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Music Live Show I – REGGAY

Hi! This is Kari Ovi on the mike. In the first episode
of this music live show, we’re going to Zlín, we’re visiting a reggae band Reggay. If you think this is
not going to be a party, you’re f*cking wrong. Because, already in this bar, if the cameraman shows you… Show them. When we came here, I touched this, and it sprayed all over the cameraman. And the wall and my face. Hi there! We’re in Zlín. I’ve needed to buy
a string for a long time. I’ve decided to buy it here. It’ll make me feel like
I’m a Zlín musician. Hi again,
ladies and gentlemen. We bought the string, had a beer in a
cool Canadian bar, and now: let’s do this! This is Zlín town, motherf*ckers! Ladies and gentlemen, it is Christmas time, with f*cking
Christmas market all around. But that’s not the point of this video. And now back to the topic. We are looking for Bamboo club. Let’s ask someone. Because I have no clue.
Neither do you, right? Hello, would you know
where to find Bamboo club? Come with me to the stall. Hi, may I ask…? Maybe over there. We need young people. There are none here. Dude, there they are. Let’s go. Hi guys,
do you know where Bamboo club is? We do. Can you tell me, where it is? Can you tell me how to get there? We’re not local. It’s that way. About 15 minutes away by trolleybus. Thanks.
What is the name of the stop? It’s probably the terminus. And bus number? 6, 10… Ok, thanks. We know how to get there, finally. We’re in front of Bamboo club. It’s 4 PM, opening time. They don’t want
any paparazzi here today. Let’s have a beer somewhere else. Hey guys, welcome part of the band Reggay. Why notReggae, Filip? Filip is the front man. That’s me. That’s him. Why are you called Reggay,
not Reggae? I’m a complicated man. I like the Czech wordregál.Policein other words.
Meaning the shelf. Once you add the article “the”,
you getthe police. The closest transcript
in English isreggay. It’s not Reg-gay,
we’re all hetero. Do you know of the songDo The Reggay?It’s a hit from 1968
by Toots and The Maytals. It was the first song ever to introduce reggae elements. I had no idea at that time! You wouldn’t believe it. It is like saying
“I wanna be with you, babe”, and not knowing the song. I just didn’t know. Now you know,
since someone told you. Now I do. I found out later on,
on YouTube. Toots and The Maytals. Who’s their singer? His last name is Toots. Hilbert? Yes, Hilbert Toots.
And The Maytals. A great singer. – I like the song…
– I’m just bad with numbers. I’m interested
in the making of your new music video. I’m curious how it went
and whose idea it was, how long did it take? I liked it a lot. Great idea. Tell me something about it. The idea was mine, of course. That’s not true. – You were not here yet.
– I know. – That’s right.
– I know. Not here. It started with me
and the keyboard player, Petr. When you have an extreme task to do, something requiring effort, unusual effort, the rest of the band
is a little bit… is slightly more conservative. Firstly, it is expensive, then you fear the embarrassment, the outcome is unsure. The trolleybus might explode,
who knows. After all, we said it was happening, we met up, at the stop next to the sports hall. -We waited for about three hours.
-It was freezing outside. It was in winter? I wanted to provide some drinks. I brought a keg and a tap. Since it was freezing,
the cooling system wasn’t needed. We started drinking
before the trolleybus arrived. We had a delay of two hours, which was a problem. The trolleybuses have certain schedule. It was a regular bus line? No, but even the special bus
has to observe the rules. So they wouldn’t crush into one another. We needed power for the instruments, and for the tap. It all worked out after all,
we went slowly. It was awesome. We left two hours late, spent an extra hour on the way. I liked the video, even the “making of” was nice. I haven’t seen that one yet. You haven’t? How long have you
been together as the band Reggay? I mean, when it all started. Well, possibly over ten years. I think so. The thing is I was in a different band before. But they didn’t let me sing. Which is understandable. Those bastards. Nevertheless, it was bugging me so much, that I dissolved the band. One simply has to learn to sing. We started a new band, Reggay. It was quite different lineup. It’s all about one’s will. One has to persist,
choose new members. Someone new always shows up. How many people have been in the band? The drummers, for example. So how many…? That’s a good question. How many drummers have you had? You hit the right note. Four of them. Four drummers, three guitarists, about twenty singers… Twenty?
I’m twenty-first? Yes, you are. I’m number 21. Which equals two per year. Plus you. How long have you been
playing in the current lineup? For about eight years. It hasn’t been the same. I don’t keep a diary. I told you before: the issue year
of the Golden Bull of Sicily is all I remember. The starting lineup
has been together for six years. Ada joined over a year ago. Ada is multilingually talented. I’m Romanian. I know that
she can speak Spanish, French… See those canine teeth?
Romanian. Transylvania. Ada’s Romanian
and doesn’t speak Czech. I do, a little bit. A little bit doesn’t count. For me, it does count. How long have you been in this band? I started in February. So it’s been… It’s the twelfth month now. Ten months. Personally, with the guys, I told them once, they are like my second family. After my family from Romania. How did you meet him? Or how did he meet you? That’s an interesting story. Erasmus students
organize their parties here. With karaoke. You watch a Japanese guy screaming… That’s true. Then Spanish guys and girls. I was the soundman. I was over there, in the far away corner,
three kilometers away, just to suffer less. Suddenly, someone started to sing. – Do you remember…? I came over here,
because it was worth it. I thought: this is good. I think you came to the bar. What did you sing? Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey. And you came to the bar and that’s how we met. Hello,
I’m the owner of the club, I have a reggae band. Tomorrow, it was on Sunday, tomorrow,
we’re having rehearsal. Would you like to come? I said: Yeah, yeah, sure! – Because I really wanted…
– Because he felt lonely… I wanted to do something,
then he told me about it. I’ve been listening
to reggae for a long time. My dad used to play me reggae,
I told you outside. I’ve never played,
nor sung reggae, but now it’s ok, I think. I think my voice does not fit,
it’s not suited for it. It’s f*cking cool. But I think I… No, it’s… We’re good together. It’s nature is cool,
like: yeah, c’mon,… Exactly, this is the reason I chose you. Ok, thank you. Now, in Czech,
I’d like to ask you, what do you do for living? You’re the owner of this club. You own Bamboo,
that makes your living. Nothing else. I do other things. I have a regular job. Digging trenches… Bullsh*t. We make shoes. My wife Ingrid makes these. She said she would divorce me,
if I don’t show the shoes. What’s the brand name? Zkama.Z kama si?
(Where are you from?) Zkama shoes. I’ve prepared something for you. You’ll draw a genre, that you’ll play for us. There are 4 genres
to choose from. I’m not telling you which ones, it’s shown below. You’ll draw one of them. I’ll ask the director to bring the hat or bag. The band Reggay will draw one genre, they’ll have to play for us. It’s not reggae. You can draw the genre. A cappella. It’s time to say goodbye to Reggay. We were in Zlín, it was great. Now, let’s see
how they deal with the genre. That’s all from us. We’ll see you at the next episode. It’ll be totally different. There is something
much more hardcore awaiting you. Bye! Subtitles by: Klára Saulová


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