not regulate the wolves of Yellowstone, they would destroy their habitat by overfeeding on their prey.

    We are animals just like them, we are part of the ecosystem as well. As a part of it, it is our responsibility to appropriately manage the populations of animals to prevent habitats from being destroyed and species from going extinct.

    Remember, hunting has regulations. Lots of regulations. Species have gone extinct because of habitat loss (sound familiar?) as well as over-hunting (aka POACHING, which is illegal and does not have regulations, or limitations.)

    What goes on behind closed doors with what hunters do to their game are not a concern, wether they place it on their wall or feed it to their family. Either way, they are benefitting, not destroying.
    Hunters are not barbaric. Poachers are.

  • At the end, showing his trophy, what an a**! Small penis syndrome, I swear, I hate this crap! Makes my blood boil😡

  • This barbaric act should be stop. Wild animals don't hurt us, WE are the ones who hurt them…please let those animals live freely on their natural habitat…for those hunters, money can't give u the fulfillment by acquiring it by killing these animals…one day u will realized how many innocent souls u sacificed for ur selfishness.please animal humane society, hope u can bring this issue to those lawmakers which can help for the protection of these species and give sanctions for those who practice this kind of job…Godbless u all.

  • I will never understand how people can watch & listen to an animal scream, howl and be in excruciating pain as they leave this earth unexpectedly and give each other a high five over it.

  • Hunters especially trophy hunters are disgusting scum sucking vermin representing 5% of the population sooner we marginalize these ethically and morally void maggots of society into oblivion the better

  • Spero che un giorno gli animali incomincino ad uccidere gli esseri umani..senza pietà ..come fanno oggi gli esseri umani con loro!

  • È arrivato il momento che gli esseri umani la devono smettere!!! DEVONO LASCIARE GLI ANIMALI IN SANTA PACE!!

  • Trophy Hunting comes from mutiple sources such as having an oversized ego; suffering from narcissim – perhaps to an extreme; lack of morals/ethics as well as respect toward other living things; as well as in today's modern day world and the posting on social media of your "big hunt" so that others are impressed (or so the hunter thinks).

    Add to this the laziness of a lot of these supposed "great white hunters" who go on canned (paid) hunts which is not true hunting to begin with.

    Hunting for need vs. want – the need to have your ego stroked.

    Much easier, simpler to go to a grocery store but how impressed will others be? Back to the narcissim/ego/"macho man wannabes". Grrrr…..

    Toward the end and shooting the mountain lion out of the tree so what was really accomplished? Applying intelligence, logic, and something old school call "common sense" – nothing….

  • To all of you getting disturbed by this video, go to their homepage to sign the petition for ending this, link is in the video description!! More voices, there is a chance to stop the cruelty!!❣️

  • How sick are this fu 'in bastard. I hope they die on cancer I pray for it. Nobody can stop that, how much does a killer cost.

  • Its bad …if someone leave these humans in between them wi th all empty hand then even Rats can chew them or only dogs can tore them….shamless…with rifle you proud to what you have done…..shame shame…..😡😡

  • Omg thank you for trying to help save these animals there just trying to live a nice normal life like us just stop it plzzzz
    Some people are horrible and the people that kill animals really shouldn’t be on this planet

  • Every time when I see those hunters I became sick .What a coward !Thank you for fighting for those animals who just want to live .

  • Trophy hunters are disgusting pieces of shit nothing more. They are the same as serial killers, after all serial killers also enjoy to target victims that can't fight back, and they also love to keep body parts. Trophy hunting is no sport, it's a sadistic game for people that clearly have no life.

  • I can’t believe people do this for fun! I feel bad when I kill a spider, I can’t believe people get joy from killing living breathing animals. I sickens me that people can legally trophy hunt. It should be illegal everywhere to hunt for animals. Especially endangered ones!

  • Please if you wanna help these poor animals please donate some money to the humane society go to their website and show love to animals that humanity still lives

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