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Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Its first birthday exceeded our wildest
expectations Nice to meet you Morgan. Nice to meet you Lee. You have a thirteen-year old daughter. You don’t get to see her much anymore Skip, don’t go in there okay Don’t, what? Don’t you go down there, Skip! Don’t be afraid, Amy. I have to go say goodbye to mother. Fox approached
IBM and they said, well we have this movie coming out. It’s called Morgan, and it’s an AI horror
thriller. And then, what Fox asked was could Watson analyze the movie and
generate a trailer, automatically? Human beings are very quick to judge the mood
of an individual. Possibly, an AI overtime might be able to develop those states
same instincts. So we thought let’s send Watson to film school. Morgan was our little
breakthrough. Exceeded our wildest expectations. You have the whole of the Morgan movie
and you can see where action is taking place at the different moment of the movie.
And this is how Watson actually extracted salient moments from Morgan
which we then propose for making the trailer. Watson was able to model the scene
visually to determine, was the scene scary? Was it a tender moment, was there sadness
or happiness? Watson is the tool that’s Watson is the tool that’s helping arrange the visuals, but it still needs the human element. So then Icome in and just supervise the creative
aspect. I don’t think AI is any value until it does start to understand and calibrate those emotions for itself. I think that’s asking a deeper question:
Aill computers be able to create art? Can they create? It’s still very difficult
to think of how a computer might be capable of original thought- something
that’s essential in creativity.


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