Mona Scott Young Shades Jersey Shore Cast for HATING on #LHHATL Over MTV Awards Win 🏆👊🏾

subtle vh1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just won an MTV Award for Best reality show or whatever over other reality shows like the challenge Vanderpump rules The Bachelor and Jersey Shore and let me tell y'all honey it shocked a lot of people even the Atlanta cast themselves they thought that they were just too ratchet so when in the Lord especially on MTV majority of the cast didn't even show up and the ones who did were prepared to sneak out after they lost but they ended up with the W and nobody is more upset than the cast of Jersey Shore and they're not afraid to show it y'all once Love & Hip Hop won Angelina from Jersey Shore immediately wrote complete bullsh is naive that's what it is no matter what we will always be the top show ever we don't need an award to know that well your username says otherwise but I digress thank you to all the supporters and fans of Jersey Shore we feel the love forever the real winners oh and then she posted my reaction says it all what a joke the fans definitely voted for us if you walk up to anyone on the street and ask them if they know Jersey Shore their answer will be yes if you ask them the same question for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta they won't say the same this is how you know this bullsh one of the awards that should have been ours but talk about that see Dena also posted not anything against love in hip hop but we the same caste that has been here for 10 years and we show our entire lives good and bad we were very shocked especially being our family Network I'm sure everybody is well if your own home and showing you no love maybe they're trying to give you guys a clue that it's time to pack up I'm just saying and Mona scott-young was not here for the shade that they threw her me and had this to say dang they sure is salty eats popcorn from our MTV squad side Love & Hip Hop Atlanta one period petty Tuesday crying laughing Oh auntie ain't playing today other catch made such as Tammy Rivera said they mad Ciara also had some words about it not only is she mad that she didn't go cuz God knows that she would have been twerking and acting ghetto she said this lady is delusional why can't Love & Hip Hop Atlanta get an MTV Award she needs a good old loving hip hop ATL ass-whooping let us be great damn we worked hard too sis with just a little darker than you I said what I said I'm sick of people doing us like this don't they know God despise jealousy we are all equal yes and I didn't even go a lot Craig I haven't seen the last two seasons of love and hip hop Atlanta but as far as Jersey Shore I haven't seen that mug in like ten years and I'm from Jersey but that's neither here nor there what are y'all thinking about this leave your thoughts below and while you're at it be sure to visit in a wolf chil I think I'm in love not only do they have outerwear but they've also added tops and dresses to the collection and between you and I had got me a new boot bang so you know I'm gonna buy a whole bunch of these starting with this Tammy in a delicate I got some hot dates to go on plus I gotta stay fly for the summer as should you so head on over and shop shop shop so you drop drop drop at Pat says calm also would you like to protect your energy and balance your chakras then visit kingly essentials calm which is a one-stop shop for health metaphysics they offer crystals and protection jewelry that has you to be stress-free each product has a detailed description of what it's used for you can also type your problem in a search bar for example if you need help with anxiety luck or procrastination and just type it in and it will link you to the product once you find the one that you like be sure to type in the code Patsy for 10% off at checkout you can't pass this up and oh look this one is on sale and it's clear so you know I'm from the byte as we speak right ki ng l y es s e n CI al s calm and don't forget to like share and subscribe to this channel for more like in farlow slash putzie blog and don't forget to hit that bell to join the notification gang patsy signing off

  • But I'm not going to lie but Jersey Shore is boring it use to be entertaining it's not the same they all old but Vinny the only entertaining part of them was when Angelina got into it at the club

  • This Angelina girl is so jealous and crazy. She needs an award to validate her but pretending that all that matters is the fans. She felt "entitled" to win because she thinks she's better on so many levels, not just about the show. Whites don't like losing to Blacks. Sierra said it best. Apparently, the people who voted thought L&HHATL were the best.

  • ANGELINA WASN'T EVEN ON THE SHOW!!!! GIRL BYE SHE ONLY CAME BACK A SEASON BEFORE. Jersey Shore was cool but it's not the same now that everyone has a family #LHHATL is ratchet and funny and who doesn't love that.

  • I still watch "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" whenever it come's on but most of the time the LHH series and Black Ink show's are what I stay in tune with. Ron, Vinny, and Pauly are the coolest one's on the Jersey Shore show but most of the chick's all got plastic surgery now and my boy Ron stay getting his ass molly whopped and assaulted by the baby mama, drunk and sleeping with other broad's, and the baby mama be threatening to take his kid away which is foul. I think his baby mama tossed his big ass out the whip once and he had to go to the hospital. Unfortunate shit but it does make for good tv. On the other hand NOBODY can deny the popularity of the LHH series whether it's in N.Y., ATL, Hollywood, or MIA. Out of all I gotta say ATL is probably the best one though. That shit Angelina did come's as no surprise but I am surprised Deena Cortese from the show had some shit to say on Instagram about the LHHATL win.

  • I mean. To be completely real. It’s not really that serious, like she was really upset about “losing” an “award” 🐸😂😂😂 (why so serious?) the fact that she felt it was so “bullsh**” shows her white privilege, she probably doesn’t think she’s a racist, but she is.

  • Lol I’ve never watched jersey shore! Wouldn’t know the cast if they were dead in my face!! Congrats Mona Scott and cast!

  • I don’t fuck with jersey shore yea right I was young as hell wen first season came out #Love&HipHopAtl💯💯💯💯🏆

  • Yea love and hhatl won fuck them haters i wish i was on lahhatl i would of went off so yall white folks mad haha fuck yall

  • I have never watched an episode of Jersey shore… i didn't even know there was a show called that until now 😂😂😂

  • My thing is if they would have lost to those other nominees they would not have had anything to say they would have took that lost and not even thought about it. When the black people win everybody wants to be mad.

  • The Jersey shore cast I just as ratchet 😂 they tried it… So saying that love and hip hop shouldn't have won an award on my is to say bet shouldn't reward white people.. and people wonder why we are stuck in a stagnant state in the racism department. #rantover #loveiskey

  • That's sad that they were that salty. Awards are based on popularity for that season not from years ago! And why Johnny bananas pulled a Kanye West. Where is the outrage like they did Kanye when he stole Taylor Swift moment🤷

  • They are all ratchet shows promoting violence and promiscuity, love and hip was just the better ratchet show. 🤷🏾‍♀️ them white ppl need to sit they ass down and stop feeling entitled, y’all already getting a check for being absolute idiots 😒

  • I'm from Jersey and I'm glad they didn't win because they make us look bad. Nobody in Jersey act like that and we damn sure don't fist pump.

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