My trophy lodge

which is one my heart it's a gold 891 oh yeah I shot this on Parque Fernando it's a we've got some big Mallard yeah these are all I believe get a nice cool luck bear there I think this ended up in a silver black tail this is one of the one that has the big G was kind of a attach a state my whole dear all right so right here we got a gold decided we got a Harlequin duck there silver this is a got melanistic Ballard up here I ball we get a alright guys so make these lowered welcome Eric downstairs the the Yukon Valley area so we have our egg white he Pro would have been 908 90s if you would have had that second shovel the paddle down here low anyway this was the and the hardest part was that it start to smell like a crap I didn't see it but I tracked it for good 300 meters yeah this is going to wrap up my video on the trophy or just a quick video to kind of show the trip logic how it's big so yeah check out for future videos

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