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Movie Trilogies That Remain Unfinished

When it comes to movies, there’s sequels,
squeakuels, and the almighty threequel, the holy grail of movie follow-ups. When a movie franchise hits a third installment,
it begins to feel somewhat legendary, whether that’s warranted or not. Among many fans, the simple fact that a franchise
might be a “trilogy” suddenly makes a batch of movies more interesting than they would’ve
been otherwise. But some movies, good or bad, just can’t get
over the threequel hump — like these poor, orphaned franchises, for instance. Director Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II:
The Golden Army was released in July 2008, four years after the modestly successful original. It also wasn’t a monster hit, so Universal
Pictures never commissioned a third installment. Two years after Hellboy II was released, del
Toro told Rotten Tomatoes he was interested in potentially making another Hellboy movie. Two years after that, star Ron Perlman donned
his full Hellboy costume to visit a terminally ill child. That bit of kindness inspired del Toro to
push for another film, telling Entertainment Weekly: “I can say publicly that now we are together
in trying [to do Hellboy III].” But nothing ever happened. Perlman said if Hellboy III were to happen,
it would need to be twice as big as the previous two installments, which del Toro said would
cost around $120 million to produce. No studio was willing to put up that kind
of money for a franchise that likely wouldn’t crack $500 million. In January 2017, del Toro polled Twitter users
on whether they wanted Hellboy III, got positive feedback, then had a couple meetings about
it. But by February, it was all over. Del Toro tweeted that “100% the sequel will not happen. And that is to be the final thing about it.” “Give it up, pal. It’s over. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Meanwhile, the lousy performance of the 2019
Hellboy film from director Neil Marshall and star David Harbour is a further sign del Toro’s
trilogy isn’t likely to ever finish. In 2015, Sony Pictures suspended plans to
continue the Andrew Garfield-led Amazing Spider-Man franchise and instead opted to share the character
with Marvel Studios. Tom Holland took over as Spidey in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe in a rebooted Spider-Man film series. But what were Sony’s original plans? Before the release of The Amazing Spider-Man
2 in 2014, Sony planned to launch an extended Spider-Man franchise to compete with the Marvel
Cinematic Universe. It was going to include two more Amazing Spider-Man
films as well as spinoffs featuring Venom and the group of villains known as the Sinister
Six. Sony also hired Lisa Joy Nolan to write a
script for a female superhero movie set in their Spider-Man universe, but nothing has
come of it. Plans for a Venom film moved forward, though,
with an October 2018 release leading to surprisingly robust box office results. But Venom is its own thing, and there don’t
seem to be any plans to connect it back to Spider-Man — the Andrew Garfield version
or the Tom Holland version. Unless some weird multiverse shenanigans go
down, we’ll never get Amazing Spider-Man 3. What happened on page 47? That question that has been plaguing National
Treasure fans ever since National Treasure: Book of Secrets came out in 2007. The unnamed President of the United States,
played by Bruce Greenwood, tells Nicolas Cage’s Ben Gates that when Gates reads the President’s
Book of Secrets, take a look at page 47. Audiences never learned what was on the fateful
page. But considering that the book contains answers
to mysteries like the JFK assassination and the existence of Area 51, audiences can only
imagine what puzzle the President needed Gates’ help with solving. Despite negative reviews from critics, Book
of Secrets was a financial success, earning almost $460 million worldwide. The success prompted Disney to commission
a sequel the following year. With the studio acquiring domain names for
National Treasure 3 and 4, rumors began to spread that the Mouse House was eyeing back-to-back
sequels. But director John Turtletaub said they were
going to take their time and get the story right before moving forward. He told Canoe: “…until we have a great story, a great adventure
and a great piece of history to explore, there’s no point in making the movie.” In 2013, things were finally moving when Turteltaub
told Collider they were about “halfway there,” and that they were planning to start production
in 2015. But it still hasn’t happened. “Well, let me guess! It’s the wrong time! It’s the wrong place! I’m wrong again!” It took almost 30 years, but Disney finally
released a sequel to the cult hit Tron. Tron: Legacy released in 2010 to average critic
reviews and modest box office success. The film’s writers, Edward Kitsis and Adam
Horowitz, had already begun working on a script for a third film before Legacy even released. Ain’t It Cool News reported that Disney was
gearing up to announce Tron 3 — but the announcement never happened. A new writer was brought on board as Horowitz
and Kitsis left to work on their ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time. Rumors swirled that production might ramp
up in October 2015, but unfortunately, Disney decided not to move forward with Tron 3. Original Tron star Bruce Boxleitner expressed
disinterest in continuing the franchise, too, after going through several production ups
and downs. But Legacy lead Garrett Hedlund believes there’s
a glimmer of hope. He told, quote, “I haven’t been
told it’s totally dead,” which admittedly isn’t the strongest vote of confidence. “There’s a big difference between mostly dead,
and all dead.” He also suggested possibly continuing the
series 30 years later, like Legacy did. Five years after 28 Days Later hit theaters,
the sequel 28 Weeks Later arrived, depicting a NATO takeover of the U.K., supposedly quelling
a zombie infestation. Unfortunately, one person infected with the
virus survived and spread it to the remaining survivors. At the end of the movie, some survivors escape
England and make it to France. One of those survivors was still a carrier,
though, and the movie’s cliffhanger showed zombies running rampant in front of the Eiffel
Tower. 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle indicated
plans for a third installment were in the works. Unfortunately, screenwriter Alex Garland believed
the rumored 28 Months Later movie wouldn’t happen due to copyright issues, saying: “When we made 28 Days Later, the rights were
frozen between a group of people who are no longer talking to each other.” Boyle still wants to make a third movie, and
he even has some ideas for what it would entail. He has declined to share any of his ideas
for fear of them popping up in The Walking Dead, but Boyle and Garland are both up for
