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I to me means you know standing up for who you are right is enough you know it's all about love and acceptance of the goodest and everyone coming together and learning from each other instead of person white people and surprising people other people on the stage Pride Month 2019 has been epic with many celebs speaking out about their support for the gay community but some fans feel an even closer connection to the YouTube stars who have chosen to make their LGBTQ journeys public with smiles tears and self-acceptance along the way these youtubers invited us into their moment and it was a beautiful thing coming out is not always a solve for many people it was a tip of the iceberg bit of information and then a new journey and full-on education about what being gay is this is not a closed shut case for me after this this video is just expressing an imprint of my experience and in a way that's just a little more honest I am transgendered I think the reason why I'm crying so much and it feels so emotional right now is because I have never really thought about my journey and I'm at this point right now that I'd never be able to guess this is why I personally love the word queer I understand that some people don't as it is a slur but as someone that's been the target of it several times throughout my life I'm up for some reclamation it's like recycling the definition makes sense because until society is equal with all sexual and gender identities it is literally strange from a conventional viewpoint plus it's better than a super long acronym it's inclusive of everyone and therefore grateful formless blobs there we go an identity I feel comfortable with a highly strung depressed queer praying for a giant meteor to hurry up and finally eradicate humanity I'm gay it feels so good this moment is real and it's here and I will say that one of the most comforting things for me throughout this entire experience was talking to people that are close to me and having some of them say you know I knew or I know or I kind of always had a feeling and I was not expecting that response from anybody I'm gay and Austin is too and we just wanted to like call in and tell you we're close enough and I finally feel like I'm at that point now to be able to tell you and I just want to be able to have you like behind us 100% and like I just don't need you to like not love us anymore or anything like that about all the latest hookups breakups or Reston so much more


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