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MURDER MYSTERY Official Trailer (2019) Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler Netflix Comedy Movie HD

I dont want to give it away. It was the butler. The butler did it. leave my books alone. Okay. Just let me read What brings you across the pond it’s my honeymoon, where’s your husband? dead Asleep. dead asleep Sir, if you don’t return to your seat, I’m gonna have to call cops Hey we’ve actually been married for 15 years, but we’re just very, very, very, very busy Charles is inviting us to spend the weekend with him on a yacht Audrey fool around on a boat. I just lay here and the boat does all the work Should we pull it up now. It’s a foot long my husband he’s a detective. How could it better? Don’t put it back My name is inspector Laurent De Lacroix, I will now summon you for questioning. Oh Why is that smoking so could he do that? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? Yeah What we didn’t do this someone’s trying to frame us We do things together. So can we please just figure this out? They died, so it’s called death library Someone do you think that’s possible with trying Those were warning shots honey, I do this we gotta look confident I Love you l love you sweet


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