making the third installment if the rights hurdles can ever be cleared. 20th Century Fox’s first Fantastic Four movie,
starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis as the titular
heroes, released in 2005 to mixed reviews. However, fan anticipation led Fantastic Four
to become a box office success, earning over three times its production budget. Director Tim Story and the rest of the cast
and crew all returned for the 2007 follow-up, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. That one received mixed to negative reviews
and performed slightly worse at the worldwide box office. Those mediocre box office results made Fox
hesitant about immediately pursuing a sequel. But there was hope — at least for a little
while. All five of the main cast members, including
Julian McMahon, who played Doctor Doom, signed three-picture deals. They were also interested in making another
movie and diving deeper into the Fantastic Four mythos. Although Story was keen to make two more films,
Fox put an end to the series. In 2008, Evans — who later famously became
Captain America — said the franchise is, quote, “a closed book.” “So I guess this is it. We all go our separate ways.” Fox attempted to reboot the Fantastic Four
in 2015, but the result was a badly received film directed by Josh Trank. These days, rumors are swirling about Marvel’s
First Family appearing in the MCU at some point. Just a few short months prior to Kill Bill
hitting theaters, director Quentin Tarantino and Miramax concluded that the four-hour film
would have to be split into two releases. Although they aren’t his most commercially
successful films, the two-part grindhouse homage has become a cult hit in the years
since. The second film ends pretty definitively,
with Bill dying and Beatrix and B.B. leaving together. However, Tarantino believes there’s always
room for more. In 2004, he indicated plans to make a third
Kill Bill with Uma Thurman reprising her role as Beatrix Kiddo. But Tarantino said he would probably wait
around 15 years before making another one. Tarantino said the story would potentially
focus on, quote, “the revenge of two killers whose arms and eye were hacked by Uma Thurman
in the first stories,” or a daughter’s revenge story. But nothing ever came of either idea. In 2012, Tarantino finally conceded it probably
wouldn’t happen. And in February 2018, Thurman called Tarantino
out for making her drive a car too fast while filming, ultimately crashing and injuring
herself. Don’t expect them to work together again any
time soon. “You and I have unfinished business.” “Baby, you ain’t kiddin’.” Romancing the Stone was the sleeper hit of
1984, thanks in no small part to stars Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner having instant
on-screen chemistry. Fox was so impressed it immediately rushed
out a sequel, The Jewel of the Nile. Although Nile did well at the box office,
it was reportedly hell to make. Den of Geek reports that neither Turner nor
Douglas wanted to do the picture, and only agreed after Fox threatened to take them to
court for breach of contract. But easy money is easy money, and it wasn’t
long before Douglas announced that a final chapter, The Crimson Eagle, would soon be
released. IGN notes Douglas quit his role in 1997’s
U-571 to focus on it. In 2008, the Telegraph reported a retitled
version called Chasing the Monsoon was preparing to shoot in India, with his wife Catherine
Zeta-Jones taking over from Kathleen Turner. It would have been the first proper Hollywood
and Bollywood co-production, had it not also vanished into development hell. By 2011, the talk was about a remake of the
original, which in turn was replaced by a TV series that also seems to have now dropped
off the radar. Zack Snyder was the driving force of the DCEU
at the start, directing Man of Steel in 2013, followed by Batman v Superman in 2016, before
teaming up with Joss Whedon for 2017’s half-dark, half-goofy, all-flop Justice League. After three critical maulings, plus worse-than-expected
box office, DC canceled all remaining plans for Snyder-fronted movies. But according to Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond
podcast, Snyder was apparently planning a whole Justice League trilogy. Smith talked to many people involved with
the planned trilogy. He claims part two would have introduced the
Green Lantern and intergalactic villain Darkseid, who would have defeated the League, arrived
on Earth, and killed a significant percentage of its population. Sound familiar? Part three would have then seen the League
regroup and return to Earth, finally defeating Darkseid. Speed was a sleeper hit in 1994. The movie about a bus equipped with a bomb
that would go off if it dipped below 50 miles per hour set the box office alight and proving
that Keanu Reeves was a bona fide action star. It also seemed to prove that people really
wanted to see vehicle-based action movies. Well, that theory proved to have several holes
in it after the debut of Speed 2: Cruise Control, a movie about a bomb on perhaps the least
exciting, least speedy of all vehicles, a cruise ship. The Keanu-less Speed 2 sank. Speed wasn’t originally planned as a trilogy,
and despite Speed 2’s dismal box office and critical performance, it wasn’t long before
rumors began of Speed 3 began floating around. As late as 2008, Den of Geek reported Reeves
was set to return to the franchise, giving it the sendoff it deserved. Although a treatment made its way onto the
internet, the proposed Speed capstone never made it to production. The young adult book series Percy Jackson
and the Olympians is about a teenage boy who discovers he has the powers of a demigod. The movie series Percy Jackson is a cautious
morality tale about what happens when a bunch of producers discover they can make serious
money ruining books for everyone. The first Percy Jackson movie, The Lightning
Thief, did well enough to warrant a sequel, Sea of Monsters. Although the second movie received a mixed
critical response, a third installment was still greenlit. Nothing came of that film, titled The Titan’s
Curse. As early as 2014, star Logan Lerman was saying
he thought it was unlikely that the series would ever be completed. Lerman’s now in his late twenties, so his
Percy Jackson ship has probably sailed for good. After Disney acquired most of Fox’s properties
in 2019, the rights to the Percy Jackson book series carried over to the company that also
owns Marvel, Star Wars, and much, much more. With Disney+ looking to make a major streaming
splash, there’s a chance we could see this see the franchise rebooted as a rollicking
TV series. But a third film in this series? Nah. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  • If you would think about it, the War of the Roses film felt like the 3rd and final film for Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile.

