Mortal Won PMCO Website Fan Favourite Player Award | Full Interview and Unboxing | PMCO 2019

hey guys it's Seltzer here with mortal and morally you've won the website fan vote and you've got tricked out in this incredible babe beer as a result so uh first off how does it feel to get the fans vote and support it feels great I wasn't aware about this website vote stuff and later on you know they came to me tenshun guys and they're like here is a gift for you along with you know this bag with goodies in it and they were like you have won the website fan vote award so I was like wow I did not know about that and later on they showed me on the website to see how it feels actually it surprised it's surprising well that's your fan base is taking care of you you had to focus on the tournament they had to focus on getting you a fan favorite award and you showed off some of the stuff you got there you want to pull it out of the bag and show me everything you got first of all this is an incredible hoodie yeah this is a incredible one this is a trouser along with it couple of another t-shirts babe t-shirts so I've already got one babe great opening Dominic versus oh yeah well you've got such an amazing fan base they came out in a big way for you they got you the vote here and got you the awards so what do you want to say to him thank you so much guys you've been supporting us and this was a you know it was a new experience for all of us even for you guys I'm pretty sure this was something absolutely new all the experience and everything and I'm going to share it with you guys on my live streams too and all the fun we had and you know ups and downs throughout the tournament so thank you so much for the support and see you amazing thank you so much thank you guys for watching

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