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Cat Games (Entertainment video for cats and kittens) – Black Rats 1 Hour version

  • Hey,CAT GAMES! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video! 🙂

  • I'll try this – I feed a stray < broke my > keyboard : scratches my monitor – often < Annoying < because > I once played – that : 'string string thing' – vid : Goes – mental – ATTACKIN' – screen : Makes – poor old girl – frustrated : Heard – cats need – to : WIN – maybe have somethin' – to get it's : MASSIVE POWERFUL CHOPS – in to : Interestingly – had some > DAY GLOW PINK garden string : loves chasin' it – down & up – CARPET roll < randomly in my hall : It's – fascinated – by water < disappearin' – down PLUG HOLE R > G

  • My cat I've had for 15 years loves this video. Her best friend was miss Valerie, who was a female blue rat, they snuggled up most nights with me… I miss that company in a way that can't be replaced by humans, I am a mindful partner to my animal friends, neither my cat or rat had to or wanted to hunt stalk or kill each other to death… Says something about environment… X

  • I can’t believe I am watching this “movie”! My cat is doing her unusual “butt up” laying, well perched is more like it, she is so goofy. She is lounging on the arm of a wicker chair that slants upwards towards the back and has her butt on the upward part of the arm, and her head is down hill and has one arm just hanging down one side. She does this thing for a while before she comes to bed – in my bed. She tried to catch the red fish last night on this touch screen iPad and it was so funny. So tonight I put this mouse movie on, but she isn’t finished with her butt up routine, and I have been watching this whole movie! I don’t know how she is going to react yet, but now that she has learned to chase stuff on the screen, even chasing my letters as I type, I am expecting her to do something amusing!

  • Well, my cat chased the red fish last night on this screen, but she is not chasing these real mice, but is intently watching them and is not taking her eyes off of them! So, I would say she is enjoying the mouse movie and is entertained, so thumbs up!

  • If you forever want to give up control of your computer, let your cat watch one of these. Now I have to buy another computer for myself.

  • Je vois surtout de jeunes rats stressés. De plus et c'est pas des moindres, les rats ne font jamais ce genre de bruits… vraiment c'est…

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