  • Percy Jackson isn’t a trilogy it’s five books and with four spin off series but I would love to see more movies if they were book accurate

  • I can’t take you (or anyone else for that matter) seriously when you can’t say the name right of a famously well-known celebrity. Case in point: director Jon TurtleTAU!! The ‘b’ is silent. It’s not Turtletob.


  • This annoys me so much, that when Hollywood folks just happen to make a second sequel to a film, they suddenly call the series a trilogy. Even though they perfectly well know that if there's enough money to be had, they'll go on to make fourth, fifth, and sixth films to the nth degree, while all of the stories are completely and randomly unrelated to one another. A trilogy has to have either an overarching story, or some other aspect in which three stories complement each other to make a greater whole.

    Kill Bill is two films. Period. There is no trilogy. Even if Tarantino decided to make a sequel story with some of the same characters, that doesn't suddenly make the first two films anything different than what they were. Their story is complete. A rumored discussion about making another film with an infinite array of plot possibilities to choose from doesn't warrant calling it an unfinished trilogy. Kill Bill is two films. Period.

    Anything with Superman or Batman isn't a trilogy. I don't know how many superman/batman films there have been, but it's been way more than three of each. Although, I don't really follow superhero stuff, so if someone wants to correct me and point out that there are three particular films which would provide a complementary group apart from any of the other films, one or two of which have not been made yet, then maybe it does belong here.

    Percy Jackson: There are FIVE Percy Jackson books. To say that the films covering the first two books is an unfinished trilogy, would also require saying that Prisoner of Azkaban is the final movie in the Harry Potter Trilogy, which is completely ridiculous.

    Some films that DO belong in this list…

    Golden Compass: "His Dark Materials" IS a finished trilogy of novels, the first of which was made into the movie, The Golden Compass. The other two films were never produced, and now HBO apparently has the rights to make the story into a series.

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Barring the running gag of adding more books to the "trilogy," this film covered the first book in the series, but it's unlikely any others will follow.

    Han Solo: This ought to be in the list because Disney decided to butcher the original story and just make up a bunch of random stuff. Since they supposedly tried to cover the same ground for a certain part of Solo's life, the story from the original trilogy of novels will probably never see the cinematic light of day.

