Mustard awards himself fifth-, fourth-, and second-best waves in history

what happens if one mustard and right now with the fader and we let you guys know the top five best waves in history like history like history number five is me look at me and I have beauty best dress best waves best jury I get emotional when I think of always I'm good now number four me again I see you no competition no I just started only got room to improve it's like coming in the league I'm like sigh alright now I brush on anybody I think Karen and I woke up and I looked in the mirror on his ladies at weight and I just got addicted suppression somebody brushes to get today's very what disrespect I'm plugging y'all this is the 10th summer for us but underneath this you guys know who you are cut the check number three i'ma share I'm sure I'm gonna give it to meet only because he was born before me he got Philly waves I got LA waves told me I had to grow my hair out and I listened so me if you listening out there I'm giving you your just dude told me to grow my hair I grew it out before the beauty was and I cut it and I think I might be different morning you know and it's okay because you have an appreciation thanks but number two is me again because at first you know I'd have waves in the back yesterday I noticed I'm having waves in the back now like once I really connect them all the way around I'll be all five at this point you know I have a little flaws look at myself number two I'm come running up to number one I tend to be humble sometimes but that's again the room for the dudes that got waves and I had to show they ask that this ain't no fucking game what would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning you're bald don't ever say that to me again zero I would look like mr. Potato Head my daddy died were here I'm 22 I die tomorrow that would make sure how much it was hitting number one I'm gonna give it to Christian Collins because he's the youngest and you got the best players in the game don't get too comfortable up there number one Christian don't come you've been doing a little longer I think you came out ways and did he's our dad so it's no no no tough probably like some rock wave Greece or something like some rich shit that I just can't afford right now I'll give you another one fission my little bro and you got better ways and everybody see I said let's say you made an album and Christian comes yeah would you title it something inspired by always Wade Brothers the way vengers see the wavy Letterman's waving banners the wave man me and well fucking Christie combs and me coming out as a wave Matthews Band you're here first all right the fucking shows where you like jackets bring a boat or two


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