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“My First Time” With Natalia Jiménez

– This is Natalia Jiménez,
and we’re gonna play my first time tag. (speaking in foreign language) (smooth, upbeat music) My first job was as a phone receptionist. (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) They fired me for singing,
’cause I was singing to a client on the phone. (speaking in foreign language) And I got fired. My first time traveling to another country was when I went to Portugal. It was fun. We went to my uncle’s
house and we were eating corn from the field and we
were doing field things. My first fan experience was
when we went to Monterrey in la Macroplaza. I jumped on stage and I thought that this was gonna be like a little festival. (speaking in foreign language) 50,000 people, and then when I came out, everybody’s like, (speaking
in foreign language) and everybody’s like,
(imitates crowd cheering) and I just (speaking in foreign language). That was my first fan experience. My first thing that I bought
that was really expensive was my bike.
(cash register bell) ‘Cause I like motorbikes. I got a Honda Shadow,
and it’s like a Harley, it’s like a cheap Harley. So I got my motorbike
and I was the happiest person in the planet. That was my first expensive
toy that I bought. First favorite musical artist. Janis Joplin. I became a fan of Janis Joplin the minute I listened to her. That changed my life. I loved music from then
on, and I wanted to be her, and I wanted to have the hair like this, and just be a hippy
and do all those things that hippies do. My first celebrity crush
was Jon Bon Jovi. (laughs) He was my first crush, and Brad Pitt. You’re hot, Brad Pitt. Mm, even divorced, you’re hot. My first cellphone, it was an Alcatel. That is this brand from Spain. It was just this thing
that was just this big, it was thick, and it was orange. It was terrible. You could only text. My first pet was a turtle. Her name was Bonifacia. Bonifacia was my favorite
turtle in the world. I loved her, and she died of heatstroke. (speaking in foreign language) My first award ever was in 1997, and it was (speaking in foreign language). I was gonna play with my band. We registered for the premio and the day came. My musical director
calls me and he tells me, “Dude, I’m scared, I don’t
wanna play, I’m not going.” And I’m like, (speaking
in foreign language). And I said, but you know what? I’m going. So I went over there,
and it was like 10 bands. They would play rock and
heavy metal and whatever, and I sang there by myself and I won, bro. (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) (upbeat, cheerful music) – [Child] Pero Like.


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