Morgan Freeman Accepts the 39th AFI Life Achievement Award

of you thank you so much thank you bless your hearts thank you III have to tell you this is easier to take but hard to believe where I come from the Mississippi they call this walking in high cotton what an honor what an honor Sydney mr. Poitier seems like the world's upside down when you're here in the audience and watching me and I'm up here on stage getting an award I always have to say this you know you have been an inspiration to my entire life maybe to all of us in my life I shamelessly tried to pattern it after yours it's to walk down the trail you blazed my friend that you are here means that you're proud of me and I'm proud of that everyone has his or her own everyone has his own heaven for me heaven has always been about acting in the movies acting to me means living is what I do and tonight you've told me that I'm pretty good at it but seriously I saw things on screen tonight I don't remember doing but that doesn't matter what does matter is our business movies they matter to people around the world movies unites us they entertain us they teach us they inspire us and they touch the common humanity in the diverse seven billion people who call this planet home and the work of the American Film Institute is so important in preserving the history of motion pictures and in training and educating the next generation of storytellers I want to thank the AFI I've often said if you become a movie star people will come to see you if you manage to remain an actor they're going to go and see the story you're in I'm proud to be an actor although for this one night you have made me feel like a star to all of you thank you again and good night


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