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My Top 10 Highly Anticipated Chinese Costume Dramas [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update September 25th 2019 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas that have premiere dates. In this edition, I’ll present to you my top
10 highly anticipated Chinese costume dramas, but first a reminder that Lucky’s First Love starring Xing Zhaolin and
Bai Lu premiered today on iQiyi. There should be four episodes by the time
this video is uploaded. Here are some of their latest promo pics. A dating app designer, played by Bai Lu, decides
to do some research and goes on a series of real-life dates
but how does her jealous boss, played by Xing Zhaolin, react to it when he’s been using
her as his personal lucky charm? IQiyi releases two episodes every Wednesday
through Friday beginning today. VIP members get the entire series immediately. I will update if and when it comes to Youtube
officially. And before we get to the main event, here’s
a quick rundown of some dramas that have premiere dates. Spikeis a youth sports drama
starring Zhu Zhiling and Rainbow Xu. It is a Chinese remake of the Thai drama Project
S The Series: SPIKE. The drama premiered on September 24th and
is available on Tencent. My Girlfriend
is a romance drama starring Timmy Xu and Qiao Xin and is based on a novel of the same name. The drama has announced an October 8th premiere
and will be available on Youku. And The Glorious Eraa republican
era drama starring Zhang Yi and Pan Zhilin. It has announced an October 13th premiere
and will be available on Tencent and iQiyi. These days we’re seeing so many patriotic
dramas premiere and that’s fine, it is the 100 days of broadcasting period and it’s expected. But I am a costume drama fan and I can’t help
but about costume dramas even though at this time there isn’t much happening in terms of
them premiering. So I was thinking about highly anticipated
costume dramas and I came up with about 30 of them and narrowed it down to 10. Now these are costume dramas that have completed
shooting and are just awaiting an official release date. So for example, Ashes of Love 2, still in
talks, hasn’t started shooting, doesn’t count. Legend of Fei with Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo,
still shooting and hasn’t wrapped yet, doesn’t count. Princess Agents 2, not even in the works,
doesn’t count. So we’re only talking about the ones that have
completed shooting, is in the can and going through post production or awaiting an official
release date. Here are my Top 10 Highly Anticipated Chinese
Costume Dramas. No. 10 Zhao GeZhao Ge stars Zhang Zhehan and Wu Jinyan and tells the story of a prince who is held
hostage in the city of Zhao Ge and his journey to becoming a legendary ruler. The drama is slated for 50 episodes and wrapped
filming in February 2017. No. 9 Handsome SiblingsHandsome Siblings stars Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan and tells the story of two supreme martial artists who are twins separated at birth. They are raised to take revenge on each other
but find themselves becoming good friends. The drama is slated for 53 episodes and wrapped
filming in July 2018. No. 8 Win The WorldWin The World stars Fan Bingbing and Gavin Gao and chronicles the life of Ba Qing, the wealthiest woman in the Qin dynasty, who funded the building
of the Great Wall of China. The drama is slated for 66 episodes and wrapped
filming in July 2017. Now we all know about the controvesy surrounding
the lead actors which means the drama might not even see the light of day. Personally, I think it will eventually. Gavin Gao’s case is not concluded yet but
Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal seems to be slowly blowing away. Whether they reshoot Gavin’s scenes or just
release the drama overseas I think there’s too much money invested in it for them to
just forget about it. As to when it will be released, anybody’s
guess is as good as mine. No. 7 Legend of AwakeningLegend of Awakening stars Arthur Chen and Dylan Xiong
and tells the story of four young heroes who begin their journeys toward their awakening
as they protect their people against ravaging beasts. The drama is slated for 50 episodes and wrapped
filming in January 2019. No. 6 The Fated GeneralThe Fated General stars Zhang Ruoyun and Rachel Mao and chronicles the life of Huo Qubing, a young general in the Han Dynasty, from his humble
beginnings to to his military victories. The drama is slated for 92 episodes (pretty
sure that will change) and wrapped filming in November 2017. No. 5 And The Winner Is LoveAnd The Winner Is Love stars Leo Luo and Yukee Chen and tells the story of two martial arts masters who track down the stolen martial arts manual
“Nine Techniques of the Lotus God”. The drama is slated for 50 episodes and wrapped
filming in September 2019. No. 4 The Pillow BookThe Pillow Book stars Dilraba and Vengo Gao and depicts the 2000 year love story between
Bai Fengjiu and Donghua Dijun. The drama is slated for 60 episodes and wrapped
filming in November 2018. I know many of you would put this drama much
higher than number four and rightly so if fantasy romance is your favorite cup of tea. Personally, I like my dramas with more action
and this doesn’t strike me as one that will have much of that. Still looking forward to it though. No. 3 The WolfThe Wolf stars Darren Wang, Li Qin and Xiao Zhan and tells the story of a prince who grew up in the mountains and the daughter of a governor
and how they fight for justice together. The drama is slated for 58 episodes and wrapped
filming in September 2017. This is one of the most asked about dramas
on my channel and it’s been asked about even more since Xiao Zhan’s breakthrough in The
Untamed. Unfortunately, there’s no word of a release
date yet but rest assured I will update when they announce something. No. 2 Ever Night 2Ever Night 2 stars Dylan Wang and Song Yiren and tells the story of a young general who
protects his maidservant whose connection to the eternal night has been exposed. The drama is slated for 60 episodes and wrapped
filming in May 2019. Much was made of Dylan Wang replacing Arthur
Chen since Arthur did such terrific job in season one. Dylan Wang looks great in the production stills
so I think the general consensus now is “let’s wait and see how it turns out before we judge”
which I think is fair. And No. 1 Sword DynastySword Dynasty stars Li Xian and Li Yitong and tells the story of a sword cultivator
with vengeance on his mind as he sets out to overthrow the tyrannical Kingdom of Wu
rule by sorcerers. The drama is slated for 40 episodes and wrapped
filming in April 2018. Revenge assassination wuxia dramas are my
favorite so Sword Dynasty takes the cake for me. Feng Xiaogang, whose works I enjoy, is an
executive producer on this drama – another reason why I’m excited for it. There’s also a kick ass teaser of it that
you guys can check out on Youtube. So there you have it guys, my top ten highly
anticipated Chinese costume dramas. What is your most highly anticipated Chinese
costume drama? Let us know in the comment section below. And before I let you guys go, here’s a quick
recap of all the dramas that have premiere dates. Lucky’s First Love 世界欠我一个初恋
premiered on September 25th. Spike 极限17扣杀 premiered on September
24th. My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友
will premiere on October 8th. And The Glorious Era 光荣时代 will premiere
on October 13th. And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to being a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. Thanks for watching I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.