    This whole video was dumb.

  • i think a large part of the Hellboy reboot failing was the fans of the Guillermo movies refusing to see anything but a third movie from him… me included. i think a third movie by Guillermo would have done well. certainly better than the reboot

  • I want more National Treasure! They can discover Atlantis, or The Lost City Of Gold! So many possibilities!!!!

  • the war of the roses may not be an official sequel to romancing the stone, but ive always treated it as such its the same three actors and its close enough for me
    romancing the stone; they meet fall in love and go off for adventures at sea
    jewel of the nile; holiday romance goes stale, break up but ultimatly cant live without each other and get married
    war of the roses; marriage goes stale, grow to despise each other and in the end kill each other

    perfect circle of life

  • You forgot Independence Day 3. At the end of ID2 Dr. Okin says "now it's time to kick some alien ass" and that was the end of the trilogy, thank God. Supposedly we were going to their galaxy to fight them.

  • I wish Timur Bekmambetov would've finished the trilogy for Nightwatch, a Russian box office hit. Instead of making the 3rd one he came to US and made Wanted. I just wanted to know how it was gonna end. And with the CGI possibilities they have now I bet it would've been amazing. And Hellboy, with GDT and Ron Pearlman, deserved the third movie. Talk about and underrated pair of movies. Not only beautiful but a great storyline and amazing characters. And for the Amazing Spider-Man, those movies were not good at all. The only really good scene was when Spiderman failed to save Gwen when she fell, other than that, crap. Also, National Treasure deserves another sequel or more, those movies would draw you in, and the cast was great too. I watched those movies over and over and over again.

  • The Civil War trilogy based on the writings of father Mike and son Jeff Shaara. Gettysburg was great, Gods & Generals not so great, but they never filmed "The Last Full Measure."

    Also World War III. WWI and WWII came out before my time, and if they don't finish the trilogy soon it'll be too late for me. (What, those weren't movies?? But the plot, actors and special effects were incredible!)

  • Snyder is far from a perfect filmmaker, but I would have really liked to see his vision for BvS before WB forced a bunch of JL setups into it.

  • Am I the only one that actually liked Percy Jackson movies? I have read all the books BEFORE watching movies and it was just like in my imagination, it was perfect. It absolutely did not ruined the books for me, i bought all of the Rcik Riordan´s spinofs and i really liked them. So i do not understand what exactly all of the people do not like about the movies…. for me they are just perfect as if they were made by my imagination, crazy!

  • Kill Bill was not meant to be in two parts. It was cut into two because of the length. QT considers it a single movie.
    It's semantics, but one that has merit, I think.

  • Tim Burton's Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Tron, and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. Haven't seen the vid yet but those are the first to come to mind.

  • Sorry I disagree with most of y'all on here the Percy Jackson movies we're actually good especially if you've seen as many movies as I have my kids even love them and the books are great too the movies are never like the book s though

  • Bring back Snyder and let him do his thing without any studio meddling…also give us a Man of Steel 2 already!

  • It would be great if disney does a reboot of percy jackson franchise! it's a great story that fox couldnt take a good advantange

  • Well im not sad that non of this Movies got athirs one. I watched most of them and hated them .( with the Exception of Kill Bill but that didnt needed a Sequel)

  • Get your facts straight, First listing out of the Box ; Hellboy has 3 movies to its credit.and all were released before you released this piece of Fake news.

  • Not quite unfinished

  • What a fucking waste by the studios, always bitching about money! Why do they even take a chance on anything?

  • Not enough good zombies movies, so definitely 28 Months later, instead of another War World Z(was good but not great); or at least a reboot of Dawn of the Dead or an adaptation of Train to Busan.

  • My son grew up watching The Last Airbender on tv. The intro movie was totally jacked up by Shyalaman. The right Director could start over from scratch and properly make that series. Lots of potential there.

  • Cuz major movie studios are banging on a 50 year old Uma's door to star in their blockbusters. Way to punish. Well played Uma, well played.

  • Justice League was not a flop,it made over $800 million dollars.I Don't know why some of these movies are hated.Most are quite good.

  • Excuse me, but Speed 3 does exist. It may involve a milk cart and be an episode of Father Ted but it's there.

  • the problem isn't Snyder , it's Whedon , most of the films he's involved in are watchable but just a bit on the lame side.

  • You came this close to pronouncing Ioan Gruffudd's name correctly. His last name is pronounced, "Griffith." But it sounds like you pronounced it, "Griffudd." *SO CLOSE*.

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