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My Red Carpet Moment – Priscilla | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT

My name is Priscilla Myers and this is my Red Carpet Moment. I feel like I am ready for the world, like I am back to myself. I felt very much alive… I was once in the dark and then I was in the light. When my husband passed, it was 7 years ago. And I became a widow. That moment changed my life completely. So I had to do a lot of soul-searching. When my sister asked me to go walking, and this house was up for sale, it felt like the house was speaking to me. After I closed on the house, I felt victorious. You’re never too old to start over. That was my very first time buying a house as a single woman. That was my Red Carpet Moment. I speak to different bereavement groups on how to deal with loss. I can inspire a lot of other women that went through the same thing that I have. By just letting them know that you are empowered and you’re beautiful. What’s YOUR Red Carpet Moment? Celebrate more Red Carpet Moments – live – at the SAG Awards. Presented by L’Oreal Paris.

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