Morphle Gives Out Awards! My Magic Pet Morphle Animation

milla thoughtful we need your help my dad hurt his foot and now we can't deliver any of him the wards mournful morphed into a motorcycle you won this award right let's load up these awards and get moving Wow you'll need to be something bigger for that more into oh there's our first winner you get the award for the cutest doggie you get the award for the best surfer you get the award for the best mechanic the award for the best okay there's still one more award to hand out the award how about a little bedtime story before you go to sleep once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding okay sure yeah so little blue Riding Hood was walking through the forest to bring a basket of food to her sick grandmother all alone that's no fun okay she brought a friend as they walked through the forest walking mortal right into a monster that's wait what no wait there is a wolf where are you going little girl alright they arrived at grandma's cottage that's it grandma should live in a big skyscraper okay the wolf is also there and he mr. alien well I am but my ship is all broken now I can't get home anymore we can take you there into a spacious [Applause] [Applause] fine they go to space and take the alien home there's my home but the wolf is right behind them oh sure but he's getting closer thank you so much for taking me home no problem ah and then they were back at Grandma's place the basket yes finally so they bring grandma her basket of food grandma no but you can't tell the wolf has a disguise really it's me grandma no your mouth is way too big okay you got me I am a wolf and I'm going to eat you but in a forest near by a strong and brave woodcutter heard the wolf that sounds like a wolf don't worry everyone I'll handle this stop it you big bad wolf all wrong it's a brave woodcutter looks like I saved the day hmm what's this aha I believe this is yours oh thank you handsome young man but have you seen my granddaughter Oh Mila Mila now that was a good story into a race car look guys I have a real race car hmm I have a race car – where is it right here into a kangaroo my car could just jump over here car can't just jump over death well mine can because it could grow into a broken my robot raised part her super booster rocket my unicorn maids car has a magic coin hey where's their employee let's go back marvel hey guys what didn't do you keep on Norville is way too fast for us hmm you know what why don't you guys join me inside more fold of rocketship we can say morph into a toy car oh no a flat tire Mila and Marshall I need your help there's a major crime going on in the city park and without my police car I can't get there fast enough we'll help mr. policeman normal more into a police car I wonder what the major climb is more full maybe it's the glue band-aid over there more phul I need a chopper morph into a police helicopter not in my city that sign says keep off the brass I'll have to write you a ticket was that the big fun you mean to stop mr. police dead yep it was at Oh No morphic go over there kaity aren't you a bit too old to be committing crimes you did not clean up your doggies poop in my city I'll have to write you a ticket lady these don't seem like very important crimes Marvel yeah it's a good thing we're here today there's a lot of major crime going on oh no this is serious stop it right there ice cream man look at your ice cream it's melting well yeah I cannot stand for this not in my city I will have to write you a ticket there's a crime going on I see barfle why did you stop there was crime right there more take a left here look at how that car is parked morkul they are going over the bridge morpho you have to stop if you don't we will why cars aren't supposed to fly in my city we have to get in front of the Bandit so we can stop that [Applause] we can't you glue bandits we are no longer the glue bandits we are now the chain of office backers ha ha ha now I see why you went after the bandits Morpho we caught them in the act of littering in my city I will have to write you a ticket for that the chain of office bandits will strike again ah mr. policeman thank you so much for finding my chain your chain that means it was you who was littering in my city mr. mayor I will have to write you a ticket I think he should go see a doctor Norval morph into an ambulance oh no it's a traffic jam whoa go over it more into a flying ambulance thank you very much for bringing Troy to the hospital Mila and more for when I grow up and I want to be a doctor too that way I can help people get better just like you that's very nice Mila then I will tell you a secret it's not just people that I help I am also the doctor that treats all the mythological creatures that live in and around this city it would be a great help that I can use this amazing ambulance to visit my next mythological patients our first stop is starfish our next patient is the mountain giant let's try again more food how will we ever reach the mountain giant thank you so much more filled with a great it looks like more food the ambulance caught the flu from one of our patients I'll give more fulsome medicine but the rest is up to you Mila because the most important thing more full needs now is love and care [Applause] [Applause]


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