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try MTV just announced their VMA nominations and this year is gonna be a doozy I got across a Taylor Swift organ leading the pack with 10 knots each Billy Eilish got 9 and little nas ex was nominated for eight awards talk about oh yes here you guys won interesting trend this year is that all of the artists nominated for artist of the year oh really young cardi and Ariana are 26 Halsey is 24 Shawn is 20 and then we got Billy he's only like 17 years old at 31 years old Kevin Jonas is the oldest nominee don't in the category in Kevin like that I mean I just think that's crazy I guess we've always known this that you know it's hard to start your career older but is it even possible I mean nowadays yeah Liz's 30 to something for y'all to think into and that's not older by the way I'm just saying it's not it's not a 17-year old Disney star turn singer it's something that has probably been working on it behind the scenes for a long time and just popped off yeah I got some more examples we had Sheryl Crow she didn't break out until 31 days these first number one hit I don't know if it was number one but first time he ever made it onto billboard he was like 34 or 35 I'm sorry that's not just kidding he was 26 I'm talking about 2 Chainz was 34 35 when he had it on Billboard I got my chance so we had and then I'm Andrea Bocelli he was 34 when he released his elbow you know what no but it was thanks you're ready so she was like press it I'm gonna talk about Andrea Bocelli on the show because I want because he's a he ought to be beloved he's and I've seen him live he's rid of all incredible but it's very hard I feel like sometimes nowadays if you haven't made it by a 21 yeah it's no it's not easy I mean because you think of like all young Hollywood is like that first of all pressure I hate that first of all every underground day and cardi B are the same age let that sink in that's crazy that is the crazy think about it but why are you thinking about it let me just break something down for you guys the people who listen to music who vote on these awards who stream everything are younger that are the younger generation Millennials have a DD and the artists that are their age are okay with changing with the fads okay would put not a trap country song okay with doing this well K would doing that when you're an older singer and you've been told your whole life to find your voice find your lane find your voice find your lane it's hard to break out of that mold that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling break-in hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • Ariana Grande. When her manager became the same as Justin Bieber's, she scored multiple number ones from her (recent) album. It has been admitted she used payola, and it's Obvious she Over Killed it. The great masses of college and high school and junior high students don't even know her songs yet, number ones? And for weeks on weeks? Many think that somehow people can't be paid off, thinking because they serve entertainment (what a joke) that such professionals can't be bought. ALL music-listening/selling services were paid off by her and her manager. She can't be legit because overall only her fans know her songs. Had she not paid off all those services, she would not have been…given, the grammy she won. It was ALL bought. Ariana Grande is Not legit.

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