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this next story has us all shaking our heads a model named charissa Houston is under fire for falsely saying she's transgender it started in May when Carissa who modeled for savage by fin tea apparently posted a bunch of homophobic statements to Facebook about transgender people well they've since been deleted understandably Chris I got some backlash over the comments here's where it gets really weird though her defense was that she is transgender that she transitioned at a young age and has been living as a female ever since and the offensive posts were just her quote inner insecurities the way the story keeps going because another model who is friends with Carissa called her out saying you're a liar I've seen pictures of you as a baby not this Carissa okay cursive inks and you've been around you enough to fully know that you are not transgender Carissa then eventually admitted her claim was not true and then she apologized hoping she saying she hoped everyone could move on while I weird the whole why it's just weird it was she said she was trying she thought maybe would help her career because people were like giving her so much backlash but she got scared and was like I messed up and what can I do to maybe rectify this and have people seek sympathy on me and then she just went real left and now I don't think Rihanna's gonna be using her no I don't think say there look she's 20 years old oh no that's over no it's not over but you know she's 20 years old she probably got panicked and acted out and I think there's room for forgiveness here I think it's a little bit that's a weird to do I actually think you're right but one easy on no I think you're right there is room for forgiveness because I think what happens is and we've talked about this time and time again people get addicted to the likes they get addicted to the attention and they get addicted to the sympathy and I think for her she saw all this attention that trans people are getting right now that trans people are being praised for coming out and the courage and I think for her she got too deep into the lie and now she's freaking out it's like Rachel Dolezal do you remember Rachel Dolezal that's how you say her last name she was the woman who claimed that she was black she was white that's her hair ie so this was in 2015 that her parents came out and said we both white and she came out of me so she's white now all of a sudden she's claiming that she's bisexual all of a sudden decided they were actually be true but she's trying to distract thank you that's the problem is that we don't know that for a fact right now she could be bisexual not yet you have to give the people the benefit of the doubt so you think so you think that you all of a sudden become you decide that you want to tell people that you're bisexual yes I think it just happens I think sometimes people use it as a way to get we can't assume that based on our track record people have the chance to change and same with this young girl I think she has the chance to change and she's learned a lot from this and one thing I really want to point out is that her facebook post you guys didn't have like a whole lot of Facebook friends she wasn't like super fun like famous you know she had like 17 likes on it you know very few but it got screenshot it got sent around and went viral so my point is sometimes you think like oh I only have like so few people it'll be you know say these idiotic things on social media because nobody's paying attention that's not the case you can say any things ever no matter how few followers you have because it could live on and you could blow up like especially I'm sorry and you say I've learned and I'm moving on you don't make up a lie saying that you are you know part of a group of people who have been not only disenfranchised but murdered and beaten and abused for who they are like you don't get to jump on a struggle right get yourself out of jail that's not happening yes Kevin Spacey is a great person to talk about a good exam good example you don't get to jump on the gay bed where I could not be on that train to looking for here's your entire career and then when something comes out you're like well I'm actually a part of this community it's like well yeah you know get to use that to cover up wrongdoing yeah Rachel you don't get to jump on our trip more mad at her as we went on just cuz we got a black president it was the Bob you don't get to join the group yeah you should have been there when y'all were all run into mud it's true the Bush years you're black there babe you were white Wow everybody's learned their lessons that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling break in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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