Most Successful Reality TV Couples: "The Bachelor" & More | E! News

  • Let's be honest. Big Brother REALLY should have been a part of this video. The success rate for relationships on BB is better than on The Bachelor.

  • I admit I used to watch bachelor/bachelorette. When I marched in the women’s event, I stopped watching. How could I march for women’s equality, the right to do what they want with their bodies, equal pay for equal work,women run the world. We want to be taken seriously. Then they take a man and or women and treat them like a piece of meat. It’s one big orgy. How are women supposed be treated seriously when they are making out with every guy on the show. I know it’s scripted for ratings, but when the show is still going strong…I wonder why I marched in the first place. 🥺😔

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