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Something about performing and creation has
always inspired me and it served as discipline and escape and a forum where I could actually
explore and be me. I was a loner in high school because I knew
that trying to fit in just didn’t work and there was always conflict you know whether
it be drugs, whether it be fights, whether it be girlfriend and boyfriend situation. And trying to fit in was really difficult
just being a teenager. But I was very aware of the consequences because
of what I saw happen to other people. You can have fun all day long. You can be cool all day long. But it’s really not cool when you get to a
point where you’re strung out. Because that can happen. There’s really no coming back from that. If you abuse a
situation because one time can mean the rest of your life. You know that’s what boys, that’s with drugs,
that’s with violence. Anything. Too much of anything is not healthy for you
and back to me personally I’ve never been tempted but I would never ever want to disappoint
myself or the people that I love like that. Sometimes you do have to isolate yourself
or get involved with other people that can bring some you know
healthy decisions around you and that’s really difficult when you’re trying
to please everyone. Everyone has issues and problems and we all
have our dark and lowest moments ever and we always want to find something to fill
that hole in our life where that pain. And running from the problem and trying to
fix it temporarily, it’s gonna catch up to you 10 times harder. The thing that works for me, when I felt like
I couldn’t turn towards my parents or it was too personal of an issue to discuss with friends
or people that I didn’t know, I wrote down in a diary you know what was bothering me. Writing about it at least lets it out and
talking about it lets it out. Still today, honestly, problems don’t go away. Because life is very short you know. Tomorrow can be gone just like that. Seeing other places and
other things and what you could do and make greatness out of was a high for me.


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