  • Thank you for the update for My Girlfriend! I have almost waited a year because viki has already lincensed it. Also nice info about the costume dramas 😍 now i have smth to look for

  • Hi Marcus, here I was wondering when will I see your next video… Happy to say, you didn't disappoint
    😜 OK your 10 top anticipated historical drama, I've looked at it, mull over it, and agree through 1 – 4. I can't wait to see Li Xian in costume, and with his great acting, I'm feeling giddy just thinking about it. Ever night 2 and if the old cast is back (I mean Adam cheng, man, he still look so good, what a pro actor) what a treat. The wolf at number 3 is just right. And ofc the pillow book…for some sweet romance. Maybe I'll put the winner is love at no. 4 and the pillow book at 5…🙈🤷‍♀️

    Anyways, can't wait for them to be available… So here's to costume drama and your much awaited updates, cheers Marcus

  • My highly anticipated costume drama is Princess Agents 2… They need to do a season 2 for all the fans who have been waiting patiently. I've been rewatching season 1 to fulfill my withdrawal… Ugh!

  • I’ve been anticipating for Sword Dynasty release date! Li Xian totally won me over with his acting skills (and looks lol) after Go Go squid! Looking forward to more costume dramas for sure. Thank you for the update 🙂

  • I agree with your list especially with The Wolf and And the Winner is Love! Just want to add Li Qin's Song of Glory.

    Glad to discover Dylan Xiong's costume drama through you.

  • I have this feeling once the 100 days propaganda ends, Chinese costume drama production teams will upload trailers, ost and stills. I'm so excited for all of these 👇 in no particular order:

    Zhao Ge
    Handsome Siblings
    The Fated General
    The Pillow Book
    The Wolf
    Ever Night 2
    Sword Dynasty

    PS.. probably Autumn-Winter season? 🤔🤔

  • 'the wolf,' 'love and redemption,' and 'and the winner is love' are the top 3 i'm waiting for. 'ever night 2' and 'sword dynasty' for 4th and 5th places. there are so many i'm waiting for and i am just loving the drama behind c-drama in regards to costume dramas. waiting 2-3 years for a drama to premier is so painful. i feel for the actors and crews. best of wishes to them. it is very sad to see their hard work go to waste.

  • Thanks Mark. Noted for my favorite ❤️ noted . Good to hear xin zhao ling, chein Feiyu, Zhang zhe Han will be waiting for it. More power and God bless.

  • I'm looking forward to any costume drama that Xiao Zhan is in and of course I can't wait to see The Pillow Book and Ever Night 2.

  • I will wait for the sword dynasty. Im into reading chinese novels nowadays as im still waiting for good dramas to come out. Im mostly reading wuxia-themed novels. I did not appreciate the beauty of cultivation-themed stories before but since i got into reading chinese novels, i learned to love the genre more. Both leads are very good actors too so i agree on your rank 1. I am also looking forward to the pillowbook as i like dilraba. I hope it will have the same impact as its predecessor.

  • I’m looking forward to all of them. I’m addicted to Wuxia/Shianxia stories but plain period romance and harem politics don’t do it for me. Thanks for the updates!

  • I personally love whosia drama.. I would never know if marscus has not talk about these drama so I found it's called' whosia'😂😂guys it's learning… Never mind… Me..

  • The Wolf kept on being moved I just hope it would be finally aired the cast are my faves , and Li Yitong really fits in revenge wuxia like her acting on Bloody romance

  • I'm waiting for Wolf for Xiao Zhan
    Ever night2 cause I'm hard core fan of season1 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sword dynasty seems interesting wuxia drama

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