Mohammad Amir's Sensational Bowling against India | ICC Champions Trophy Final | Reaction

so job is a sub batiko is yeah well I'm not that – you can feel it boy if I just like the face or something and about that calc is completed matcha yes girl tomorrow is the best match of the World Cup no doubt pakistan vs india sub is much good game we get to see some good cricket no doubt no doubt pakistan vs india own stadium air or unclick it matches my best atmosphere with their birth team just one to win and we are doing a video today on yes out of the king edge of 2017 major Batra new champion trophy fighters cheetah car or Mohammed or Burnett easá so we are basically Pakistan basically came out of nowhere that we they smashed England in the semi-finals and the beat India in the final and it was an amazing match that are putting other workers in 2017 of those how it is only because I may have char Cana so let's watch some highlights and let's say some things about Muhammad army because he is on fire no Muhammad Abbott is on fire he's playing absolutely amazing development Amin of the career starts get the you know people who are saying he's a yahoo same Akram but in fact he was moved better than Wasim Akram at that age when he was 19 that's why Muhammad armor is breaking records left right center join me they can record in a pod recorded record mr. good for Pakistan fished a match made wooden f5 we could sneak before 13 runs and two made it I was that perfect career best and I think he's the seventh Pakistani did Snape posh wicked take much media work of me he joins a list of top box for about his head and Mohammed orbit in the seven Mohammed are they and we have to save a hobby oz was amazing will be buddies of anticipation matchmaker money bowling lineup but he's a bird up there a fool me hair and we are six yeah me too it's promised to be a class [Applause] well shower strikes the right hand beats the bag prays across the line and a big start for Pakistan not a man you want to drop forth stamp again that area in England who's been vulnerable nicked it everything was perfect apart from that regulation off the shoulder catch it someone [Applause] cricket it's best one minute down next minute up [Applause] that's a big one big fish check it out one first in the back gone for the appeal so frost feels that there's a strong case you get a hot spot place yeah definitely Padma first having to go straight to ball training there thank you here it is ball trick and coming up now Richard impact as he line [Applause] – Chuck check it as the car [Applause] personally was given Pakistan another massive break oh this one's gone straight up this is going to be another week at the captain's gone for it since we got gone shut up God strikes again no need for a review this time got rid of all three of them [Applause] does it in the afternoon outside edge mismatched Pakistan [Applause] construction outside edge Sun strikes again I love with Mizuki but like it's much superior Royce chairman Akaka people say has a rich I wanna introduce it myself la quinta vena cava K Muhammad are very ordinary people away I'm putting a pic of her please everyone stop talking about him and to walk me out because I came home without Medicare response the end let the boy do the talking I wish we say about books for the cricket fans like us so I started to find out so good at supporting Pakistan never does recently sir Frost they interviewed because it wants a question pujari actor fans keep our limit because they ache my slippers must be with each other some do CT bouquet finds Bucharest ready break o2 arena pooja sassafras the Chiappa Kazakh a Pakistani played bass occurring it or or any job make AHA yeah and we'd love to support it and you love the players martial arts up with us we support good cricket it doesn't matter cause I've kissed team Kitty carry-all Terry we will always support you and even I got a hard day we will always put off your side you know that's because we love books on matter what we wear green we eat green upon C cream cheese a cotton ball do it what else your cottage arena good yeah mashallah David Munar to be of the East around a photograph or name match winning hundreds is other school yet enough are appreciated ah and they clapped him and were both push too hard he faced focus on a pants well I'm not funny oh this is for you I love the camaraderie between the Indian and Pakistan players so whatever politics of lead yoga and sports of majora you know Marat holy I really like her artfully he's such a great batsman maybe the best batsmen your Abbey hair I'm at a time in or on say questions which I get okay who is one of your toughest bowlers job my face ski in recent times or gonna get schooled the bollocky are they down there yes Marshall and he said Mohammed orbit is the toughest border his face to Greece at times isn't that so nice and so much love and respect so guys come on less high for a good match on Sunday let's hug this Naren memory to get some tickets 2500 pounds for one ticket enough imagine could another body they told us member like do it but y'all beat the dole Jana yeah so let's say Allah Hafiz should know what they do and beat the don't it doesn't sound real English shouldn't kalpana Bianco yeah they might smell asserted only on the red circles Oh Savannah be the rule no doggy's I could draw a boy boy boy boy boy boy thank you for watching


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